Saturday, May 22, 2004

Another day...or something like it.

I stood outside with my hands out near the feeder on the deck last evening and six hummingbirds hovered, flittered, fluttered, and dive bombed me, coming so close I could almost feel their wings brushing against me. I figure they will get used to me eventually, although this morning they were a little perturbed at me. I took down their feeder. The greedy little things drank up all the syrup. So I took it down and inside the house to wash it and make more syrup for them. The syrup was still a bit warm when I took it outside so I set it down on the bench and tended to my seedlings and plants. One of the little beggars was so bold he hovered right in front of me, not more than two or three inches from my chest, as if telling me I shouldn't be fooling around with the plants when I should be hanging the feeder. When I put it up, I stood there for a while, hand on the deck railing, while they came slowly back to feed. I used organic sugar in the mix this time and they seemed to love it because mere seconds later they were fighting over who got to sit on the perch and guzzle in peace. They're still out there buzzing, flitting, dive bombing and quarreling.

Last night was the time for news apparently. My youngest sister called and told me Mom had to stay in the hospital for more tests and that she had indeed had a stroke. When I talked to her earlier today, the numbness and near paralysis had moved from her left hand up her left arm. I am a bit worried. Her mother had several strokes over a period of two years, so many, in fact, half her brain died. Mom is about the same age.

Mom has to stay in the hospital until Monday because they don't have access to the sonography machinery to check out her heart and carotids. I am ready for the worst, especially since Mom and I have finally come to terms and quit chewing over the past like a dog with a raggedy old bone. At least I'll know that when she dies she know how much I love and appreciate her and there is no more anger or recrimination between us. I'm not looking forward to her death, but we all have to go some time. I pray she goes peaceful and without pain. She couldn't stand a protracted death...and neither could we. It would be nice to see her one more time, have her here to spend a week or two in the mountains, but only time and the gods can tell if that is possible.

A raven landed on the deck railing last night, scaring the hummingbirds away momentarily. He was as big as a full grown cat, a really big full grown cat at that. Black and majestic, he swooped off the deck down to the ground and disappeared. The hummingbirds didn't wait for him to leave before they were back. All I can say is that must be some sugar syrup for them to be so greedy as to ignore the presence of a predator.

IT snowed briefly here this morning, but only because it was raining everywhere else and the altitude here and the cool breezes do not give the snow a chance to melt and become rain before it reaches me. It didn't last long, but more squalls are on the way. I can feel it by the sinus pressure. Not a big storm (not enough pressure), but enough to make things interesting. I'm hoping for lightning and thunder and lots of rain, but I doubt that will least not here.

Just another beautiful day in the Rocky Mountains in my secluded little cabin away from the troubles and noise and pollution of the city.

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