Friday, December 02, 2005

Down for the count

Or thereabouts. My voice is scratchy and sounds like I have a chorus of frogs lodged deeply in my vocal cords. My nose is by turns runny and stuffy and my head aches. I've felt better. I have the flu. Oh, joy. No Denver weekend for me and no fun outside of this apartment. Good thing I have two new movies to watch, three new books to read and review, a brand new horror compendium, and the Red Hat/Fedora Bible to peruse. I think I'll be fine if I can just get some more of the garlic and rosemary laden Jewish penicillin the guys dropped off a little while ago. And I wouldn't throw a hissy fit if they threw in more of the nuts and dried fruit, herbal teas, and a couple pints of Godiva chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream or Boulder Mexican chocolate ice cream.

And I still have to work the rest of the day. Oh, joy!

There are worse things.

I'm certain there are worse things.

Let me think for a minute.

Oh, yeah, starving children in Africa and China, war in Iraq, the clean up of Louisiana, fire, flood, mayhem, and all that other stuff, but, really, as bad as all that is, I'm more inclined to whine and pray for being able to sleep, breathe, and feel a whole lot better so I have the energy to remember all that.

That is all. Disperse.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dates and dating

Michael and I went to see Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen. This version of Pride & Prejudice is much different from the miniseries that have been done by the BBC and A&E, and not just because the movie is 127 minutes long instead of 6+ hours, and of course Colin Firth is not in this one.

The pace of this version of P&P is quicker paced and lighter in tone than the previous adaptations. The vistas are panoramic, if somewhat limited, and the houses and ballrooms much smaller and cozier than previous films, less grand and ostentatious, although Pemberly is still grand and beautiful with marble statues of Mr. Darcy and his family instead of miniatures and paintings. Judi Dench as Lady Catherine de Bourg is a delight despite being such an obvious snob and meddling old biddy, but that is just good acting.

The screenplay is lively and funny and wonderful and the screenwriter did an excellent job of including the social commentary Jane Austen intended when she wrote the book while leaving romance delightfully touching and sweet. Definitely a keeper and one you should add to your DVD library when it comes available.

Michael, a guy and a martial arts expert, really enjoyed the movie and did not consider it a chick flick, so keep that in mind fellas.

After dinner, Michael suggested we have dinner at Red Robin and dinner was full of laughter and thoughtful conversation.

All in all, the afternoon and evening were a success and it was difficult for me to end the evening by going back home and back to work. Lovely work. Only one more sleepless night and a full day of typing and I can head for Denver for a weekend of fun, frolic and mayhem.

What's going on in your world?


Yes, it's true. In between working, dating, and spending time with my friends watching movies, I wrote a novel. I didn't think I'd have the time, but I did manage it.

Here's my reward:
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And if you're interested in checking it out, go and see for yourself.

That is all. I return you to your regularly scheduled program.