Friday, August 19, 2016

Game Changer

Considering what I am coming to believe about Iran and the rest of the world as it has been painted in the US media, the US deal with Iran is beginning to look a lot different.

The big news is that the $400,000,000 ($400 million) payment in various currencies that has been seen on video on pallets at a European airport being loaded onto a plane headed for Iran as part of the negotiations with Iran over their nuclear armament was ransom for hostages held by Iran. It now comes out that Obama refused to release the money to Iran until the hostages were released after claiming multiple times in the media that the money was not ransom because the US -- and Obama -- do not and will not pay ransom for hostages. Iran is calling the payment ransom and the US State Department has finally admitted publicly that Iran was told to release the hostages or the money would not be paid. If it looks like a rabid dog, snarls and bites like a rabid dog, it is a rabid dog.

Now here comes the shocker. If, as I am coming to believe, Iran is not the evil we in the US have been told it is, the Iran deal begins to take on a different look.

Iran has funded and armed terrorists and allowed Putin to launch air strikes against the Islamic State from Iran. I know that Russia has long held close ties with Iran throughout all the years of fears about Iran becoming nuclear, even to the point of providing technologists and selling Iran fissionable material, but Russia, and Putin, are not the bad guys. Look at the news about Putin and Russia as characterized in the US media and of course Putin is up to no good, carrying on a cold war with the US in spite of the end of the Cold War when the wall came down between East and West Berlin during Reagan's administration. Putin is not the enemy of the American people. Putin is part of a coalition of countries, including Iran and China, that have been trying to force the issue of Full Disclosure about extraterrestrial aliens and the real universe we live in, the truth that the Cabal, and men like George Soros and the blood line of the Rothschilds, the masters, have been keeping from the world's people as they continue relentlessly forward with their New World Order. That is who Putin, China, Iran, Venezuela, Brazil and other countries have been battling all along. It does not help that the Obama administration, Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the corrupt politicians in Washington, D.C., as well as the media, are on the same side as Soros and the masters who have always run this planet (at least what is purported to be the civilized part of this planet).

The New World Order's plans have always been the enslavement of the earthlings and the annihilation of 95% of the world's people, along with the depopulation of Africa, so there is more for the ruling elite and fewer bothersome slaves who have become far too intractable of late, refusing to knuckle under to the ruling elite like good slaves, to govern safely without the constant threat of revolution. Putin, China, Iran, and the others in that group demanding Full Disclosure, are and have been spear-heading the destruction of the masters and the New World Order and are no longer amenable to correction because they have rid their countries of their debt to the NWO's banks. That is what is at the heart of the problems with Iran -- and have been all along.

Iran's enslavement to Islam and the violence of their jihadis, and hatred of the sovereign country of Israel and the Jews, do color their ideology, but there is so much more going on than the rest of the world, and most especially the United States' citizenry, realize and know about. The US deal with Iran is more about the control of the world through the US Dollar than it is about anything else. Since World War II, the world's currency has been the US Dollar and the world's oil must be bought with the US Dollar. Iran tried to set up their own currency for their own oil and the US government decided to put a stop to Iran's plans and put in place sanctions against Iran (strong arm tactics) using the UN to enforce those sanctions as the member countries fell quietly into line to support the US actions.

The same tactics were tried during the American Civil War. Britain backed the Confederate states (the southern states) that had been caught in a bind about where to sell their cotton and for how much. Britain promised to fund the Confederacy with their own money and guaranteed cotton would be sold to Great Britain at a much more profitable price than the northern textile manufacturers would meet. That was part of the reason the South seceded, forming the Confederate States, and why President Lincoln set the South up in order to start a war -- Civil War according to the North and the War of Northern Aggression according to the South. Britain pulled its fund from the Confederate Bank and its support from the Confederacy and the rest was pretty much a foregone conclusion that resulted in freedom for the slaves (a last resort for the Union/North/President Lincoln to be used when all other options had been exhausted) and the defeat of the Confederacy and the rebuilding of the South with the pernicious and greedy carpetbaggers that spear-headed the North's retribution and the death of the southern lifestyle. Like the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, what is in the history books is a very diluted version of events.

And so it is with Iran. Obama, the present NWO puppet in chief of the US, tried to buy Iran to subvert the Alliance (Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Brazil, etc.) and postpone Full Disclosure in trade for a Partial Disclosure that would be drawn out as long as possible for the NWO to complete their plan for annihilation of 95% of the planet's population and implementation of a centralized government with the masters' bloodline, the Royal Bloodline, in charge.

Maybe Iran isn't the villain after all and the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei were telling the world the truth when they called George W. Bush the head of the true evil in this world. I'm beginning to think the Ayatollah was right. It's hard to deny that George W. Bush and his father, George Herbert Walker Bush, were part of some pretty nasty secret societies, like the Skull and Bones, or that they are the inheritors of their German progenitors' Nazi legacy and connected to the NWO elites and bloodline, the roots of which go back to antiquity. Phillip K. Dick may not have been as insane as he was purported to be when he wrote The Man in the High Castle and Valis, among other novels and stories embedded with conspiracy theorist-type themes.

I reserve final judgment until I gain more knowledge and sort out more historical threads, but I believe the secret war with Russia, and Putin, and the coming war with Iran and China have more in common with the British interference that was certainly central to the Civil War/War of Northern Aggression than with the fantasy that we in the US have to protect ourselves against a nuclear capable Iran or an attack from Russia or China. As you can see if you read and watch the information available about George W. Bush's 9/11 that shored up his presidency, which was already on shaky ground, any aggressive acts by Russia, China, and Iran may be no more smoke and mirrors leading up to an attack on the members of the Alliance.

Time to wake up now. Orwell's 1984 has come and gone and we are still in the control of Big Brother. How much longer depends on you.

That is all. Disperse.

Brewing A War to End All Wars...

I'm not sure now at what point I began to see the realities of yet another war to end all wars, and possibly the last, but that is what is on my mind this morning. Well, that and a returned rent check because of a postal error. That's another story and I feel World War 3 is likely to happen before I get evicted for nonpayment of rent, especially since I've already handled that little tornado of disquiet.

That's right. Now I remember -- or at least have an inkling of where this all began -- with the European Union (EU) and Britain leaving the EU (Brexit) and the treaty of Lisbon which began with CFS, Sweden health care system, and the people waking up to realize that they have been lied to, cheated, and treated like dirt.

What did not work in the USA -- and is still going on -- was the Food & Drug Administration's (FDA) push a few years ago to brand and regulate natural supplements and organic farms and ranches that is happening now in Sweden and other EU countries. With their socialized medicine and government tied to the EU, and with Brexit looming with catastrophic repercussions in the 250-word paragraph of the Lisbon Treaty, the Swedish government is poised to classify natural products as drugs. That is what nearly happened in the USA a few years ago and hit the brick wall of the American people waking up and saying loud and clear, "NO!" as they pushed back against the move to regulate natural products as drugs. People don't mind (mostly) the government regulating drugs, but to regulate natural products, essential oils, vitamins that actually contain usable and bioavailable vitamins and minerals, and the tools of naturopathic and holistic medicines is never going to happen as long as the people (awake, anesthetized, and asleep) have a breath in their bodies and a tiny spark of fire in their bellies. Mess with drugs -- it is to be expected -- but do not mess with the only (relatively) safe food and plant-based products available to the public. This move to classify food and natural, organic plant-based products as drugs was the first step on the road to Monsanto's genetically modified organisms (GMO) and world-wide government control of what goes into the food and water supply around the world, which is why California, home of much of the organic farming industry's food, is experiencing the severest drought in recent memory (recent because the weather control departments in our government have only been tracking such things since the 19th century (that's the mid-1800s) when more control over the world's populations in the industrialized nations began.

The drought in California has been manufactured by weather control under the government's jurisdiction. "But we don't have the technology to control the weather," you will say. Oh, yes, we do, but the average American doesn't buy into the whole chemtrails as weather control scenario because the government has sold most of the population on the belief that claiming the drought has been manufactured is the product of science fiction, fantasy, and conspiracy theorists just waiting for their chance to be beamed up into outer space by nonexistent extraterrestrials. After all, X-files was just a TV program and Mulder was just a character on a show. None of what was portrayed on The X-files was real. Things like that don't happen in the real world.

George Soros doesn't fund terrorists or back the plan to exterminate all white people from the face of the planet either. Isn't he white? Soros's color isn't the issue. What is at issue is Soros's connections through his charitable endeavors to promote everything but charity and peace. After all, many Caucasian/white billionaires throughout history have created and funded the enemies of civilization and peace only to be killed by their blood-thirsty puppets. Maybe Soros will go the same way.

The Roman Catholic Church promoted Mohammed from a simple man to the head of the Arab peoples and helped him to formulate the writings that became the Quran. The Jesuits had to help Mohammed because he could neither read nor write. His lack of literate abilities only add to the belief that God, or Allah, spoke directly through Mohammed as the prophet of God. It is no surprise that Mohammed's early writings were peaceful or that his later writings were bloody-minded and focused on war. If you can't win the people's minds with peace then the only option is to foment war to drive the people back into the arms of God and peace. You'll find that same system of beliefs in the movie, Constantine, based on the graphic novels (comic books) of the same name and the failed TV series, Constantine, where Gabriel, the archangel, one of God's chief messengers and warriors, plans to bring Hell on Earth in order to remind people that they owe all to God, the creator of the Universe.

As people become more secular and move farther from faith and handing their lives, souls, and trust to God, the only way to bring them back to their senses and remind them to whom they owe all is to make them afraid, very afraid of what lies outside the protection of God. Terror with a capital T.

Throughout history this same scenario has been dragged to the center ring so that all eyes would be focused in the right direction -- the direction of control, the direction of slaves looking up to the master. The master is always the same, carried through the pure blood lines that have always controlled the world through money, through religion, and by means of terror, and the master will not be put aside for peace or prosperity or self-determination. The master will have his due. That is why the master created GOD. It is easier to control the rabble, the sheep, the slaves, the people if they can go nowhere, do nothing, and believe nothing except in the ultimate POWER OF AN INVISIBLE GOD. That's where Mohammed and Islam and the murderous jihadis come in. They are the instruments of the master herding the sheep back into the fold.

That brings us to World War 3, the war that will not end all wars unless something changes -- or someone intervenes. And we're back into science fiction, fantasy, and conspiracy theorists.

I learned this first hand from my mother. How do you keep the truth from destroying you? Attack the source of the truth.

Isn't that what Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale, The Emperor's Clothes, was about? Two conmen convince the emperor and everyone among the emperor's staff and servants that the only reason they couldn't see the marvelous new clothes they were fashioning for the emperor to wear was that they were unfit for their position. Everyone's eyes told them the emperor was naked and the conmen tailors were stealing the gold meant to buy the finest cloth, thread, and jewels for embellishing the emperor's new clothes, but they were afraid if they said what their eyes revealed they would lose their place in the governmental hierarchy because being unable to see the magical garments meant they were unfit for their positions. The only one not affected by the fear of being revealed as unfit for their jobs was a little boy who loudly said, "The emperor is naked as the day he was born." What little boy is unfit to be a little boy -- or girl? Not a single one.

So where are our clear-eyed boys and girls unafraid to speak up and say the truth? They're all around us, branded as liars, fantasists, unable to tell the difference between science fiction and scientific fact, and conspiracy theorists. The conmen are still looting and selling lies as truth, making certain to remind everyone that speaking out will only result in being branded a liar and a conspiracy theorist unfit for society who must be demonized, ridiculed, and gotten rid of. The penalty is far worse in today's world because the reward for speaking the truth when ridicule fails is an unplanned suicide or traffic accident or murder by government stooge or any one of the many ways in which all of those conspiracy theorists and wo/men who questioned authority have died. Look around and count the bodies. They number far more than the mountains of heads the Muslims piled up as they raped, pillaged, and beheaded their way across Europe heralding the Dark Ages.

Who is being ridiculed, demonized, and branded nowadays? Putin/Russia, China, and Iran for starters. What if it's all the same game the emperor's tailors played as they pillaged the emperor's wealth while selling him and his people a bill of goods? What if Russia, China, and Iran are the little boy who spoke out and said the emperor was naked? The easiest way to be sure is to follow the money -- the looted money.

Even some of those who know the truth can be -- and have been -- hoodwinked or else they are falling in line with the plan because they benefit in some way. If the truth can be told, the truth can also be bought and sold and the seeds of lies sown that will eventually bear poisoned fruit. Look at what is happening with Whole Foods. The GMO labeling law in Vermont is being circumvented by Whole Foods backing the Monsanto-backed federal legislation in violation of the State of Vermont's right govern their own people within their own borders. According to The US Constitution, each state is guaranteed the right to determine the laws within its own borders.  The Monsanto-backed federal law if enacted would trump the US Constitution and Vermont's right to legislate within their own borders. Make all the jokes you want about people who carry a well-thumbed pocket version of The US Constitution or the US Constitution for Dummies book because if you do not know the law of the land you will end up like all of the people governed by the naked emperor fearing the ridicule, demonization, and threats to your livelihood, family, and life while the conmen -- agents of the masters -- rape and pillage everything you hold dear.

Is no one to be trusted? Not if they can be bought. It is obvious Whole Foods can be bought -- and has been bought for a long time.

You won't need to watch your back. The destroyers, the conmen, the emperor's tailors are coming at you head on and they are gearing up for the final countdown to the war that will end all life as you know it.

If it all comes down to nuclear war and nuclear winter, you might want to consider moving.

If you read of my death by suicide, gas leak, home break-in, or anything other than old age within the next year or two, you'll know that I finally hit the limit of the government's tolerance and have been murdered. If no autopsy is done or my organs don't show some serious damage, destruction, or meltdown, that will be proof. So far, I don't think that anyone human (earthling) has the technology to destroy the human body from within and I do not have cancer or any other chronic, long term diseases. Not even an STD.

That is all. Disperse.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Quick and Dirty

No time for adding a photo, although I'd like to (thanks, Ted, for that little embellishment), but I'm supposed to be working and researching and concentrating on so many other things. I just have this to say today.

The government, which is coming more under the control of the global elite, has been lying to the people. We, the people. Not just in the USA but in every country around the world. We thought we were free to choose our lives and our paths and many have emigrated to the USA because of those freedoms, but we have all been fooled.  We were never free. We only have the illusion of freedom. The only thing that has changed is that more of we, the people, are waking up (pardon the grammatical faux pas) and realizing that we do indeed living in the Matrix and are not in control of anything. The global elite want one thing, the same thing that the elite have wanted from the beginning of civilization -- elbow room without slaves mucking up the view. We are the slaves. 

The New World Order, a phrase that keeps popping up every few generations or years or eras, is not benevolent and it doesn't want peace, not if war and terrorism and destruction will keep the population numbers down. The elite don't want a compromise. They want total control. Why do you think they have fomented wars, steeped us in fear, and tried to finish us off by nurturing race wars and differences? 

Zero Population Growth was not enough because not everyone bought into the scheme to limit their number of children and then those pesky do-gooders and charities took the children exposed to the elements and brought them in to raise until some well to do do-gooder American or pampered Brit or cosseted and childless couple arrived to adopt the child and raise it on their own. Those do-gooders didn't know they were interfering in a global scheme to eradicate at least 95% of the population so there would be more room for the elite. Stupid slaves. Shouldn't have taught them to read and write and do math. Happens every time you let the slaves have a few perks and a little freedom. The only thing slaves are supposed to do is work until they die in pain and suffering and breed enough slaves to take their turn at the  and work until they die in pain and suffering while breeding the next generation of slaves. 

The slaves aren't supposed to live longer and better lives. That's more do-gooders throwing monkey wrenches into the works and now there are more slaves to get rid of and the numbers keep rising. The slaves are supposed to die. That is why wars were created to decrease the population. That is why viruses are created to eradicate wide swaths of the population. Wars and diseases work for a while, but those pesky buggers, the do-gooders and the slaves, rebound, breed even more, and take up so much space. We keep trying to evict them but, like roaches, they refuse to die -- at least die long enough to do any good. 

They dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan and now Japan is fuller than ever of people. Okay, the bomb left some disease behind, but not enough and there were not enough dead, so we guided the slaves to create newer and better and more devastating weapons of mass destruction. That isn't working either, not with this kumbayah attitude spread by the do-gooders. Pesky do-gooders like flies in the pristine ointment. 

The only answer was to whip up the jihadists with their penchant for killing everyone and taking trophy heads. Works well for a while, but then the jihadists take their own slaves or let some people off if they convert. Tell me how lasting a conversion is when the enemy converts under the threat of death. You get a few zealots and die-hard converts, but mostly you get lip service just like the Jews during the Spanish Inquisition; they converted and secretly continued practicing their Jewish beliefs. Mega-FAIL. 

And it is no different with converting to any belief. The conversion is strong when the converts' allegiance is new and then the converts begin to feel safe and sneak around practicing the beliefs of their childhood, the same beliefs they gave up. Time to cut the heads off all converts and have done with it. Converts will always return to the source of their beliefs, unless there is a conversion of the heart and that is seldom guaranteed. Not worth the effort to let them live. Better to kill them outright and have done. 

Allowing the enemy to pay a tax seems like a good idea, more money for the coffers, but the hassle isn't worth the rewards, especially when the pittance the enemy pays doesn't come close to equalling their taxes, and the enemy continues to work against us. Oh, we can sway a few, get them to commit crimes you wouldn't believe, encourage them to sacrifice their friends and colleagues and anyone who believes in them, but the sacrifices are never enough and the result is either a convert waiting for a chance to destroy the ruling elite, us, or a murderer who would sacrifice anyone to their greed for power and their belief that they will be saved from death and the fires of the hell we will unleash on this earth. Fools! Better to get rid of them, along with the rest of the slaves and converts and have done. 

We tried to limit your numbers by putting poisons in your foods, but that didn't work so well. You got fat on the poisons, developed a tolerance, and doctors kept you alive, if only marginally, while you suckled the government teat and bred even more slaves that would rather suck the government teat than do the work you were bred to do. Massive FAIL again. 

We have promoted wars, but someone always wins, and there are still so many combatants survive to breed or end up on the government dole for far too long. We have cooked up all kinds of fake viruses and PR campaigns composed of lies and fear to keep the slaves going the right way down the Highway to Hell, but those do-gooders always figure it out and, no matter how we destroy their livelihood and ruin their lives and their businesses, they keep coming back, they keep talking, they keep spreading the word so it is harder for the fake viruses and smear campaigns to work. The slaves keep slipping the noose and far too few will slip the noose even if we fake an alien invasion or the Second Coming of that Jesus do-gooder. The only plan that really works leaves nothing but scorched earth and, though we can scorch a lot of earth, our enemies will keep us from the Full Burn. 

Politics keeps the slaves occupied for a while but even when we get our own people in and line up another of the converts, someone (a lot of someones) always figures it out and we're back to the same convert problem. Our political stooges have a taste of power and the greedy converts want more, more for themselves, more for their families (hooray, more greedy converts), more for their friends, more, more, more. Or they leave a bloody trail so long and so wide and so hard to erase that their worth is far outweighed by their incompetence and greed. No matter how we rig things to work in our favor, we always end up at the same point -- wondering how to get rid of 95% of the slaves so we can have a peaceful and quietly productive life for ourselves without having to share the resources or our space. 

We haven't balked at poisoning the planet or the slaves because it's a sacrifice we are willing to make. We know the planet is not such a fragile thing even though we've told the slaves it is as fragile as a warm egg with a thin shell. Even there, the do-gooders did their best to prove our convert scientists and government stooges wrong -- and they did -- and the slaves people believed it mostly no matter how we discredited, demonized, ruined, and ridiculed the do-gooders. Slaves always listen and listening leads to doubt no matter how strongly the slave believes the lies and doubt leads to more listening and more doubt until before you know it almost no one believes. Look at government. How many of the slaves actually believe the government works for them any more? Not enough and only the slaves that are already sucking at the government dole; they'd believe anything as long as they can fill their greedy bellies on the dole. More converts and you know where that ends up. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL! 

Time is running out and we have not managed to solve the slave population problem and we have been at it for thousands of years. Never should have created the slaves in the first place. They have been nothing but a royal nuisance from the beginning. Too bad that Flood didn't work. Do-gooders getting in the way and saving the nasty little buggers. Yes, even among the elite, there are do-gooders, but we have to increase our numbers somehow and interbreeding hasn't worked. Interbreeding only ends up coming back to bite us in the backside with madness, weak and diseased offspring, and eventually a need for reinvigoration from -- you've got it -- more slaves. It's a conundrum, a Mobius strip, a never ending problem with no solution, except for total anihilation, and we have a right to continue our species. 

That is all. Disperse. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Blood on the Page Mind

The picture on the left shows typing mistakes (I got a few in typing class) and for some reason editing is on my mind. It happens every time I read a book. Words out of place, awkward sentences, repetition, repetition, and using the wrong word sear my eyes and I itch for a red (or blue) pencil to edit.

Most of the time, mistakes are the result of laziness or lack of understanding (or education/training). Often the mistakes are a result of inspiration unwilling to stop and wait for the rational part of the brain to kick in and slow everything down. Many writers lock up the editorial and critical part of the mind in order to keep the writing flowing. If the flow stops, the writing may never get done -- or the writer off the ground. A few writers are determined to break and/or disregard the rules because they are artists and depicting the world as they see it, a world without the hassle and convention of rules to tie them to some outdated way of writing, and people unwilling to see the world as they see it -- without rules, eschewing convention and banality to avoid the petty, bourgeois mind. As if . . . !

And then there are the writers too poor or too lazy to hire an editor because they can do it themselves and the ones that never learned the rules and still sold a lot of stories and articles, believing "if it ain't broke, I ain't gonna fix it".

Whatever the reason for mistakes, typos, and a general disregard for polishing until you're so sick of it you cannot bring yourself to look at the work One. More. Time. I understand you, but I do not accept your excuses.

Or rather, the editor who lives in my mind won't accept anything less than the best, firm in the knowledge that pointing out mistakes, awkward sentences and paragraphs, sloppy punctuation, and repetitive writing are all an opportunity for the writer to learn and improve. It's a humanitarian endeavor -- and not a little kick of satisfaction when writing (and author) improve and change their previous bad habits. And then there is the blood on the page; that soothes a bloody mind.

I admit it. I mentally red pencil the books I read -- unless the writing is so good I am far more interested in what happens next than reaching for my red pencil. It happens rarely, but it does happen, and yet I still note the errors, just without the overwhelming need to feel a newly sharpened red pencil in my fingers poised to strike.

Maybe it is all those years spent as an editor (some of which are ongoing) helping writers make their prose tighter and their descriptions so real the reader wants to open themselves up and drown in the evocative writing that has me aching to show the writer where the book or story could be better. Whatever the reason, I accept that I am an editor at heart that loves books and enjoys writing reviews and critiques with the satisfaction of a gourmand served a meal at a brand new restaurant and still savoring the results. I am an editor at heart.

I am also a reviewer and writer and these facets of my psyche shall not be separated no matter how much time I take off from writing, editing, and reviewing because I am first and foremost a lover of books and words who cannot remember not being able to read. And that ain't Alzheimer's or senile dementia talking either.

That is all. Disperse.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Giants and UFOs and Disclosure, Oh My.

If you don't listen to or read David Wilcock at least check out his latest video (2 hours) about giants, UFOs and impending Disclosure. It's worth the time.

David got a few things wrong. Baal was a god worshiped in Mesopotamia and in Carthage. The Romans campaigned against Carthage to destroy it utterly because they wanted to stamp out the baby burning worship of Baal. Hannibal was from Carthage and crossed the Alps on elephants when he invaded the Romans. Maybe that is where David got them mixed up. Pluto was the Roman god of the underworld and Hades was the Greek version, and the Romans adopted (or stole) many of their gods from Greece, including the entire pantheon. Since it is becoming more evident that the gods were Giants earthlings believed were gods (who wouldn't when confronted with a being landing on the planet from the stars and standing 36 or more feet tall?), then the Romans adopted the Greeks' gods and renamed them or the Greek gods adopted the Romans after they defeated the Greeks and adopted Greek philosophy and civilization since they had none of their own -- yet. Sure does make the history I was taught and the history I came to believe in very different and always interesting.

My first glimpse of a very different history was through Zecharia Sitchin. Everyone told me what I spouted from Sitchin was alternative archaeology and history and handed me a copy of Motel of the Mysteries where future archaeologists unearthed a 20th century motel and proclaimed a new history based on the findings in that hotel, much the same way that archaeologist since the 19th century have extrapolated their version of history from a few shards of pottery and their vivid imaginations. I had read through many archaeology books, histories, and newspaper and journal articles and none of them struck me the way Sitchin's books did. Yes, I did fall under the spell of Erich von Daniken and I believed. Daniken was demonized and caught out after manufacturing proof for his extraterrestrial astronaut theories. That didn't make him wrong, just unpopular with the Powers That Be (and now Were) that wanted the truth hidden, going to the trouble of manufacturing evidence, faking records of criminal activities, and destroying careers of archaeologists that would not fall in with the party line that there are no ETs and never have been -- in spite of the physical evidence and carbon-14 dating that proved otherwise. The PTB have been busy for a very long time debunking the truth and black balling adherents of the truth, since the 1860s when men paid by the Smithsonian Institute, newly created by the Smithsons of England and in the Royal line, went about the world, and the USA, picking up artifacts and remains and dumping them in the Atlantic Ocean or hiding them in the catacombs beneath the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

I believed Sitchin so much I contact him when I still lived in Ohio and we spoke on the phone and corresponded during those years. I've been since informed by David Wilcock and Corey Goode by way of Corey's contact in the Breakaway Civilizations in Hollow Earth that Sitchin's tale was manufactured by the PTB and that he bought it hook, line, and sinker. So did I. So many lies, so much disinformation to hide what has always been in plain sight -- that the megalithic ruins found in every continent on this planet were built long before the peoples that found them and took up residence who were called their builders, which never explained to me why later versions of the pyramids were so poorly constructed and out of inferior materials. They found the technology and ruins and tried to replicate them, but didn't have the skills. What we see are their attempts at reproducing what they found, not what they engineered.

Then there is the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah and their edited (my word) version of how the world began and the God that was really a combination of many gods, and a specific group of gods that wanted to be worshiped above all other group of gods -- or god. I haven't believed that version since I was 6 or 7 and my skepticism has grown stronger over the decades between then and now. I am not so easily gulled into believing any old thing and I never believed man has been on this planet for only 6000 years or that Eve is the reason for man's fall from Eden. I know a smear job when I see one and the story of Adam and Eve many people believe is a centuries-old smear job that always felt false to me. I'm still unsure about a lot of things, but not about that.

At any rate, even as a small child I knew the world was far different and more marvelous than at first it seemed. I am coming to believe that all the science fiction and fantasy stem from badly remembered dreams, misunderstood messages, channeling, and intuition, or direct connection with the past and the future that appear as dreams or messages. People who are schizophrenics, once revered as a conduit to God or the gods, are those who have always had the ability to pierce the veil between what we see and what reality is truly like, and medicated for the same reason that the indigenous peoples have been hounded, massacred, and marginalized by the white European races -- the ordinary person can't handle the truth. I, as one of those ordinary people, am here to tell you we see the truth and we will not give up without a fight. Medicate us, throw us in jail, discredit us, manipulate our minds, threaten and reward us when we get off the path, but we will not be completely silence or shut down. Time is running out and more and more of us are waking up to call foul and cut the rug out from under the Powers That Were until the truth that has always been out here is revealed for all to see.

What people do once they know the truth is up to them. All people like me can do is put it out there. The rest is up to you.

That is all. Disperse.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Psychology of Fear

The image to the right is called the Plough by the Egyptians and in the original movie, Stargate, and was called Ursa Major by the Greeks and Romans. It is known to every child in every nation as the Big Dipper. This grouping of stars features prominently in a book by Bram Stokes (yes, that Bram Stoker) called The Jewel of Seven Stars. The story revolves around this particular constellation, the Plough/Ursa Major/Big Dipper as seen from Egypt a few thousand years ago and at the dawn of the 20th century in London, England. Many stories, plays, and movies have based their plots on Bram Stoker's book -- and not always to good effect.

The jewel central to Stoker's story, in fact to every story, features these 7 stars. Te-ra, the Egyptian queen who features in the tale was an evil queen -- at least according to the priests of her time and to what little is written about her. She was married to her father in order to keep the pharaonic blood lines pure, although a brother was the usual choice for the pharaoh, and when he died and was entombed after the ritual 70 days, Te-ra killed everyone who had even known or spoken to her father in retribution. I can see where that would likely earn Te-ra the evil title. Remember though that the world 3000 or 4000 years ago was very different that the world in which we live, especially for someone living at that time. Her views and beliefs and practices would have been molded by her time, not the times we live in, and certainly not the 19th century when the story was penned.

Bram Stoker had a vivid and active imagination. He created the ageless vampire, Dracula, and the White Worm, as well as many protagonists from ages past. Te-ra was merely one more of his paper villains. I've read The Jewel of Seven Stars several times and the rest of Stoker's ouevre. While Stoker had a morbid fascination with creatures of the night, Te-ra was not one of his darkly evil villains out to maim, destroy, and suck the marrow (and blood) of life. Te-ra, henceforth Tera, wanted to live again, to live a life free of the rituals, religion, and control of the priests that condemned her (so they thought) to eternal obliteration, which is why they scraped all mentioned of her name from the records and her tomb and destroyed every image depicting her. In ancient Egypt, to be forgotten was to be unmade, to be destroyed utterly. If people did not remember Tera then the gods would forget her as well. Damned in this world and the next.

Stoker's tale of immortality is one of the wish of an ancient Egyptian queen's desire to live again, to be reborn in the corporeal world to live in physical form far in the future. Her mummy was prepared in such a way as to give him power over the elements (earth, fire, water, and, most importantly, air) so she would be powerful, not as a queen or pharaoh is powerful, but as a magician, an adept is powerful in magic, something modern people dabble in and write about but only believe privately and denounce publicly to avoid the risk of being called mentally ill or worse.

Of course, nowadays, believing in magic is fan boy and girl territory and isn't everyone a fan of magic in their heart of hearts?

Margaret's father, the archaeologist who discovered the tomb of Tera, believed that something was amiss when he catalogued the contents of Tera's tomb and read her wishes. Margaret was born at the same moment Tera's tomb was opened, died, and was discovered to be alive as the lid of the sarcophagus was removed. Though he was not present at Margaret's birth, Margaret's father was so thoroughly focused on finding the tomb of the nameless queen, not even his wife's pregnancy and his child's imminent birth would keep him from following the nameless queen's trail to the bitter end. He grieved his wife's death and could not bring himself to live daily in the presence of a child that was touched by the nameless queen's magic -- or her evil. I imagined that the professor believed in magic as he believed in opening forgotten tombs and cataloguing their belongings and the contents of their tombs, even to the point of believing what those ancient pharaohs and queens wrote (or had their scribes write) about themselves.

During the course of the novel, Margaret arrives on her father's doorstep in time to follow Tera's written instructions, in order that her father will wake up. Everything was laid out and Margaret was fascinated by it all. She wanted to be a part of it, not only because of her likeness to Tera but because she believed that if she followed the instructions as laid out, her father would be restored to her and she could at last live with him and get to know him and the world as he saw and knew it. Her father was in a trance (we would call it a coma) and had been attacked and yet Scotland yard was at a loss to discover the culprit or the motive.

The instructions are followed, Margaret's father wakes up, more tools and artifacts are brought back to London from Tera's tomb, and the team that was present when Tera's tomb was opened gathered around as the ritual was enacted. At the end of the ritual, the lights stutter and Tera (her mummy) is gone, the wrappings empty. Stoker leaves the reader with the feeling that Tera has left to explore the world she waited so long to live in and that Margaret is safe and will be allowed to live the life she has dreamed of since she was a child separated from her father and from a world of adventure and knowledge.

Like every one of Stoker's novels, The Jewel of Seven Stars has been rewritten for the horror hungry world anxious for the past to come alive and carry off the unworthy -- and the unwary. Five movies have been based on the plot of the novel (nameless queen, ancient evil, modern man finds and opens tomb, daughter born at the right time, and queen's ritual followed to bring about her rebirth . . . usually awash in the blood of the queen's victims. In a way, it seems adaptations include a bit of the blood lust and blood sacrifice of victims to the ancient dead in order to live on, not unlike Dracula in that way. Only the White Worm has escaped the vampire's curse . . . barely. Blood follows Stoker as surely as it follows Dracula and all vampires. Just as Lucy.

The Awakening, starring Charlton Heston and Stephanie Zimbalist, debuting in 1980 is by far the most star-studded cast and was preceded by Blood from the Mummy's Tomb in 1971 at the height of Hammer films heyday, notable for Valerie Leon, the curvaceous brunette starring as Margaret and Tera and scantily clad through much of the film. Both movies were set in London, though extra points for Heston for sending his daughter all the way to America to keep her safe and for allowing Margaret's mother to live, though she was catatonic early on when Professor Corbeck opened Tera's tomb. Professor Fuchs in the earlier movie died at the end as his home fell down on him when he and his Margaret stabbed Tera, leaving a lot of rubble and one nearly naked female wrapped up in bandages in the hospital at the end of the movie. Could it be Tera? Could it be Margaret? Does it matter? Probably not as it was done for suspense and the element of lingering horror instead of a sequel. Stoker didn't write one.

In 1986, The Tomb followed with the usual bloody mayhem, but with a change of names and plot. Nefratis is the nameless queen whose tomb is plundered and the contents sent to America where the queen follows and exacts revenge on everyone involved. A far cry from a queen condemned in this life and the next who arranges things from beyond to live again, but no less bloody than its previous adaptations and with the addition of statuesque blondes and a very youthful brunette Michelle Bauer as the vengeful Nefratis. John Carradine, a horror movie legend, and Cameron Mitchell of High Chapparral fame do their best to breath a little life into this hodgepodge of mummy curses and fail to do more than maintain the B movie status, and Jade, the buxom, blonde Amazon from Australia did that all by herself when she walked onto the set.

On to the more politically correct 1998 when Bram Stoker's Legend of the Mummy does its best to cash in on Bram Stoker and Bram Stoker's Dracula fame. Not even Louis Gossett, Jr. could save this movie from B movie status, not even with Mark Lindsay Chapman, one time foe of Swamp Thing.  In this incarnation, Margaret and Queen Tera are played by different actresses, Margaret a blonde and Tera a sultry, although substantially watered down version of Tera. At best, this version is barely a B- movie, though this time Tera has all seven of the fingers on her right hand, the same hand that was left unwrapped in The Awakening  and seen at the beginning of the movie when the sarcophagus lid was opened.

The point to all this Egyptian magic and movie adaptations is to point out what modern, or relatively modern, movie goers get and get used to: blood, curses, mummies, and turning an interesting story into a blood-soaked fright fest for the purposes of scaring (or dumbing) the public into a state of fear. Such psychology does not work, but when has Hollywood or any movie studio in the western world cared whether or not scare tactics work? Okay, well, maybe when subliminal messages on the wide screen failed to boost popcorn sales. At least Hammer studios were willing to go the extra mile in their horror films by installing joy buzzers in the seats and adding special effects in the theater to make the horror more real for the patrons, and such gimmicks are far beyond the usual adolescent pranks of the 1960s and 1970s or the focus groups and PR tricks played before the 60s and since, especially since Freddy Kruger turned our world -- and our dreams -- upside down and inside out.

The point is that scaring the public (to death or as close to it as possible) has become a powerful and lucrative industry since Bram Stoker's day of managing theatres of the more prosaic variety. Stoker hints at the awful consequences of digging up the past instead of shoving it in your face as though front seat at the Grand Guignol, which was revived in 1947 after World War II to entertain the war weary soldiers. The more recent Penny Dreadful is yet another example of the horror craze (and frenzy) that creates and maintains fear among the public by dramatizing and adapting the classic, and much tamer, tales of horror through the ages: Dorian Grey, Frankenstein, Dracula, werewolves, witches, wax museums, Bedlam, Satan, vampires, and such, stealing from every closet and tomb to feed the fears. Once upon a time, religion held people's minds and souls in bondage and served to make man fear GOD in order to live a good and productive life. Those old-fashioned terrors keep the fires of fear stoked for fewer and fewer people as Karl Marx taught that religion is the opium of the masses at a time when real opium enslaves more people with a much stronger hold and yet leave the drugged fit for their daily round on the hamster wheel of keeping up with the Joneses and voting the same greedy and soulless puppets into office to govern us with our consent and approval. Old-fashioned fear has not been enough for a long time and it took movies to ramp up the fear and leave the public shaking in its collective boots -- until the public becomes more sophisticated and unable to be rendered unconscious until the hour of the wolf comes and the night terrors catapult us awake gibbering in fear.

Blood has become porn with the latest in computer generated imaging (CGI) as gouts of arterial blood flood our minds, numbing us even more and requiring the horror industry to step up its game. Horror today is a far cry from the 1930s when my mother gaped open-mouthed at Boris Karloff's portray of Frankenstein's monster on the big screen at their local theater. The horror that sent her scrambling to hide in her mother's arms or crawl under the seat left me smiling and laughing at the hidden jokes and the artful (for the time period) makeup and wooden acting. Boris Karloff did more with his voice to scare several generations out of their skins, like Mae West did to sexualize a reading of the names in the telephone book, but we are now the generation of blood porn and over the top horror that keeps escalating quickly past our endurance for such fears.

The establishment is quickly losing ground, but that is only to be expected when repeated doses of fear tend to numb the senses rather than increase the baseline fear that keeps the average Jane and Joe Doe in line and fearing everything around them. Fear is only part of the equation and not everyone takes drugs, although the 80s and 90s did a stellar job of hooking a healthy percentage of the population on Valium and Adderall.

The biggest problem is that the establishment learns a lot slower than the average citizen/slave. I think that is why the leaders of Islam remain mired in the glorious past where whipping up a jihad was as easy as quoting the Quran for believers. Islam remains in the past and keeps its devout followers mired in the 7th century in order to keep the rest of the world captives of fear and control. The alternative is a good very old-fashioned beheading or bombing, knifing, and shooting in night clubs and public watering holes as well as work places where the faithful have infiltrated and been drugged on the belief of Mohammed's brand of opium: Islam. Another problem blooms in the bloody debris of jihadist terrors: the bombastic display of those willing to follow the thorny path back to the Dark Ages, throw off their politically correct camouflage, and fight blood with bloody rhetoric while the drugged and greedy meat puppets continue sowing fear of such unenlightened tactics and fear mongering to trump the past with a bright future and a New World Order. The end is near -- but not in an unwashed street preacher carrying a sign painted with black letters proclaiming "THE END IS HERE" on street corners everywhere in the civilized world.

I think I'll bow out and take up Bram Stoker's unspoken hope that with magic and watchful waiting a time will come when I will live again in the strength of my own power beyond the reach of small-minded establishment priests who did their best to take away my name, my power, and my soul and failed.

That is all. Disperse.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

It Matters Every Time

I get why people are so surprised when a quiet man -- or woman -- living just down the street or next door is ultimately revealed as a serial killer. "He was such a good neighbor, always kept his lawn neat and his car washed."
"She was kind to everyone. Someone in your family died and she would come over with pie or cake or a pot of the best tasting stew. She offered to watch your house, take care of the kids, even water the house plants and take in the mail."
They are the kind of friends, family, neighbors, and people you want around -- until the truth comes out that Mr. Good Neighbor has been raping children and feeding their bodies to the mulcher that keeps his lawn so green or his garden flourishing. Ms. Kind Spinster had buried pensioners in her basement until it was too full of bodies and then she started burying the bodies in the basements or under the sheds of everyone whose house she had so graciously watched while you were away.
The disclaimer is always the same: "S/he is always nice to me." That is the ultimate stamp of approval -- how s/he treated you. No matter what s/he did, the yardstick always comes down to how you are treated spite of the fact that you have no children to watch the next time the itch needed scratching and there is no one vulnerable in your care. Every smart predator knows not to shit where they eat -- or where they live.
We need a different measure of who matters. We need to be more aware of the smell in the basement that isn't the plumbing backing up or the red mulch and actual bone mixed in the fertilizer that is human rather than bat or vermin making the roses flourish and the grass is always so green and lush.
Or simply the fundamental awareness that evil done to another is always evil done to us. It matters. When one person, no matter who, is abused, killed, maimed, or crippled it happens to each of us a little bit at a time. Family matters. Neighborhoods matter. Counties, townships, countries, and lives matter -- each and every one -- and should must matter to us.
I seem to remember a saying: "When we harm one person, a universe is destroyed." Or some such. It's more than what goes around comes around and more profound than s/he was always nice to me because ultimately when one of us is hurt, we all are diminished when all we watch is our own patch. Yes, we are our brothers' and sisters' keepers. What happens to the least of us happens to all of us -- and we are all diminished. S/he may have kept you in the dark by being nice to you, but every victim, every one of those hurt matters, whether you know them or not.
I am my brother's and my sister's keeper, whether or not I am personally aware of them. They matter. Their lives matters. All life matters . . . every single time.
That is all. Disperse.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bremen-town Musicians From Hell

Has it happened to you? Is it still happening?
For almost 2 months now, the animals in my neighborhood cry out in what can only be described as fearful anguish. Not just a couple of dog or a cat in heat leading on the tom cats prowling in the bushes, but every single animal in the entire neighborhood.
The noise was jarring at first, enough to divert my attention from a movie I was watching or forget I was eating dinner or a snack. Always at 11 PM every night for weeks, a wind-up clockwork chorus of howls, screams, and haunted squawls that begins abruptly and ends without comment. Horses, dogs, cats, and every other animal in the area, even the deer and possibly a bear or two, scream in one ululating, tortured voice that last for a couple of minutes and then stops as if all the animals die at the same moment. Once was jarring, twice bordered on shock, and every night for weeks has been shocking and then interesting and now I am curious, bordering on fearful of what is coming.  

Something is definitely coming. Even I feel it. 
The hellish chorus of what can only be described as screaming souls trapped in fiery torment has moved on from 11 PM to 3 AM and 5 AM and 1 AM, the same time for days on end before the animals' torment finds another time. Something is happening, but what? It is ripping the souls of all the neighborhood animals from the roots at the same time and from all of them. No owner yells at the dogs or horses or cats or wild animals to stop. No gun is fired. No human voice joins the tormented chorus.
Nothing else is happening that blunted mortal senses can discover.
And no one talks about it . . . until now.
Have you heard it, these Bremen Town Musicians from Hell? Do your neighborhood animals cry out with tortured screams at the same time every night, screaming for a minute or two, and stopping as if they abruptly went mute or had their throats slashed at the same moment all at once? 
This is not the skittishness that comes over animals just before an earthquake as they respond to the sub-harmonics of the deep bowels of the earth as the ground beneath their feet rolls and twitches before turning over and opening deep gashes or thrusting upward as though disemboweled from within. This is not simply the restive pacing and pawing before a volcano rains fire and ash. This is something else, something profound, something coming that will rock everyone's world. This is something to fear, something to flee, something to beware and we will not be prepared. 
But what is it? How much longer do we have? 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Step Forward, A Step Back

It often seems like every step or two forward means a step back, and sometimes a slide down, far down. Or it could just be me and how I see things, like my pursuit of art. All the videos in the world merely show me how much I have to learn and how far away I am from adequacy. My view of my own adequacy. At least I keep plugging away, trying more things, being as daring as time allows, and often resenting the demands that being an adult make on me.

And then there is art.

Trying different media, different colors, different paper, and learning that I need to put down a shield when working with certain pencils, pastels, and charcoal. 

Quick sketches  to see if I still have it. I really should use clean paper instead of sketching (scratching) on paper (newsprint) where I've sketched other faces, body parts, interesting objects. Cropping can only eliminate so much and newsprint is especially smooth and erasing intruding lines would damage the sketch. I rather like this one, not only because it is nearly accurate, but because it didn't take me long at all. 

The photo on a new box of colored pencils. That pugnacious chin and unusual angle were all it took to interest me. Not bad for another quick sketch. 

An older drawing that I keep refining and working on. A touch here, a new technique there. I'll finish it one day . . . or maybe I'll paint this one. Yes, I know the right (left actually) eye is less vivid than the left (to the viewer), but it -- and I -- is still evolving. For now. 

Another drawing of one of my granddaughters. This one is Savannah. It is also when I began to toy with the idea that less is more. The original photo was posted on its side and I maneuvered it into a full frontal straight up and down image. Computers are wonderful and I'm getting better with PhotoShop -- barely. 

Another sketch, and the most recent in this collection, of Mahesh Jadu. The actor is currently portraying Ahmad (heavy on the ACH as if you're clearing a hairball) on Marco Polo. Mahesh is one of the villains of the show. His long, pointed nose interested me first and that is where I began the sketch, all done in sanguine hard pastel. Another not quite right sketch, but I do find his face and this sketch fascinating. 

It didn't dawn on me until I searched for the name of the actor playing Ahmad that his face was familiar because I had enjoyed his portrayal of Ophir from I, Frankenstein with Aaron Eckhardt. He does have a very interesting face and demeanor and he's from Australia. I would've thought India or the Middle East, or even the USA would be more likely. Wherever he was born, raised, or lives, I still find his face interesting and will definitely draw him again. I do that with faces that intrigue me. 

I am toying with the thought of reducing faces to basic elements to see how much of the person is recognizable. Not so much body parts, or facial features, although faces are part of the exercise, but light and shadow. Can I sketch a face and make it recognizable by just sketching the light -- or the shadow? I sketched two eyes, the hint of a nose, and the mouth but nothing of the light or shadow or rest of the face and it was instantly recognized as Sharon Stone -- which it was. I did that sketch in colored pencil more than 20 years ago on a piece of printer paper because the minimalist style intrigued me. I have it somewhere, likely in a folder in an old filing cabinet in storage in Ohio.  Asking for someone to go looking for it will be futile. Oh, well. Someday.  

There you have it, some of my recent forays into art as I exercise my artistic muscles and try new media. Some are good, some are less than good, and one or two are approaching mediocrity. Art is a process, a journey, and I am still on the path. 

That is all. Disperse. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

In The Wake Of Winter, Fire!

Tyrion, Daenerys, and Jon Snow

I'm a fan Game of Thrones and have been since the first episode. After that episode I immediately bought the first eBook, appropriately called A Game of Thrones, and dove in without reservation. I have not looked back. But I have looked forward.

When Cersei told her story of Maggie the Frog's predictions I had a very different take than my friends, who are also fans. Maggie predicted that Cersei would be killed by her brother and, knowing Cersei to be extremely myopic, I knew it would be Jaime, her twin, who would do the deed -- and maybe even die in the process. Cersei would not go down easily or without a fight. I didn't know then about Jaime losing his right hand or how that would affect the fight. After season 6 finale, I know I was right about many things and had some insight into the future of Westeros and the coming fight against the White Walkers. And, yes, I was right about Cold Hands. He is, or was, Benjen Stark. Take that, naysayers.

So here is how I see this simple story of George R. R. Martin's.

The truth about Jon Snow has finally come to light and, without knowing he is truly Stark, though not of Ned's getting, he has been crowned King in the North as he should have been all along. He takes precedence over Ned's children because he is the son of Lyanna and Rheagar Targaryen, though still a bastard. Ned took the seeming dishonor because of his promise to Lyanna to protect her son. I've always seen Jon as the ultimate winner of the Game of Thrones as played in Martin's Universe.

Whoever Daenerys weds or beds, she will ultimately end up with Jon. He is the ice and fire to her fire. He is the Prince Who Was Promised. I don't see him giving up the North or King in the North to wed Dany or rule jointly over a combined Westeros. I've always seen Jon as one of the 3 dragon riders to come and it makes sense since Daenerys will also ride one of the dragons, and likely Drogon. Jon will probably get Rhaegal and Viserion will like be commanded by Brandon Stark, the three-eyed raven or possibly Tyrion Lannister. My vote is for Bran as he is, as are all the Stark children, Jon Snow included, a warg.

I do like that Jon Snow, King in the North, is also called the White Wolf, especially since the white wolf, Ghost, is the only one left, other than Arya's Nymeria still loose in the wild. They will meet again as Arya crosses Westeros to return to Winterfell.

Littlefinger is about to get his comeuppance soon and Sansa will not be in his future, except maybe as a part of his downfall. He has finally loose the Cat out of the bag and admit he intends to take the Iron Throne. No big surprise for anyone watching or reading about the Westerosi wars and plots and double- and triple-crosses. Robert's curse fall on Littlefinger. No doubt Robert touched Littlefinger many times on his way into or out of the brothels.

Okay, back to my predictions.

Jaime will kill Cersei, which will leave Casterly Rock to Tyrion who deserves the title and the income it will generate. Tyrion will rule Casterly Rock as Hand to the Queen with Sansa, his wife, by his side. Sansa was married first to Tyrion, but the marriage was not consummated. Now that Sansa has had a taste of the fairy tale life she dreamed as a young girl at Winterfell and tasted the bitter ashes and gall that came with the dreams as they shattered, she may see Tyrion in a different light, less as the Imp and more as the intelligent and tortured (by his own family) man of parts he is. I've always liked Tyrion and I will definitely like to see him where his family, other than Jaime, never saw him or considered for him: Master of Casterly Rock and married to Sansa Stark with children playing at their feet.

Jon Snow will marry Daenerys Targaryen and unite Westeros but Jon will remain the White Wolf, King in the North. Daenerys will undoubtedly take the Iron Throne and she will once again bear children -- to Jon.

Mirri Maz Duur's prophecy for Daenerys was: 
"When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then he will return, and not before." 

I dislike prophecies like the above because they are never what they seem on the surface and I wonder if that is not due to the nature of prophecy being like a puzzle that must be solved or merely the nature of the prophet who cannot speak plainly or cannot decipher the other worldly voice into common speech. 

Let's try this on for size.

When Daenerys is Queen of Westeros and takes the Iron Throne, her domain will reach from Westeros (in the west) to Meereen (in the east). The great sea of grass is already dry and the pyramids of the slavers are burned and their remains blow in the wind. Dany bled when Rheagal and Viserion took down the pyramids of the slavers which may be the sign that she is menstruating again. Since Daario Naharis is no longer bedding Dany, that leaves whoever she decides to marry once she reaches Westeros to get her pregnant, but at least her womb has quickened. That may be the result of all three dragons being unleashed and nearly full grown -- or maybe are full grown already. If Dany names her first child, a son, Drogo, the prophecy will be fulfilled. Whether that will result in Khal Drogo returning is another thing altogether, but anything is possible when magic is involved.

So much for Martin's simple story. I'm still waiting for the book, The Winds of Winter, but with Martin imminent release is uncertain. Such has been the case since The Game of Thrones was released. It's easy to get caught up in other projects and making a living that does not depend on a book or a series. Mortgages must be paid, food, shelter, and necessities, as well as wants, must be provided, and life still goes on, and Martin has a very full schedule with his appearances, interviews, other books and anthologies to compile, edit, and release, and his movie theaters and other business ventures to see to. I'd say it's difficult to focus on only one ball when juggling so many balls in the air. HBO will make sure that season 7 of Game of Thrones will roll out on time with or without Martin's final books in the Song of Ice and Fire.  

In the meantime, I'll get back to juggling my own balls and focusing on what I can control and leave prophecies to the Winds of Winter.

That is all. Disperse.   

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Teenage Shame

I've posted some of my art without shame. I'm still scrubbing off the rust so the work reflects that. It's a learning process. Even in the summer of 1970 when I attended an honors class in art in summer school I knew the painting of my youngest sister was not good. My mother kept the painting and hung it out for all to see and I cringed every time I passed it. That portrait was not my best work. It still isn't.

The portrait is done in acrylics, a brand new medium to me in 1970, and I had a lot of problems with the paint drying almost before I could apply it to the canvas. Acrylic paint turns to plastic when it dries and, while I appreciated the freedom to bring my sister to school and have her son, I didn't appreciate the lack of instruction I got from the teacher. Lack of instruction as in none at all interspersed with being told to let loose and be free with the paint and the brush. Had it been left to me I would've applied a coat of primer and started over with something else or repainted the portrait with oils or even wrestled with acrylics some more and found some way to compromise with the limitations of the acrylics.

Luckily, acrylics have improved since 1970 and so have my skills in working with them. In the meantime, I'm still learning the pros and cons of colored pencil and brushing up my technique with charcoal and pencil. It's a process and a process that may well take the rest of my life to master. I'm not worried. Erte went from drawing and designing magnificent costumes for the stage in the 1920s and in his 80s turned to ceramics with the same flair and unquenchable thirst for new ways of expressing his art.

My teenage shame,
Beanie at 5 in blue dress to match her eyes.  

It's more of a cartoon than a portrait and I have done better since -- and even before I painted this. I threatened to destroy it when Mom died so she gave it to Beanie to protect it. So much wron
g, but there are glimmers of possibilities never realized. Maybe now I can find some way to rescue the feelings of joy trampled by the realities of my own limitations and the limitations of the medium and learn. After all, life is about living and learning and life is far from over. 

That is all.  Disperse.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Chasing The Past

Last year I jumped back into art in a big way, buying supplies, and trying out new media -- new to me -- and kept coming back to where I began 50 years ago when I discovered I could draw. As with everything in my life, I went from drawing pictures out of my piano lesson books to Sunday comics in the newspaper and eventually right into painting portraits in oils with brushes and pigments and linseed oil. I didn't know all the techniques and how it all went together and I plunged ahead experimenting with canvas boards and stretched canvas and eventually buying canvas and frames and stretching canvas on my own. Good thing I had a job by then at the age of 15 and bought my own supplies. The supplies that come in a single Xmas gift of painting materials didn't last long. I got a scholarship to the Columbus College of Art and Design when I was in 9th grade at Westmoor Junior High and our first lessons were in soft pastels.

I fearlessly attacked still life and more portraits, drawing fellow classmates when I'd finished with the model posing at the front of the class. Hands a dozen different colors and scattered sheets with finished portraits and the occasional still life. I raced through everything with an ability I never questioned and didn't appreciate -- or fully understand. I was in my element, testing the waters of various artistic disciplines offered in the art classes in high school. Never enough, I experimented with sculpting clay (and plaster of Paris at home), cutting lineoleum blocks for block printing (still have the scar where I gouged out a hunk of skin over the knuckle of my right index finger), screen printing, and finally into painting again, at home with the oils and frustrated with acrylics because they dry too fast and end up looking like hunks of stretchable plastic. Watercolor was fun, but we never had enough time in class -- or in the classes at OSU where I got my first taste of live nude models on Saturdays all summer long. I never learned about using negative space or glazing or dead layer (grisaille) paintings that lie beneath the glazes.

Here I am after nearly 40 years of ignoring the artistic abilities seething just beneath the adult facade of wife, mother, and working to earn a living because it's the mature thing to do, give up dreams for the reality of making a living that I stumbled through half alive. Art won't make me a living or feed my children and neither will writing. "Wake up, girl. Get a job and make sure to marry some guy who will take care of you. You won't make it any other way."

My hands were always moving, picking up a pencil to sketch an interesting face in TV Guide or Woman's Day or evenPlaygirl.  I couldn't help myself. No matter how I ignored the pull of the pencil an interesting face and whatever pen or pencil was closest to hand, even crayons on occasion, I sketched what interested me and hid it, put it away in a book or left it laying around until someone else put it in the trash. The drawings were more mature, more refined than what I produced as a teenager. I clung to the knowledge that even as I got older the art would always be there and would get better as I matured and viewed the world from a different perspective. It would wait for me --

-- until I took another plunge into the artistic stream when there was no one to stop me, to remind me I had obligations, to tell me no and found that my drawing skills had atrophied. The art didn't wait for me and I wasn't about to let go after I got used to the idea that I'd have to start all over.

Some of the skill remains beneath the rust and dust and I scraped it all away, dusted my atrophied skills, and did what I never had to do before when I was younger. I drew the same thing over and over, taking it apart and drawing the parts that make up the portrait. An eye drawn repeatedly, first the right and then the left, until I approached something almost like the photo. Lips in colors. Lips in pencil. Lips in charcoal. Refining the technique and the anatomy one feature at a time.

A year ago I finished this drawing -- in colored pencil, a medium I am not yet completely comfortable with -- and the features are distorted. Disheartening, but it was a first effort.

Click on the pictures to ee the actual size. 

Talk about a square jaw. I got that down, but it's still wrong. The proportions aren't too far off, but they're still not right. I sketched other faces from my desk calendar, pictures of my granddaughters pulled from Facebook, pictures of my grandchildren, Sierra and Connor, whatever picture stirred my juices.  I still hadn't conquered this portrait. It took me 6 months to get up the gumption to try it again. 

I can't tell you how many times I practiced the eyes, nose, ears, lips, chin, and ear and finally ended up with this version. I erased so many time I thought I'd ended up with fuzzy almost there lines and would never get to the point where I was satisfied. I covered pages and pages of facial features, my Great Aunt Ann's facial features. Still not there.

Getting closer. Still not happy with the eye and the lips aren't quite right. I saw my mother in every line, recognized her eyes that looked liked Aunt Ann's eyes. Of course, she was Grandpa's sister and Mom looked so much like her. I didn't realize at first why the proportions were off. I figured it out when I noticed the cheeks weren't full enough and the double chin was minus the other chin. Aunt Ann's hair was just like Mom's, the same dark brown, thick and perfectly coiffed. Aunt Ann owned a chain of beauty shops and she had learned much over the years she ran those beauty shops. She knew fashion and style and how to fix hair. She was always perfectly turned out.

Yes, that is a mink coat. I still have her black ostrich feather hat, the one that still has the haute couture label in it and looks like it was worn by Betty Grable or Katharine Hepburn or even Grace Kelly. It was the height of style in the 1930s and would've been a lovely contrast with Ginger Roger's blonde locks, dramatic. 

The angle of the photo is off, shot from too far below, but the finished result is really close. Not perfect, but an improvement on the one I did 6 months ago. It's in pencil because I'm comfortable and have lots of experience with pencil. I'll give the colored pencil version a shot again now that I'm almost there or I'll break out the oils and do a painting to hang on the way. If it turns out subpar I can always paint something else over it and give acrylics another shot. Or maybe charcoal.

That is as close as I'll get on this version, and it's really close this time. I'm happy enough with it to sign my name and add the date. Still a bit rusty, but much of the rust has been gouged off and the art is still there ready to be honed. I'll jump right into the middle of the stream with one of the media I haven't tried. I even got some pastels and will eventually get a set of pastel pencils. I like control and I like pastels -- or at least I used to like pastels. 

Time to scrape off more of the rust and chase down the old enthusiasm and intrepid nature. At least I'm willing to bear the erasures and scraping off layers of paint and dive in again. There no reason not to, except the urge to write another book or finish one of the several books I've started already. Rust gets into the most surprising places. I should buy a wire brush and get to scraping.

That is all. Disperse.