Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pacifiers and Blankies

We often forget that not everyone progresses or evolves at the same rate.

Some people hang onto their blankies and pacifiers long after others have grown up and stopped needing such comforts. They forget why they needed pacifiers and blankies, or a favorite toy, until they have children of their own, finding the toys and tools in the attic packed away or on a garage sale or secondhand store table. The memories flood their minds and good feelings flood their hearts -- or they don't. There are also some people who don't remember their childhood with fond memories or don't care about childhood. They rushed to become adults and put the past behind them without a second thought.

Everyone learns and grows at their own pace, even putting the past behind them and looking on people who cling to the fond memories with disdain or regret.  There are people who cannot put up with such ignorance or fantasies and stomp all over other peoples' comfort zones, dragging them into the harsh and cruel light without a second thought.  Such people have no tolerance for malingering and those who cling fiercely to their past or to a newly won present because the past was, to their minds, ignorant and self indulgent.

It takes all kinds to make a world and there is room for all -- as long as there is room for dissent and growth.

There is no shame if people lag behind or cling to their comfort zones. Everyone takes their own time to get to the same point -- unless there is violence forcing the issue.

Whenever I hear or see people clinging to their man-made gods and leaders I am anxious for them to catch up. It's like visiting a familiar spot and the companions are dawdling along taking their good old-fashioned time when the leader, the one who has been there before and wants to share it all NOW and not later when they get to it, resists the urge to grab them by the hand or arm or lapel and drag them forward. In my zeal, I forget what it was like when I visited the first time, overwhelmed by everything and wanting to soak in every view and moment, wallowing in the experience.

In essence, it is like being so anxious to drag a child by the arm across the space between us and not kneeling at the proposed finish line, arms out, hands held out so the child can grab hold if s/he stumbles or falls. Children, when they take their first steps, are uncertain of how to walk and grab onto everything and anything to get from one place to another. Even adults and older children who have walked before and are faced with walking after long convalescence or immobility, take time to get up to speed. Patience is required to get them through the first tentative steps, and the care and love you feel for them make you more patient and less anxious for the rough patch to be over. The look on their faces when they take their first sure steps makes it all worthwhile and that makes the frustration and waiting worth the effort.

It took me more than half a century to get to the point where I cast off the shackles of religion and dared to say I no longer believed. I hedged my bets, saying prayers from my childhood and believing it was all right to whisper thanks to gods I had not believed in for a long time our of respect for what I had been taught as a child. I thought, "It couldn't hurt."

What if? My token prayers were going thru the motions and I didn't believe they would make a difference, but what if I was wrong. Couldn't a token prayer make the difference if I was wrong?

We all hedge our bets. It seems safe.

When I asked questions all through my life, I was always told, "Because God said so" and "that's the way it has always been." God knows all and we are not gods came up frequently while I answered, "If God is all powerful and knows all, why would he give me a mind that questions if he didn't want me to use it?" All I got was condemnation and recriminations. Many times, I folded under the pressure to fit in and follow the leaders even when I knew they were wrong.

I often keep my mouth shut and my questions and thoughts to myself so as not to offend or stir up trouble. I am less careful about that as I get older. I am reconciled that I have moved beyond their limited understanding and cannot force them to see and know what I do.

In many cases, it would be like taking a child's favorite toy or blanky from them or snatching the pacifier from their mouths because I think they should give them up. Patience is still needed, although time is running out. The Big Moment is nearly upon us and they will miss it.

Yes, they might miss it as they have missed such moments in centuries past. We all will not arrive at the final destination at the same time. Some will be left behind just as they are in the "Left Behind" series of books based on the Christian belief of The Rapture.

Some people got it right, but so much of the End Times has been obscured by imagination, fear, and misunderstanding, just as people who have deified Jesus Christ, Mohammed, and Buddha. These prophets and ascended masters were not meant to be deified because they were not gods or demigods. They were people who saw the narrow road and tried to teach others to see and walk the same road. The followers didn't have the same level of understanding and were unable to follow or to travel the narrow road. They will understand when they died and ascend or when they are reincarnated in future lives and finally get it.

Not everyone grows and matures at the same rate. Some will be left behind. In fact, many will be left behind because they were distracted or focused on the wrong lesson or message. What remains will deify the teachers and ascended masters, build religions around their half-understood or barely understood teachings or, more often, use what is left to enslave others who don't get it yet, and the cycle continues like the Wheel of Life or Fortune turning over and over until the wheel turns and you catch it. If not this lifetime, then the next or the one after that. We evolve at our own rate just as children learn to talk and walk at their own rate. We learn or we wait according to our understanding and our abilities.

As marvelous as the path that Jesus Christ, Mohammed, and Buddha walked, they tried to teach others, and their lessons are still being taught, but all the diversions, bells, and whistles are hurdles to be climbed over or walked around until the road lies clear before us. We choose whether we focus on the road or the hurdles. It is up to us. We will follow the narrow road or we will get caught up in the hurdles and the misunderstandings. Whichever way we travel, eventually we will get there. I wish you all good traveling and clear vision and, if you need to cling to your pacifiers and blankies, we will all wait for you at the end of the path.

That is all. Disperse.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Review: What She Ate by Laura Shapiro

Laura Shapiro delves into lives of six famous women, many of whom are known to history even here in the 21st century. Beginning with Dorothy Wordsworth, the sister of the poet Wordsworth and their early lives together.  Dorothy thinks more of her brother than of herself, reminding her brother when to eat and providing nutritious simple meals and then accompanying her brother on walks in the English countryside. There was a close relationship between Dorothy and William, almost as close as a married couple until William met and fell in love with his bride to be.

The narrative changes considerably when Dorothy no longer takes care of her brother and his wife takes over. Dorothy does her best to fit into their lives and take care of her nieces and nephews, but loses all interest in taking good care of her own needs.  Her modest food needs become more important and take a larger focus in her thoughts and actions until Dorothy ends her life on the sidelines, luxuriating in food and the growing expanse of her waistline. William and his wife do their duty toward Dorothy as she declines into dementia and fractious old age, bending to Dorothy's extraordinary tantrums and needs. The food she carefully prepared when she took care of her brother changed as he moved on with his life into marriage and children and the popularity of his poetry and Dorothy slipped into the oblivion of forgotten old age.

Rosa Lewis, the Cockney caterer who climbed the social ladder in Edwardian society, was the most famous English cook of the era, buying and operating her own restaurant in the heart of London. She pioneered the spread for weekend shooting parties at the landed estates all throughout England and Scotland, making her shooting parties unique, rustic, and essential to the post Victorian age when shooting parties were all the rage. From a poor serving family to the pinnacle to social success, Rosa was copied by other servants anxious to make their way out of the garrets and servants' quarters all over Great Britain, becoming a caricature of herself and a model of upward mobility that increased after World War I when the world was in chaos and on into the changing face of Europe and America as World War II began heating up. Rosa Lewis never lost her Cockney accent or hid her humble origins.

Eleanor Roosevelt was born of privilege and may even have known and met Rosa Lewis, or at least enjoyed her food at British weekend parties when she and Franklin dined with friends and relations across the pond, but Eleanor was a very different sort of woman. She was born of privilege, married to her cousin, and promptly pushed to the sidelines as Franklin's mother took charge and set the tone for the marriage.  Eleanor was not the kind of woman to be shoved aside without a single thought.  Instead, she took the reins in her own hands, left her mother-in-law to deal with her family bailiwick, and struck out on her own, traveling to the colleges and universities in America, learning all about the new home economics and the needed economies in the wake of World War I and the financial crash that heralded the Great Depression of the middle 20th century. She chose and hired a housekeeper, branded the worst cook in White House history, who cooked plain food that showcased the sacrifices Eleanor felt necessary for the White House as well as the beleaguered American housewife.

In a way, Eleanor fed Franklin the same, cheap food that wives throughout America could afford during the Depression, using a passive-aggressive approach as First Lady when dealing with Franklin and his staff while living in the White House for three terms. I imagine her approach was not only frugality but personal payback for Franklin's extramarital affairs and her mother-in-law pushing her to the fringe of her own family. Eleanor was a proud and industrious woman who took her position seriously and used everything at her disposal not to take advantage of her elevated position at FDR's side and to show the world that she was more interested in good works than good food, although she took center stage at dinners where she used the chafing dish to prepare her favorite and increasingly laudable dinners that were far removed from the inexpensive meals her cook managed in the White House kitchens. Eleanor was fond of good food, she said, but preferred her meals in company with friends and colleagues far from her mother-in-law and FDR and his cronies.

On the other side of the pond, Eva Braun, Hitler's young and beautiful mistress, used her position to make everyone welcome at Hitler's table, selecting favorite dishes and pouring rivers of champagne at table. Unlike her generosity to guests and dignitaries, Eva kept a strict diet and exercise regimen that maintain her slim, trim, and youthful figure. She played the solicitous hostess to guests and catered to Hitler's eccentricities. Unlike what has been reported, Hitler was vegetarian . . . to a point. He had a sweet tooth and indulged in cakes and sweets while drinking wine and champagne. It seems, according to Hitler, champagne was the sparkling symbol of aristocratic success and he was lavish with gifts and pouring the champagne. Eva took no interest in the Reich or Hitler's political doings, but she was the hostess with the mostest among Hitler's friends and visiting dignitaries, knowing just how to make guests feel welcome, well fed, and sated. All the men regarded her as the most charming and vivacious. Eva was often the best feature of dining with Hitler.

Back in Great Britain after World War II when the British were still dealing with postwar rationing, Barbara Pym ignored the bleak times and featured the best cuisine in spite of the privations. Witty heroines shone brightly in spite of the lean times and offered readers and beleaguered British maneuvering the bombed out streets and buildings to enjoy high old times that encouraged the people to put the bad times behind them and celebrate the moment with excellent food and drink. Better times were coming and Barbara Pym's heroines greeted the future with open arms, laughter, and no sign that they had ever been down and out. Food and drink were the feature of every book's optimism and good times heralding the future. Barbara knew whereof she wrote since she ignored the tough times to enjoy the indulgence of good food and good company.

Laura Shapiro ends her tour of women who eat with a woman who created herself as a woman who cooked for her man, making his life as comfortable as a wife could, while denying herself a seat at the table. Helen Gurley Brown, who remade Cosmopolitan into the must read magazine of the 1960s and 1970s, ushering in the feminist era, wrote everything from the perspective of a woman whose whole world and whole attention are her husband. Writers and columnists got the HGB touch as Helen sifted their words through her fine-meshed strainer so that everything came out as Helen would have written it, the central theme the same she began when she became the doting wife catering to her husband. What Mike ate for breakfast was more important than what she cooked for herself, ending with super-sized sugar-free gelatin as a well earned treat. Helen preferred to binge on crafting words and scenes that had nothing to do with food. At all costs, she must remain as thin as a toothpick, denying guilty pleasure as if being force fed poison instead of nutritious food. As a busy and successful anorectic, Helen was happiest when the scales went down and her body was reed thin.

Throughout Laura Shapiro's book about What She Ate I kept asking myself what did they eat and where was the food. Except for Barbara Pym's books centered around romance and food and the sad, corpulent end for Dorothy Wordsworth, there was little about what these women ate. I often wondered if the title shouldn't be changed to What She Never Ate since that was more prevalent than menus of what each of these women ate. Eleanor Roosevelt used food as a weapon against FDR to demonstrate her anger, saving the real food for dinners with friends and colleagues. Eleanor's work meant more to her since she used the work to find her own place and power in the world since her family, FDR and his mother, pushed her aside. Eva was a teenager who caught Hitler's eye and seemed determined to remain the coquettish girl catering to all the men while watching her figure, though not nearly as closely as Helen Gurley Brown.

I would have liked to know what any of these women ate instead of what they avoided and how they fed the men in their lives, or at least some of the food served at Rosa's table when she wasn't busy catering to the aristocrats and King Edward during the richest time in British modern history. Books are fine, but what did Barbara Pym herself eat and enjoy and why did Dorothy Wordsworth end up fat and demented after a more active and healthier beginning. It might have been helpful to know the forces that shaped each woman, other than Eleanor Roosevelt and Helen Gurley Brown, whose psychology was so very clear and apparent, but maybe that is because Americans are easier to understand since so much psychology is bred in the bone. All in all, Laura Shapiro deserves a C+ for the book since she at least brushed the surface of these women's meals and what they ate.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Monoculturism Flourishes

It would be easy to demonize European and Canadian leaders who welcome Muslims with open armsSyrian refugees fleeing through Greece and Europe to reach their goal of Angela Merkel's welcome that highlight the coming of Muslims that will revitalize and fill in for the falling European birth rate, a zero population growth initiative I have been aware of since I was 7 years old and living in Panama which was the proposed future to control burgeoning populations in western civilized societies, sends a very different message. The problem is socialism. To realize sufficient benefits in societies that since World War II that have thrown their countries into the social compact of spreading the wealth equally among all citizens the birth rate must continue to grow, rendering zero population growth initiatives as moot. The fewer working and producing adults available, the scantier the wealth will be that needs to be spread equally to the dwindling population. Unless the world stumbles upon the wealth of a galaxy of diamonds that will pay for social services for all (a worthy goal in a Star Trek model of the future), socialism will fail and the services available to all that depends on the looked-for windfall of avalanche of Muslim births that puts the zero population growth initiative beneath the shadow of failed future schemes.
and open purses, but that would not help anyone but the Muslims. Tolerance is laudable. All the articles I have read over the past few years dealing with the recent influx of

The horde of fertile Muslims has arrived in Europe and Canada and demand social services for all bend to the will of the Imams and give the Muslims what they require (halal food, space for minarets and mosques) as they settle into no-go zones and Muslim communities sequestered from the rabble surrounding them where they can worship, plan jihads, bombings, and massacres, and raise their avalanche of babies until the babies can emerge to wreak havoc on the countries that took them in without understanding that Muslims will not assimilate into their new cultures or communities as expected nor will they support the socialist state and economy from within their private enclaves and no-go zones unless the Imams and leaders agree to it.

Though the Muslims continue to massacre other Muslims who are not as faithful to their stated cause (Sunni, Sufi, Shiite), they have no other plan than to subjugate their host country while consuming and using socialist services in the name of their Imams and Ayatollahs, beggaring and bankrupting western socialist services in the meanwhile.

Muslims are a monocultural phenomenon and have no desire to assimilate the culture only destroy everything within reach while inundating the social services and governments welcoming them. This is the cultural jihad that has flooded Europe and the European Union at the invitation of Angela Merkel and her kind. While talking up multiculturalism and filling in the falling birth rates so crucial to the continuation of socialism, the western leaders have bitten off more than they can chew. Why else has the nationalist fervor awakened with a vengeance recently? It couldn't be the unprovoked and unwelcome rape of prepubescent and pubescent females or the recent surge of massacres and bombings at pop concerts and innocent gatherings around the world.  It certainly could not include Muslim extremists mowing down innocent civilians in malls, workplaces, or nightclubs or at universities, colleges, or public gatherings on bridges and markets. Could it?

The world is rife with these wild fires of  extremist activities as they catch fire. The sounds of Allahu Akbar break out spontaneously like battle cries echoing from everywhere.

It is difficult to separate the peaceful from the jihadists until the smoke clears and the bodies have been counted. Reminds me of times when irritated friends broke out with calls of "Kill them all and let God sort them out." were commonplace. What happened to law and order and hippies at Kent State overcome with the desire for peace they placed flowers in the barrels of rifles of National Guardsmen aimed at them? Nowadays it seems more like what I imagine the clashes between crusaders and the forces of Saladin during the Crusades.

Muslims do not want to learn our customs and contribute to socialist programs, even though they demand their fare share from socialist programs. Muslims are determined to force the population of the planet to submit to Allah or to the blade when heads are struck off. There are peaceful verses in the Quran, but the peaceful ruminations of Mohammed when he first began writing are superseded by the bloody and vicious actions of the warlord Mohammed and his successors when he realized that full submission is required in order to convert all to Islam. Lies and subterfuge are fine, but complete submission in Mohammed's illiterate mind was necessary in order for ascension to happen. Mohammed wanted to claim his reward in Paradise as the bloody heads were piled so high he could not see over them while mounted on his horse. As long as all submit, what does it matter how many heads of unbelievers are piled up? Until that happens, impregnate as many fertile females as possible until the faithful outnumber the kaffirs -- with or without their permission. After all, a females can give birth as long as a man spreads his seed. Starting early is no hurdle either. Eventually, a baby will be born who will carry on the work and spread the will of Allah.

The end justifies the means. The blade can sever a flower as well as a head.  

That is all. Disperse.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Us versus Them - The Blame Game

Offense needs Defense.  Or does it?

We see the world as we were taught to see it -- Us versus Them.

We count those like us as those who believe the same way we do, practice the same way we do, revere and idolize the same way we do, look the same way we do, say the same things we say -- or at least similar to the same things we say. Everyone else is Them. We are Us.

The world is set up to see everyone as either with us or against us -- Us versus Them. These invisible barriers exist to keep us apart in the same way that cattle, sheep, and all animals are kept from danger and harm. But we are not cattle or sheep or animals (so we say) and yet everything we do and say puts us into the herding mentality. If we want to remain safe in the world, we band together with everyone who says the same things, acts the same way, and believes the same way so that we can be easily recognized by our kind -- by Us -- and marks out Them, the others who are either adversaries or dangers, the ones who will harm us if we don't defend ourselves -- often when no offense is offered except in the sense of history. People dressed like them or who believed they way we think they believe have harmed us in the past and been our enemies and so we must strike first before they strike us -- fatally.

The world has run on this negativity for centuries out of mind, farther back than we know or have read, and often the truth is muddled or mixed up and we believe the version we are taught or have read about. We do not have the time to dig out the truth and we will not believe what They have to say about it because They want to harm us.

We often forget that what we believe is often as wrong and misguided as what They believe, and They have said so, but our leaders are interested in good -- the common good that supports what our leaders teach us, often citing words that are part of the religion that has kept our leaders in power. After all, why would they lie?


They lie. We tell the truth. That's no lie.

Okay, so people I know and grew up with, learning the same words, and practicing the same beliefs who have since turned against all we believed and have gone another way. Some of them are still friends because they didn't go too far away from what we were taught and others are dangerous because they have called everything we believed wrong. These others have become THEM and are against US. They must also be defended against lest they damage Us and what we believe. They say They have seen the light, but they said they saw the light when we were learning and memorizing the words that kept Us safe from Them only to become Them and dangerous to Us.

It all comes down to Ego. The Ego tells me that I am right for following what I have been taught and They are wrong because they are offending the people who taught me, who taught us all how to do right by the teachings of god. Ego tells me that we must cling desperately to our god and his teachings so that we will be raised to paradise and given all the rewards for our hard work. Nothing else matters.

What about others who follow other teachings and are as strong in their beliefs as I am in mine? Others are Them and not Us and we must destroy them so as not to harm any more of Us. We will reach out to those who can be taught the Truth, but otherwise They must be destroyed so as not to pollute or damage Us.

So much of life is about seeing myself as part of the plan to become one with God, to be rewarded with riches and favors for all the hard work I did for God. What if there is no God and no god? Is the Truth not written down somewhere, a book or some writing that shows me the path to paradise? How do I decide whether or not there is truth that leads to reward after death, payment for what I have done in the name of my beliefs?

There lies the problem of Us versus Them -- payment. We puny humans, caught in the strong winds and brutal waves of what we have been taught, even if we find the truth and believe it, are crippled by the belief that we should be rewarded for believing. So says the words I was taught and what I believe. The Creator is not a man, white bearded and dressed in humble robes nor is he a young man in the strength and power of his youth. The Creator is a concept beyond the physical humanoid, beyond the physical manifestation of any being (lizard, bird, humanoid, fish, etc.) and is not guided by the thoughts and ideas and writings of any being that has lived in a corporeal form and walked upon the earth going through the troubles and concerns of any being. The Creator is not so limited and yet in the corporeal mind with the limited understanding fashioned of corporeal beliefs the corporeal being limits the Creator and ruminates about the reality of the Creator as if the Creator were hampered by corporeal concerns. Nothing is farther from the truth.

We corporeal beings may sometimes grow beyond the belief that life is Us versus Them and the limitations of corporeal religions that have come from God who is as much as product of corporeal beliefs as the writings corporeal beings call Truth and the Word of God. Corporeal beings who look beyond the earthly limitations and man-made gods to catch a glimpse of the Creator will likely end up vilified and tortured in the name of God and be sacrificed to that God in the name of Truth when there is no truth in the perpetrators or the words that have been memorized and spouted. Their one chance of being rewarded is as false as their words and their truth and they will disappear just the same as those they sacrificed to their Gods and beliefs. They might see the Truth and glimpse the Creator as they expire and lose their corporeal existence, but they may also get another chance to know the Truth and get closer to the Creator the next time around when they don the corporeal reality once they are born again. It won't help the ones they killed and they may not get another chance to face that being again in the next life or share with them another round of beliefs from God and His
Truth because the other being has ascended to the next density and transcended the corporeal form of his previous existence. There is no way to know as long as corporeal beings are caught in the spokes of the endless wheel spinning through their lives and they are distracted by man-made gods and false beliefs.

As long as beings continue to see the world divided by Us and Them, they will continue to turn on the wheel and be diverted by Ego and man-made beliefs without ever coming near to Truth and defending false teachings with a sliver of Truth hidden in the depths of their teachings. All man-made beliefs contain a bit of Truth and few beings catch the Truth when they memorize only the words without taking the time to see the bigger picture or anything outside of the narrow teachings that include death, blood, murder, and rewards. No wonder it takes corporeal beings so long to ascend when they cannot and will not look beyond the narrow confines of what they have been taught and are caught up in the diversionary struggle with Us versus Them.

That is all. Disperse.

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Path is Clear, Only the Lighting is Dim

A young engineer desired to make friends with me on Facebook. I was wary since I make all my comments and posts public. I restrict no one. When I informed Muhammed I was 62 years old, had 4 boys, and had gone through menopause, he replied that he didn't think of me as a sexual partner. Of course not when I laid out the facts. That is one of the first things I do when men approach me wanting to be friends. I want to remove romance and hanky-panky from the menu right off the bat.

He knew from my writing that I do not believe in God and frequently tell people to stop praying because not only does god not listen since the idea of a god and religions submitting believers to man-made gods is not necessary and it is because I call all gods man-made and not worthy of submission or prayer or worship of any kind that set his feet on the path to convert me to his religion -- Islam. I told him right up front that I will not be converted because I believe that all gods are false, from Jehovah and Yahweh (and the other different names the Israeli have for their god) to Allah. No matter how clear I was about my admittedly unorthodox stance, he first agreed with my belief that there is truly a Universal Creator but that Creator was Allah as pointed out by Mohammed's writings in the Koran. Allah, he informed me, was the name of the Universal Creator, the creator of all in the universe, and quickly bombarded me with sutras/verses from the Quran/Koran to prove his point and, in his view, agree with me that Allah is not a man-made god, but the true name of the Universal Creator and that Mohammed wrote that Allah does not seek power or submission over humanity and strictly speaks against religion and treating him as the religious center of Islam. The Quran illustrates that all holy books lie and the only books that should be allowed to remain are copies of the Quran because every edition is exactly the same without changes or edits and are to be the be-all and end-all of Allah's truth.

This Truth in his views is a map to show the way to Allah, the only path to Allah.

I did tell him that the Torah is also exactly the same for thousands of years because all copies of the Torah are prepared without change in the same way that the Quran is prepared, copied exactly without error and change.

There are many Truths found throughout the world in many holy books that have remained the same for thousands of years and predate the Quran and the Torah and each Truth is a clear map to the Path towards Ascension and Enlightenment.

It is possible that Mohammed in the 7th century was led to ponder the Universal Creator and came up with Allah, the name for the Moon God, as a name that was echoed in the Jewish Torah to become the Universal Creator, a name that all would recognize and use without issue. Of course, the animosity between the Muslims, or Mohammedans as they were called in earlier times because the believers follow Mohammed, and the Jews goes all the way back to Ishmael, the son Abraham got through his sexual intimacy with Haggai, his wife Sarai's handmaiden, because he was 600 years old and Jehovah's messengers told him Sarai would bear him a child. Sarai did eventually, even in her barren state, having gone through menopause (or at least what we modern women see as menopause since she too was about 600 years old) and was convinced, no matter what Jehovah's messengers told her, she could not bear a child. She believed that Abraham would be the father of nations and that his offspring would be numbered as the sands of the desert, but that she could not provide the son they had been promised, not after so many years of waiting. That is why she offered her handmaiden Haggai to Abraham to mate with since she was much younger and still fertile, and Abraham, wishing to make Sarai happy lay with Haggai and she became pregnant. Ishmael was born and it is to Ishmael the Muslims look as their connection to Abraham and the proof that they are Allah's chosen people, claiming that it was Ishmael that Abraham offered as a sacrifice when Jehovah demanded that Abraham sacrifice his first born son to honor God, or Jehovah. It is from this misplaced, or rather incorrectly told story of Abraham sacrificing his first born to Jehovah, the Muslims count themselves, as Ishmael's children and not Isaac, whom Abraham saw as his first born son with Sarai, and therefore the Jews, who count their lineage from Abraham and Sarai through Isaac and Jacob and his 12 sons, comprising the 12 tribes of Israel. That is why the Muslims desire the total eradication of all Jews, a racial extinction of all Jews, so the sons of Ishmael may take their place as Abraham's true born sons.

Since the 12 tribes of Israel, born of Jacob's 12 sons, have been lost since before Common Era (B.C.E), destroying Israel and those who now call themselves Jews because of the Eastern European people conversion to Judaism and all those living in Israel currently, who continually hold out the hand of peace and do good and charitable works throughout the world, even to Muslims as well as Gentiles and people of all faiths the world over, put a different perspective on the racial extinction aspect of Muslims versus Jews. Meanwhile, the Muslims continue to hold a grudge against the children of Abraham and Sarai, now Sarah, through their son Isaac while the children of Isaac fight against the calumny, libel, and slander originating with the Muslims by treating Muslims in the same manner the Israelis treat themselves and all the people on planet earth -- with compassion and charity.

Haggai and an Egyptian guard took Ishmael and fled from Abraham and his people once Isaac was born and continue the sibling rivalry to this day. Such petty discord and continual cries for extermination of the Jews, without considering the lost tribes of the 12 that have been lost since the Trojan War, and the continued pattern of murder, terror, and extinction for all of humanity that refuses to convert to Islam and submit to the will of Allah, though Mohammed very clearly stated in his early writings that Allah specifically forbids worship and obedience since Allah is the Universal Creator, the creator of all the universe without exception and needs no prayers said in His name because Allah is beyond such ego-driven thoughts. That is the muddle that currently draws our earthly attention and diverts all humanity from the Truth Path laid out so clearly in holy books from Buddhism and the carvings of ancient civilizations from the Mayans and Aztecs to the Olmecs, Toltecs, and mesoAmerican societies, and includes the Judeo-Christian and Islamic Bible, Torah, and Quran.

Muhammed asked me of there was not anywhere the map of the Path was clearly laid down while he bombarded me with more sutras of the Quran in hopes I would see that I was mistaken in seeing the Path clearly from writings covering the thousands of years since before Abraham and the 7th century when Mohammed began writing his view of the Path before changing his tune and turning from the peaceful Path as outlined by Allah that needed no prayer and no codification because Allah was beyond the ego-driven need to become a man-made god after relinquishing his Universal Creator status and being content having created all existence to take a step down from his singular status to rule over the sibling rivalry of earthlings submitting to prayers and ending with terror, murder, bullying, and violence while standing in line waiting for their reward of Paradise with 70 nubile virgins dancing attendance on the martyrs blowing themselves up while they blow up the rest of humanity and eradicate all the Jews who have done and continue to do so much good in the name of Jehovah and Peace.

No, I will not change my mind. I see the truth that Mohammed laid down in his view of the Supreme Universal Creator where no religion was forged and no prayer was required because Allah, the Moon God he chose from an ancient temple, needed no such followers. At least until, no one paid attention to Mohammed's peaceful words and direction to the Path of Enlightenment, and Mohammed turned to murder and mayhem, terror, murder, and beheadings to leave a more lasting mark to add to his, Mohammed's fame.

The Path of Peace and Enlightenment is laid down by many teachers in many books and many ways, but humanity continues to get lost and diverted down a widely traveled road where karma and death welcome them once again. Like the 2 Buddhist monks who reached the end of their journey, they missed the trail and spent far too much time focused on the wrong path, missing the opportunity to do good to others and spread peace and charity. Tomorrow is another day, another chance to avoid diversion and do better the next time.

That is all. Disperse.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Blame the Mirror

Too often, people will point to an uncaring and unconcerned god as proof there is no god. That is only proof, as people see it, of a god that does not love and does not care for his children not of lack of proof of a god. What is really at issue is that the god they have been taught to believe in, the fire and brimstone-breathing god of vengeance, the loving god for whom all is forgiven, the god who demands obedience and submission, the god who is going to smite or reward followers as deemed fit by the gods' infallible and incontrovertible sense of right and wrong.  The god of such trivialities, preferences, and ego is a god made by men and worshiped by men without too much interference. We point to the old gods -- Zeus, Hera, Jupiter, Janus, Zoroaster, Ba'al, Odin, Thor, Quetzalcoatl, etc. -- as having been gone for a long time, far longer than modern man has known and of no consequence, except for those pagans who refuse to move with the times. We no longer believe in the old gods of civilizations long past but in the gods we were brought up to know: Jehovah, Yahweh, Jesus, and Allah. These are the gods that govern our thoughts and our actions and to whom we turn in times of need. Why do these gods not protect a young child from cancer when life is just beginning or give us, the faithful, a reason why such a young and innocent soul is taken? Why? Why? Why?

People are barking up the wrong tree, expecting answers from a god that is as false as the gods the ancient peoples believed in and sacrificed to. Their idols, or statues, still need to be mended, which the Jews and Mohammedans avoided by making their gods invisible with no need of mending, setting them in the imagination of the believers' minds and thus inviolate. The Jewish god will not allow his believers to submit their faith to Asherah poles and will have no god before him as stated in the First Commandment of the Ten Commandments. You can't state the rules clearer than that. The Jewish god, Jehovah, Yahweh, or the dozen or so other names he is called in the Torah, is a jealous god and will have no other gods before him. That is presupposing there are other gods out there vying for the same throne. You do not have jealousy when you are the only one and jealousy cannot exist in a vacuum. So, why was Jehovah a jealous god? Vacuum or contenders?

We as modern humans see the ancient gods of Rome, Greece, Egypt, South American tribes, and others as no longer part of the game, no longer relevant, so why do we continue to submit ourselves and our beliefs to the so-called modern gods of Jehovah, Yahweh, Jesus, and Allah. Sure, Jesus was the purported son of god, but was he merely a teacher who got caught up in the media hype and branded as God's Son? Did not Jesus say he came to fulfill the Law and offered a very different way, one which he taught as The Way, which was to be spread among the Gentiles who did not and had not been circumcised as a sacrifice to God? Is that not why the Jews do not see Jesus as the Messiah they had been waiting for, the one who had been prophesied? The Jews, devout as they may be in following the Law and living the kosher life (Hassids) are not the genetic children of Abraham, but a group of Eastern Europeans who have accepted the Jewish beliefs and follow the Jewish law, keeping the customs of the Jewish law, who are not the remnants of the 12 tribes of Israel. The remnants of the 12 tribes were lost hundreds of years ago and have not resurfaced as far as we know.

Jesus taught us the way of peace and loving your enemy as yourself, spreading his beliefs in the slaves and among the Gentile for which Saul, now named Paul, acted as teacher and for whom the Roman Catholic Church is built even though the Romans killed him and Peter, Jesus's chosen disciple who envisioned the spread of The Way to the Gentiles. The Pope is the heir of Peter, whom the Romans also crucified.

Gods appear and disappear unless someone rebrands them and gives them new life as the Roman Catholic Church did with the Gentile version of the Jewish faith spreading it throughout the conquered world by the Jesuits. The Romans couldn't eradicate the slave religion not even after Christians were murdered in the Coliseum by the Emperor Nero and his followers and the Emperor Constantine realized if he couldn't destroy it, the slave religion would be the new way to save the Roman Empire through the sign of the cross.

All worked well until Martin Luther rebelled against Rome and spoke of another way, a schism in the Roman ranks that was sparked by the availability of printed bibles that were affordable by the man in the street. Luther sparked a rebellion and others followed with their own take on the official Roman religion that was part of the Protestant rebellion that made the Holy Bible easier to understand and to spread throughout the Protestant ranks.

In the 6th century Mohammed decided to make his views of Allah the basis of his religion, giving voice to the forgotten son of Abraham, Ishmael, and giving the sons of Ishmael more power. Allah is all about submission. I believe that is what Islam means -- submission. The whole point is rewriting the focus of Abraham's relationship with God/Jehovah/Yahweh that makes Ishmael his heir and the sons of Isaac the pretenders to the throne that must be wiped out and destroyed utterly, so says the word of Mohammed writing for Allah.

It's all ego. From the gods to the prophets to the teachers to the faithful of all kinds. Everything is about ego -- how I and what I believe is powerful and how I must get everyone to submit to me and what I stand for.

What we as humans should be doing is following our ancient ancestors who out grew their gods and became autonomous, looking to the stars as destinations and not for the face of god. That is what artists, writers, and poets have done for centuries and what beauty they have left us with their talents. What ultimately matters is what is inside of us, what Jesus began to teach with his The Way that was all about love and peace and avoiding violence.

We have examples in modern day parlance on how to live a good life. We call it by including magic in the message, but it's not magic in the sense of witches and demons. Magic is what we have all around us every single day and fail to see. There is no need for lies or ego or power, except the power that resides in each of us. We do not need to pray to gods because they do not exist. We need to look inside ourselves, face the wo/man in the mirror and see what is there, and choose to deal with the outside world with peace and friendship and the tenets that Jesus taught in his sermon on the Mount where he fed thousands with a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish. He shared all among the gathered and taught the most important lesson of all -- peace and harmony.  Balance. We do not need Gods' or gods' permission. We do not need to submit to gods or Gods. We need to face ourselves and accept that we are all we need, that all the power was inside us all along. All we need to do is cast off our shackles and ignorance and embrace the true peace and enlightenment that is around us and within us.

We are all we need.

It will take time to get over the need for violence and force and it will take generations because violence and force have been such a part of our lives for so long. Peace is within our grasp as long as we stop praying and look inside, see ourselves as we really are, and manifest what is inside us all around us.

It has taken me a lifetime to realize what I knew as a small child. It takes me time and struggling against what I have learned to choose the peaceful path. It is there inside me. All I have to do is keep facing myself and choosing the right path, the right way, the peaceful choice. I will slip and stumble, but less so each day. Each right choice brings me closer to what I have spent my whole life believing in and manifesting in small ways. This time I choose truth and peace. Each time is easier. Peace is the only way.

That is all. Disperse.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

While reading a report on rises in violence against Muslims, I was struck by the feeling that I had when I read "Peter and the Wolf" as a child and the lesson that is part of the story.  I felt sorry for Peter and in my child's mind cam bubbling up the question, "He was telling the truth. Why didn't you believe him?"  I still wonder why.

Then again, I had not lived through the decades where I became all too familiar with the lies the government -- and my family -- told me for my own good. I still do not agree that lying is the best policy, but the best policy is not what tripped up Peter when he lied the first time.  It was fear. Fear is at the heart of every lie, big and small, and why those who know the truth go along with the lie, a new version of the emperor who has no clothes.

Though we don't know it, and often don't find it out, most of the reality we allow is based on lies . . . and has been from the beginning. The lies begin with how Man came to be and how man owes his allegiance and submission to an All Powerful God. The names change as do the manner in which we pray and how often we pray. We get our visions of God from artists who chose people in the street to paint to serve as the model for our views of God and the prophets, sybils, Adam and Eve. The same is true of Hell and damnation, burning in a fiery pit for all eternity, a concept I could not understand and would not believe because I had not read Dante where he created the circles of Hell and who is tortured and punished at each level. Artists, poets, and writers fashioned the very Heaven and Hell we believe in. The artists and writers and poets of antiquity used their imagination to create the horrors and the pleasures that await us and we accept them because the ones that stick with us, the visions that remain, were fashioned by the most adept and most talented among us. We accept them, marvel at the visions, and take them with us through every hour of every day and night . . . and they are all lies. We base our whole existence on the pretty lies because we are creatures of mind and fear and we fear the punishment we deserve when we believe in the tenets and pronouncements of our leaders and teachers, parents and wo/men of faith who have fashioned the path we are to follow. Gods' retribution, Gods' punishment for disobedience will be swift and terrible and the rewards great . . . if we believe. And they are all lies.

Taqiyya is one technique that is part and parcel of one branch of faith.  Taqiyya is codified and is a keystone of the Islamic faith that allows adherents to lie to a friend or a foe secure in the knowledge that Allah will forgive. If the kaffirs (unbelievers) fall for it, so much the better for Allah and his followers. After all, everyone lies and everyone believes the lies even after they find out the truth. Look at all the countries where taqiyya has helped carve out a space for the adherents and faithful followers of Islam to understand how taqiyya works. If the kaffirs fall for it, so much the better. The kaffirs will either convert to the true religion, to submit themselves to Allah, or they will die and water the earth with their blood.

A child brought up in a devout household learns taqiyya and knows to lie to unbelievers, to kaffirs, and to keep the truth for only the submissive and devout Muslims who taught them taqiyya. A child learns taqiyya at the earliest moment of life, imbibing it with the mother's milk and reinforced with the father's and siblings' pride or condemnation. Children are natural liars and will use their Allah-given gifts to perpetuate the lies. In this modern world with cameras on every phone in every pocket, lying comes easily and frequently and the warm feeling that suffuses the body when submitting to Allah's will to further the cause of jihad and the earthly Caliphate are reward enough -- as long as the ultimate reward of Paradise will also warm you on cold nights for your loved ones after you have gone on to enjoy the virgins of Paradise and the warmth of Allah's regard.

Jesus Christ and Yahweh also promise their obedient followers a paradise of their own devout belief that will fade when the Final Battle is fought and the true and faithful warriors have been raised to Paradise to Gods' reward on a mountain of the skulls of kaffirs and sinners and Jews upon the bedrock of taqiyya.  How could the unbelievers be fooled? It is Allah's will.

When all is based on lies, what can we do but continue the lie and deceive the followers so they will not lose faith?

That is all. Disperse.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Fake You All!

It's everywhere you look. You wanted to change your life so you decided to become vegan. No problem. You don't have to give up eggs, meat, or cheese because there are smart people out there willing to give you eggs, meat, and cheese that will not conflict with your becoming vegan. Add some chemicals, take some vegan food, tart it up a bit, and voila! eggs, meat, and cheese -- as much as you want without cheating or giving up being vegan. You've been faked. The world has been faked and lines up to play the vegan game with faked eggs, meat, and cheese.

The same goes for the gluten free crowd. A little almond meal, ground up flax seeds, and a touch of gluten-free flour made from grains that do not contain gluten stirred together and mashed up with chemicals and substitutions that do not contain gluten and you have bread. The bread is mealy and gritty and doesn't taste all that good since you left out all the spices and chemicals or other substitutes and dyes made of foods that also do not contain gluten to maintain your gluten free status, and you will get used to the off flavor or the hint of chemicals that comes through when all the ingredients are baked up together at sufficient heat. After all, you don't want to look like you've gone back on your pledge to go gluten free or pretend that changing your whole lifestyle isn't worth the struggle to appear to being going along. What does it matter that you look like you're still going along with the majority of the pack while giving up gluten for your health and to prolong your life?

It's popular to go along with the rest of the world who have decided it is best to fake it until you make it. Food is just one area where faking it is acceptable. Nothing is worth the struggle to give up whatever you grew up with and nothing is worth giving up the appearance of going with the crowd. You are strong. You are ingenious. You are adaptable. You can fake it until you make it.

There is no part of life that is immune to the philosophy that faking it is acceptable until what you look like you're doing will finally catch up with doing what you were faking all along. After all, the ends justify the means.

Doesn't it?

We lie on our resumes, padding the facts with half truths and outright lies to fake it until we make it. Who's going to know? You're new at the job, fresh out of training or school, and it takes time to get up to speed. You are willing to fake it until you make it, or at least until your manic study habits catch up with the person you're replacing has clued you in on what to watch out for and whom you need to avoid until you're up to speed. You pray every morning, noon, and night that you will be able to cram years of study into reading the stack of books that educate you on what you need to do. The universe owes you a favor -- or at least the person who hired you for the position owe you for that gift or favor you did for them to get hired in the first place. The same goes for promotions and newly created positions that you maneuvered yourself into because you need the money, need the prestige, or simply need to get away from the hole you dug for yourself with your attitudes and/or lip. You faked it until you made it this far, so why not fake it until you make it wherever you go or whatever you do?

It's not a crime (yet until you've been caught) and it's certainly not going to cost a person their life because you haven't faked it as a nurse until you felt confident you could fake it as a doctor. Okay, the diplomas on your new office wall were created in a computer, but you have at least a decade of working under some egotistic doctor and making the doctor look good while you did all the heavy lifting and closed his operations. No one could leave the patient with a fine scar that disappears with time the way you did. After all, you turned your sewing skills from cloth to people and the results have garnered the doctor kudos and awards for the fine stitchery. He never told anyone he couldn't sew a straight seam if it killed him and you saved him from criticism far too many times for him to fess up now. How would it look if his patients knew a nurse had finished his surgery and left a fine, nearly invisible scar? The doctor couldn't justify his high fee and there is no way the doctor is going to give up the awards and professional kudos you earned, so there is no way the doctor is going to refund the fees or give you a rise in salary. The doctor faked it and you made it happen. It's a win-win situation and no one willing gives that up, certainly not you.

There is no part of life where someone isn't faking it until they have made it. No position, office, restaurant, cafe, or arena is free of the fakes, especially when the faking ended with success. When faking didn't end with making it, there are plenty of other paths to take. Some end in death from too many drugs or tangling with the wrong person that ended with tears and death. After all, faking it until you make it is not without cost. To everything there is a cost -- not only with magic but with every single venture undertaken in the name of faking it until you've made it. With life -- and with faking it -- there is risk. It's a gamble and sometimes gambles pay off. Ever hear of junk bonds? Horse races? The first gender reassignment surgeries? Prospecting? Divorce? Life? Money market trades? Bad reviews? Blind dates? Arranged marriages?

When we get down to it, life is about risk. Life is a gamble. There are people who have power and are willing to exercise that power to fake it until they make it . . . no matter who or what it costs. In the end, when all else fails, fake the data, fudge the truth, cite an anonymous source, set someone else up for the frame so you can get away with whatever you want when the fake is discovered or when it fails. Humanity is wired to look for the brighter side of things, to be positive, to make the best of a bad situation -- or a bad fake -- and to keep going. Sure, there will be suicides and deaths, but who will miss a few people, except for the ones who knew them best. Nothing is guaranteed except for death and taxes; everyone knows that.

If nothing else, faking it until you make it can be chalked up to sacrifice in the name of a greater good or some god or famous person, and wars are good vehicles for sacrifice in the name of the greater good. It doesn't matter which side you chose as long as you died for a cause. Even if you didn't believe in the cause and were drafted, none of it matters because your death will be numbered among the other clueless and numberless dead where someone will be ready to fake a reason until the people believe it. When the people who know the truth are gone, history will remember. So what if history is made up by your enemies as long as there are gullible people who remain and will spew the slogans they read or were taught until the truth is no longer relevant.  It doesn't matter if history is written by the winners because the historian with the best story will be read and repeated drowning out the truth and those who wrote and knew about the truth. The weight of evidence is in the loudness and prevalence of the voices. The voices of truth that remain will either give up or they will be criticized, reviled, and buried when their positions are taken away and their truth called into question by the loudest voices and the strongest bullying or at least by whoever has enough money and power to destroy the evidence of the truth until only the false history remains and has passed into the realm of fairy tales and deluded scholars.

All that remains will be those faking it until they make it -- or at least convince those who have been paid and derailed with some bright new toy. Truth doesn't matter as long as faking it until you make it is the first long step into the abyss of ignorance and popularity. Everyone remembers the famous, especially those who die while faking it. In the end, they faked it until they made it -- posthumously -- and history will write it so.

That is all. Disperse.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Biased or Straight

I was watching an episode of Supergirl, who as Kara Danvers, had written an article after interviewing Lena Luthor about her brother, Lex's, open dislike of aliens like Supergirl and Superman and where the newly branded L Corp (Luthor Corp) stood on the POTUS's stated policy to welcome aliens without reservation. Lena had her own corporate take on welcome aliens and showed Kara a new device that would identify human from alien, demonstrating how she, Lena, turned the device green when she pressed her thumb to the button to initiate the device. Of course Kara was leery of the device -- what alien wouldn't be -- and stated in the article she turned in to Catco's head of the news division. He turned it right back over to Kara and admonished her that her article was biased.

That's when it hit me that my posts here and on Facebook are also biased. I make no secret of what I find devious, incorrect, and obviously wrong-headed. I call out others who point to the facts that define their views and yet all those facts are based on biased reporting. Some, like you will find here, are factual, but they are not at all without bias. Yes, I do know that my views are biased. Of course they are because I write from my heart and my views. When I write for newspapers and other strictly news venues, I stick to the facts: who, what, where, when, why, and how. I don't deviate from the facts even when my personal views conflict.

That is the difference between reporting as I learned it growing up and what passes for reporting currently in news reports, talk shows, etc. The problem is that the average person not schooled as I was doesn't know the difference. At least in that respect, Supergirl the show gets it right. What passes for news reports in the mainstream media are little more than Op-Ed pieces that may or may not contain facts, but are based on the station or corporate policy as it was with Kara Danvers working for the Catco magazine views. You will find the same bias no matter where you look. The news reporters are hired for good, photographable looks or for their ability to stir up the public -- and guests -- in order to provide sound bytes that can be played over and over. Reporters like Bill O'Reilly lost their jobs not only because of their alleged sexual practices making the workplace hostile and/or sexist but because the corporation was not afraid to throw Bill O'Reilly to the sacrificial fires in order to promote their newly branded image that steers clear of sexual harassment and a supposedly hostile sexual environment at Fox news. Too bad no one cared about the appearance of sexism or favoritism in the administration of the President of the United States when another Bill was accused publicly of sexual harassment. It really didn't matter that Bill O'Reilly didn't have a long list of women suing him for sexual harassment or even a handful of women publicly claiming he had in the past or is currently sexually harassing them, but O'Reilly doesn't currently have a wife like Hillary running interference for him in order to use his name to spring board back into the political limelight.

Greta Van Susteren had publicly stated that Roger Ailes, now dead, had sexually harassed her while she worked for Fox New and was likely instrumental in her taking the job at NBC, putting her Fox years behind her. Roger Ailes, like many powerful men, were brought up with the belief that as a man, a powerful man, he could use the women under him as he pleased, using his power and position to maneuver women reporters into position that served his carnal needs, or at least his carnal pleasure. No play, no advancement. It is that kind of thinking that men have exercised for thousands of years and it goes back to the idea that women are less important than men, except when it comes to giving birth to more men.

Women are second class citizens throughout the world because of Eve eating the apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and coaxing Adam to follow her in sinning against the dictates of the god in whose garden Adam and Eve lived and served. You might have heard of Original Sin as it has been central to the belief throughout Judeo-Christian religion that woman (Eve) is the source of sin and must be controlled, marginalized, minimized because of her gender as the fallible and sinful daughter of Eve. The Original Sin was eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but tempting Adam to do the same. For that sin Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden of Eden by God, who also posted angels with flaming swords at the entrance to Eden to keep Adam and Eve from ever returning to the Garden.

My view of original sin is much different from most people's perspective since I believe that the Serpent didn't just tempt Eve and urge her to taste the fruit (apple) but did far worse. The Serpent lay with Eve and got her pregnant with his child. I see God as furious for Eve being able to procreate and the Serpent for getting Eve pregnant. More than likely God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden because Eve was pregnant with the Serpent's child, a child that became Cain, the first proof that Adam and Eve were no longer children unable to be fruitful and multiply. Cain was a demi-god because he was the product of Eve losing her virginity to the Serpent. Evidently God could not countenance the murder of a half-breed child of the gods (the Serpent was the half brother of God in other accounts of this story) and God would not allow Adam and Eve, who was at least fertile, to continue to live in the Garden with the bastard child of the Serpent, at least not until after he had warned Eve that having a child would be accomplished after much pain and labor and that future generations that would come out of her womb would also come after much pain and excruciating labor, all of which she would have to endure outside of the Garden of Eden as Eve had doomed all future generations to living in the wilderness toiling for the bread that they must also plant and grow for themselves. No longer would Adam and Eve live in a garden where their every need was met and food and water were easily obtained from the trees and plants they tended in God's Garden. Eve had doomed future generations when she listened to the Serpent and heeded his words. At least, Eve would be granted the privilege of striking and killing every serpent that crossed her path because God decreed the serpent was Eve's enemy now and always.

Adam eventually sired another child by Eve and he was named Abel. Finally Eve gave Adam a son who was taught to herd sheep and a herd was put in Abel's control while all his elder brother Cain received was the privilege of growing the crops that sustained the family. Abel in some stories about the brothers was a jerk. He led his sheep into the fields where Cain worked and allowed the sheep to feed from the crops and drink from the streams that provided water to the fields. After all, Abel was the golden child and as he reminded Cain, God loved him better than he loved Cain.  Considering Cain's actual sire, that is no surprise, nor is it a surprise that Abel was a selfish brat who lorded his status over his elder brother as was his right as Adam's favorite son. One might say that Cain didn't kill Abel out of pique or because Cain felt that God preferred Abel's sacrifice of a lamb over his sacrifice of the first and best of his harvest. Cain killed Abel because Abel was a jerk who taunted and teased his older brother, flaunting his position as herder over Cain's position as farmer and lording God's obvious preference of him over Cain. From this perspective, the murder that occurred in the wake of this uneven sibling rivalry has nothing to do with the Bible's version of events and everything to do with rivalry between a hard working brother who was mistreated because he was the child of the Serpent and not the child of his publicly acknowledged sire, Adam. No wonder God decided to mark Cain so that he would be set apart from other humans.

The mark was not a burning finger of fire that incised a symbol of protection or God's power. The lasting mark was God making it impossible for Cain to grow a beard, relegating Cain to eternal childhood by being unable to grow a beard. Had Cain been so cruel and inhuman in murdering Abel, it is doubtful God would have dealt with him by allowing him to live, albeit without a beard or any facial hair. What matters is that Cain, also driven from life with his parents among his own kind, was driven out of the human settlement and set to wander on his own until he met up with a woman of the Tribe of Man whom he married and settled down to have children with, forging his own group, siring children that carried his curse to future generations. There are those who look throughout the peoples on this planet and only one group of men carry the curse of Cain -- those whom we now call Native Americans, among whom the men do not grow facial hair and have no beards. These Native Americans are the children of Cain and it may be that European settlers who immigrated to the Americas realized that taking land from the people which are the offspring of Cain was not a sin nor was it sinful to make treaties with the natives and allow future generations to break those treaties. It was not a sin to separate the children from the offspring of Cain, make them cut their hair, teach them in European schools, or be rewarded for learning English and forgetting the language of their forefathers in order to erase all ties with the people of their birth, severing  all ties to their culture and their people so that they would be at last able to put Cain and Cain's mark behind them and be at last able to become one with the settlers who came to the Americas to forge a new life.

The first settlers from Europe, man fleeing religious freedom and putting the Roman Catholic church behind them as they strove to create a religion that was without the power and sins of the Catholic clergy behind them. The chose to forge a new religion, but also to forge a new country that was not controlled or sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church that had such power and presence in Europe. They were putting the religion of Christ into a form that was easily accessible by men and women who had not been trained in the tradition of Greece and Rome but were set free by Martin Luther and the rise of the printing press that made the Bible available for the masses. The Jesuits were spreading Catholicism throughout the southern parts of America and in the far west of the northern American continent while the Puritans, Lutherans, younger sons of England and European nobility, and the poor and middle class of Europe took whatever land they could get and spread their Protestant beliefs in the lands where they set down roots and discovered as they moved outward from the eastern shores of the New World. This New World and the schisms of the Protestant beliefs provided fertile soil, once the natives taught them how to grow crops and feed themselves, in which to grow communities and towns and eventually to grow a nation. These new people took hold where and as they could and from their broadcast seeds a new nation was planted and eventually grew, embracing what they could and growing as and where they could.

We may have never known the real struggles they met and mastered as they grew on this foreign soil, nor do we know the struggles Cain and his new people met and conquered as they moved out into the wilderness and grew from tribe to people in this new land they discovered when they first landed on the American shores and spread out into the land. Some remained farmers like Cain and others wandered here and there following the game they hunted and killed to provide food, clothing, and shelter. It doesn't matter how Cain's offspring came to the Americas or who they fought and killed as they made the land their own. It doesn't matter that Cain's generations of beardless offspring fought among themselves, destroyed the indigenous people they found, or were in turn conquered by Europeans who eventually discovered the land they called the Americas and conquered or absorbed the indigenous natives who were here before them. That is the cycle of life that continues wherever mankind sets up house and sets roots while a new cycle of life sprouts from the seeds sown by the generations before them.

We are all aliens in one form or another. The alien immigration began generations ago in the wake of Cain killing his brother and forced out of the only home he ever knew. Cain was taken in by another clan or tribe, married a woman who found him attractive, and sired a new family, a new clan or tribe, and moved to another land so the generations that followed would take up where Cain and the first immigrants to this land set down permanent roots. Those people supplanted others that arrived before them and were in turn supplanted by the immigrants that in time took possession of the land by whatever means necessary. The cycle of life continued and will continue as long as there are those who are willing to come and set down their own roots, growing or dying in the soil they find so that future generations will craft stories meant to put their stamp on what they find, fighting for a place in the community or struggling to fit in or be forced out the powers that be so that someone will tell the story in such a way that the storyteller can slant the tale to promote their views or change the minds of anyone and everyone who reads it, forging new ideas and a new vision for the future. After all, every version of the story will contain some facts, but in the end what remains is the storyteller's version and bias. Even Scheherazade's 1001 tales have been rewritten and re-imagined as new storytellers put their bias to work.

What you will find in my posts is fact. What you will also find is bias -- my bias -- my take on how the facts relate and how the emergence of hidden facts change the narrative. My views change over time as I learn, read, and experience more. The same is true of all people. The objective is to grow into a better version of myself and a better version of humanity as they read what I write. In the end, I hope we all reach the best version of ourselves and thus the best version of the coming change that is part of the Cosmic change coming to us all.

That is all. Disperse.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Meditate on This!

I don't know about you, but meditation scares me.

I can't keep strange thoughts out of my head and often struggle to clear my mind. The problem is that my mind is only clear when I sleep and it takes me long enough to quiet enough to get to sleep. How can I meditate if getting to sleep is such a problem?

My mind is always full of something. Grumbling about co-workers and politicians and people who irritate me (and not just people who are family). Research keeps my thoughts busy and keep me far from the calm I seek in which to meditate. My mind is never quiet -- at least not for very long.

About the only thing that clears my mind is calling someone and having to deal with leaving a message on their service or answering machine. Then I go _______________ BLANK! I fumble for the right words. I struggle to get past the blank in my mind that contains information and a not so witty message to leave and not get immediately erased or ignored. I finally manage to say something that doesn't make me sound like an idiot who got caught off guard when the answering machine or service asks me for the reason I called. Saying, "Because you called me first," is not an option and I don't want to seem like a bigger idiot than I already do. I'd rather be caught in public naked than to deal with leaving a message. It doesn't matter if I've called a business with a specific issue in mind or a friend just to say hello; I am flummoxed and silent. My mind is blank. I've nothing to say and yet I cannot hang up like a stalker. I must leave some indication that I had a reason for calling.

Why can't I call up those blank moments when I want to meditate? That would be perfect. My mind is blank and I need not say anything because I am listening to the cosmos or the universe or the silence in my mind waiting to be filled with shining purpose as I wait to be guided, fulfilled, or empty so that I may at last move toward the purpose that motivated me to meditate in the first place.

I get messages from a service every day and this message about meditation for beginners, something I need assistance doing, was perfect for me.



The following is an excerpt from the "Meditation for Beginners" on-line course. If you would like to enroll in the course, click here.

If the mere idea of meditating feels uncomfortable--or scary even, that's okay. Exploring unknown territory usually does. But don't worry, you won't turn into a hippie, have to change your friends, or pack up and move to a commune in order to reap the benefits of your meditation practice. This is a gift you're giving yourself and nobody even needs to know you are meditating, but you just might love it so much that you will want to teach your friends and family.

Let's take a moment to get clear on what meditation really is. The term "meditation" can refer to any process that leads you to an inner state of relaxed awareness. There needn't be any big mystery or drama about the process itself, and there's really no right or wrong way of doing it. There are simply different techniques that can be used as tools to help you focus and quiet your mind, and we'll work with some of these as the weeks unfold. This will allow you to choose which method works best for you as a person. I still have a hard time quieting my mind and I find that my meditation practice is more fulfilling for me while I'm in nature. Our main purpose here is to help you develop a meditation practice that's right for you. It'll be something you feel comfortable doing and that you're willing and able to do regularly.

For those of us who already have a meditation routine, we've come to depend on the way our practice enhances our lives. We've discovered an ever-present source of inner peace and wisdom from which we can now draw strength, courage, clarity and compassion. It has become easier to respond to situations from a calm and grounded place, rather than acting out old dysfunctional patterns. We're also better able to navigate our lives in alignment with our own needs and goals. A morning meditation will give you the quiet confidence and the strength you will need for your day.

Research has linked a regular practice of meditation to reduced levels of anxiety and stress, in addition to improved immune function and a host of other health benefits. Studies have shown that the nervous system actually begins responding differently to stressful situations--creativity flows more freely and new solutions begin to emerge. What's wonderful is that many of these advantages occur after just one session and continue evolving with regular practice. As you develop your own meditation program, you'll be able to track the benefits for yourself, from changes in your mood to improvements in your energy. Soon you will find yourself reacting from a place of centered calm rather than from your head. 


And then there is me. Meditation is supposed to reduce anxiety and stress and nothing makes me more anxious and stressed out to the max than contemplating meditation. 

It has taken me a very long time to figure out that it is normal for thoughts to intrude when beginning to meditate. Minds are seldom blank when beginning to practice meditation. The trick is to push the errant thoughts out of the way and breathe, just breathe. The more we practice clearing our minds and listening to the world around us, the easier it becomes. Meditation isn't forcing your body and mind to obey. Meditation is finding a quiet moment, pushing rampant thoughts out of the way, and breathing in and out, being aware of the passage of oxygen into the lungs and out through the nose or mouth, and allowing yourself to focus on the breath. Thoughts will intrude, but push them out and focus on breathing -- in and out -- again. Being aware of breathing and relaxing into the breathing helps to calm the mind and still the thoughts. Thoughts will intrude and be pushed out again. Thoughts will continue to intrude and continue to be pushed out until the longer one meditates, the easier it will be to breathe and relax. 

When the mind refuses to calm and clear, simply get up and go about your day until the time comes when you can relax and focus on breathing -- and listening. Listen to the world around you. Listen to the sounds of life inside and outside of your space. Take a walk in the yard or the park or wherever you happen to be and focus on breathing in and out. The more you practice paying attention to your breathing, the easier meditation will become. 

One thing I have also found is that working on cross-stitch or writing help calm my mind and make me more receptive to meditation and listening to the world around me. I am concentrating on putting the stitches in the right place with the correct color and shape. My mind is calm and clear. The only thoughts are focused on stitching whatever I'm making. I am unaware of time passing and my mind is calm and uncluttered by random thoughts. It is while I'm thus engaged that I meditate -- and I breathe. I don't keep track and I am not overwhelmed by questions. I listen to the sounds around me and feel the stress and anxiety leave my body and my mind. For me, cross stitching is a form of meditation -- and I get something done. My mind is open and receptive and the universe (or the story I'm working on) is clear. I am meditating. 

I don't fall asleep because I'm not clearing my mind in order to allow to rest my body and mind. I have no purpose in mind other than the piece I'm stitching. I am meditating. 

I discovered how to find a way to clear my mind and listen to the world around me -- and inside of me -- without really looking for it. I didn't struggle to quiet my mind. I discovered the key to meditation for me was through cross stitch and the rest was added without me turning into a lunatic or an idiot. I found what was always available to me by simply being myself. Everyone can meditate and sometimes the key to meditation is already within your grasp. Special music, prayers, mental gymnastics, and other methods that seem to work for everyone else may be totally unnecessary. Within you is the key to unlock the method of meditation that works for you. All you need to do is stop, breathe, and wait for it. No matter how unorthodox or strange it seems to someone else, go for it. 

We are all individuals with different ways of learning and listening. There is no wrong way to learn to meditate. All we need to do is stop struggling for what may already be in your grasp. You will find it and meditation will manifest itself in your life when you least expect it to. In the meantime, relax, go about your life, and breathe. It will find you if you don't find it. 

That is all. Disperse. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Wolf Never Listens When Sheep Bleat

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

That is what I was taught and what I have learned as I go about the world is that no truer words were ever spoken. Power and corruption go hand in glove, one often inextricable from the other. We see it all around us as the police who are paid to protect us against criminals are often as criminal as the men and women who transgress the bounds of laws. The government that pays the police to protect us are often busy locking arms to prevent the abused from getting justice and the adjudicators paid to serve as advocates for Lady Justice have locked arms with the government and the police to deny the victims access to justice and will wrap their refusal to serve Lady Justice, that blind-folded lady holding the sword and the scales in double-speak and soothing disinformation in order to provide cover for the abusers of our rights and freedoms while proclaiming their innocence. Once again I return to the time will Bill Clinton lied about his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky and defended his lie by saying that truth depends on the definition of what IS is. Typical lawyer speak for yet another lawyer who has used his training in the law to deny justice and truth.

In watching The Keepers, a video series available on Netflix about who killed Sister Cathy Cesnik and the priest who went from parish to parish bringing his power and his sexual abuse with him, the story about Sister Cathy Cesnik takes on a whole new meaning -- and a much broader scope. Didn't a pope recently step down because of his involvement in protecting the Roman Catholic Church in cases where priests were sexually abusing children? There is that sexual abuse angle in Sister Cathy Cesnik's murder and the priest, Father Joseph Maskell, who was involved in sexual abuse in the Archbishop Keough (pronounced kee-oh) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Father Maskell, in his position at Keough High School as guidance counselor and priest, used his power and position to systematically female students in his charge. Sister Cathy Cesnik was the English and Drama teacher who became involved in helping her students fight back against this pedophile priest and ended up dead for her efforts, though no one knows who killed her. Father Maskell took one student to where Sister Cathy's body had been dumped to illustrate the lesson that people who talk about who, what, where, and when they are being abused end up dead. Father Maskell blamed the student for confiding in Sister Cathy for killing the 26-year-old nun and, he warned the student, if she continued to talk about what happened to her, he assured the girl she would follow Sister Cathy Cesnik and end up another dead body on a secluded hill.

Sister Cathy Cesnik's life up to the point of the series, The Keepers, is not the focus of the abuse or the power Father Maskell corrupted, but brings me back to the presidential election last year when Hillary Clinton ran and all the secrets and scandals that swirled around the Clintons and the powerful company they kept that ensured that Hillary would never have to face prosecution or even a grand jury as long as she continued to abuse her power as Secretary of State and ex-First Lady when her husband Bill was president. Hillary's crimes would never pass muster with the Justice Department not as long as Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, was in charge (as James Comey clearly demonstrated) or Obama was still present exerting his power behind the scenes while claiming ignorance until he hears about yet another scandal in the news. Loretta Lynch would prove to be just as ineffectual as her predecessor, Eric Holder, had been in dealing with scandals swirling about the powerful center of Obama's administration.

Even with thousands of classified emails turning up on Anthony Weiner's laptop, courtesy of his wife, Huma Abedin, close confidante of Hillary Clinton, and destroyed subpoenaed evidence from her server in the basement bathroom of her home and 14 iphones and similar communication devices with BleachBit and hammers, and even losing a laptop in the mail when it was being sent to the FBI for investigation, the power surrounding Hillary and Bill Clinton locked arms and protected them from Lady Justice. Comey said as much in answering questions before a Senate committee looking into the FBI's investigation of Hillary, though Comey did not go into detail since he could not/would not be specific about investigations ongoing or currently under scrutiny. Comey's comments during his July press conference informing the public of what had been discovered about Hillary's use of a private and unsecured server handling classified material walked the razor's edge between listing Hillary's extremely careless handling of classified material as Secretary of State and her well known destruction of evidence did not, in his opinion, stand up to scrutiny legally as no prosecutor would try a case that could not win beyond a reasonable doubt. Government, how reluctantly, will lock arms with the privileged and powerful to deny Lady Justice the opportunity weigh the case in her scales or deliver justice with her upraised sword. It is probably a very good thing Lady Justice is blind-folded since she cannot criticize what she is never allowed to see.

Hillary continues to quip at commencement speeches and in 6-figure speeches about how she was denied the presidency because the Russians interfered in out democratic elections (no evidence at this point), James Comey's investigation into her handling of classified government material on her 1 device (there were 14 at the last count) using her private server in her home's basement bathroom (no one told her it was illegal, not even the times that the State Department's IT staff told her she must use the government servers and a government-issued device) to access her state department emails and classified material because that way the government could protect the information in-house. Of course WikiLeaks is also one of the excuses Hillary gives for her loss, after Russian interference and James Comey's investigation, and never mentions that she never showed up to campaign hard in most of the states in which Trump won victories after huge rallies. Hillary counted on dogged Democrats doing what Democrats have done since LBJ and vote for Hillary even after Hillary and the DNC colluded to deny Bernie Sanders voters could even cast votes when the election was rigged, even when WikiLeaks published emails from John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager, surfaced laying out how Bernie Sanders would be brought to heel with Russian hackers leaking the information to WikiLeaks and its Russian hacking cadre were unmasked (yet another Russian conspiracy with no teeth and no evidence).

The fact is that Hillary is ill and cannot handle the crowds (or evidently the rallies since none were scheduled) any more, but Hillary is well served with handlers armed with injectable medications ready at a moment's notice and with access to a get-away car as we saw when Hillary left the 9/11 celebration in September in New York City when she stumbled and was thrown into the van unconscious or at least unable to manage on her own and driven to Chelsea's apartment from where she emerged moments later having fully recovered from her heat stroke.  Hillary even hugged a small girl when she emerged fit as a fiddle from Chelsea's building sans Secret Service or her protection brigade and handler even though she was reported to have a serious lung infection that laid poor put upon Hillary low so she could fabricate a new story about having to run hunched over to safety in Chechnya or possibly some YouTube angered Muslims upset about a cartoon making fun of the prophet Mohammed that ended in 4 dead Americans while she ran guns to the Islamic State fighters or some other spontaneously triggered Muslim rebels in Benghazi or possibly New Jersey.

Power corrupts and, like welfare recipients, the more the power (or food stamps) the more corrupt and corruptible the powerful become.

It seems like Hillary and Sister Cathy Cesnik have nothing in common outside of powerful individuals reaping the benefits of their hard won corruption, but think again. The power that protected Father Joseph Maskell from justice is the same powerful height from which a pope fell to be replaced by a new pope who urges the world to erase the boundaries and embrace the New World Order of togetherness and friendship like the European Union which is crumbling before our very eyes. Britain was the first to flee the EU, but is being rapidly followed by other nations either marginalized by EU policies or strangling under the weight of Syrian refugees, many of whom have come from Africa in the wake of Qaddafy's death, to flood the social welfare that once was a shining light beckoning all in Muslim countries fleeing before the Islamic State's fighters or the devastation of climate change, according to Obama, for the wealth and generosity of Chancellor Angela Merkel's open arms in Germany. Meanwhile, France narrowly escaped being corraled with US President Trump and his refusal to bow to Muslim sheikhs or cover Melania with a hijab in deference to fragile Muslim sensibilities, thus hopefully avoiding the need to apologize for poor Muslim men faced with beauty in a woman who is not advertising her willingness to be bombed or mounted by Muslim men starved of beauty openly and brazenly shared.

I do wonder if Father Maskell was also dazzled by the beauty and wantonness of girls barely pubescent and uncovered with their Catholic school uniforms not buttoned up to the neck and with their bobby sox not completely covering the lower calf. It seems, from testimony, that Father Maskell exercised his power over male and female pre-pubescent and pubescent children equally, more of a 'leave no child behind' attitude while exercising his abuses.

Power corrupts without equal even among Muslims. The Muslim belief is that women are for breeding and men are for pleasure in spite of their anti-homosexual attitudes. Smacks of have fun, but don't get too comfortable -- or familiar -- while having your fun with men when there are so many women around to take advantage of. Women are hidden and not given voices to complain. Then again, who knows what is underneath the head-to-toe covering of a veiled and carefully hidden form? Dress in an old-fashioned nun's habit and even a man sporting a full black mustache can appear to casual glances as a woman.

There is no lack of powerful men and women all too willing to abuse the innocent when there is no one to complain except the sheep. When the wolf is listening a sheep bleating, or a hundred sheep bleating, makes no difference. The wolf wins. Father Maskell was a wolf and so is Hillary Clinton. Anyone else is just another sheep bleating into the wind and the sheep bleating after another Muslim attack that turned children into body parts and blood after a concert in Manchester is more loud bleating in a herd of sheep no one is really listening to except for the usual virtue signaling and publicly praying for the fallen.  Don't worry. Lamb will be served following a concert near you soon.

That is all. Disperse.