Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Review: Crossing the Horizon by Laurie Notaro

Learning something new is always a pleasure. Learning something new while feeling a part of the action or a spectator standing in the thick of the action is even better. That is what Crossing the Horizon gave me. I knew there must have been women pilots other than Amelia Earhart, but I'd no idea how hotly contested the Atlantic Crossing was in Lindbergh's wake or that women then, as now, were inspired by Lindbergh's successful flight nonstop from America to Europe.

Mabel Boll was the wannabe of this trio of women wanting to be the first woman. She was flashy and a bit trashy and brassy as an old bell. Her pictures do not show her as a heavyweight and yet Mabel was adept at throwing her weight, and her dead husband's money, around to get what she wanted. What she wanted was to be flown, not to learn to fly. Come to that, Amelia Earhart didn't fly the plane on her successful flight across the Atlantic, though she could fly. She was a passenger, but not quite dead weight since she kept the pilots awake and on track. Amelia was the death of Mabel's dreams of being the Queen of the air by being the first woman to successfully make the crossing.

The Honorable Elsie Mackay, middle daughter of Lord and Lady Inchcape, was determined to go her own way. She served as a nurse during World War I, falling in love with one of the wounded soldiers, marrying him, and making her own way in his theatrical world as Poppy Wyndham. Laurie Notaro treated Elsie's divorce with the quiet dignity and reticence one would accept for one of England's peers. Elsie, having been disinherited by her father for her marriage to an actor, was welcomed gladly back into the fold where she made her own career in her father's luxury shipping business by decorating the suites.

Having flown aeroplanes during the war, Elsie refused to give up her love of flying even when she was flung out of the plane during a dangerous aerobatic inside loop when her safety harness broke. She made her way across to the wing and hung onto the stabilizer wires in the biplane until the pilot safely landed and prized her death grip from the wires. Both hands were cut to the bone, but Elsie was undaunted by her near death plunge and wanted to go back up again. It was that undaunted determination that set her on course for the race to be the first woman to fly across the pond from Europe to America, a more dangerous and difficult course. She planned and flew from England across Ireland and toward the Americas with copilot, Walter G. R. Hinchliffe, a World War I pilot who helped bring down flying Ace, Baron Von Richtofen, the Red Baron.

The third woman was also a pilot, little Ruth Elder, a girl from a dirt poor family in Alabama who married and divorced in short order, married again, and talked her husband into allowing her to return to the States while he remained in Panama and visited her every return trip. Ruth entered a local beauty pageant and won first place. The fifty dollars was not enough to buy a plane, but it was enough to pay for flying lessons. When she announced she would fly to Europe, reporters considered it a stunt. After all, the pretty little girl would, like Mabel Boll, be a passenger and probably could not fly, a rumor she dispelled in her best Southern Belle manner, taking a reporter on the acrobatic flight of his life.

Ruth and her co-pilot, George Halderman, designed bulky rubber wet suits to cover the eventuality of a water landing. Ruth wore hers when they had to ditch the American Girl after a brutal night battling the storms, ice, and a broken oil line. Blown hundreds of miles off course, Ruth and George landed next to a freighter and landed in Europe from the tip of Portugal instead of Paris as originally intended. They had crossed the Atlantic through the autumn storms, but made it to Paris by train. Their near miss landed Ruth in clover on her return to the United States and set her on course for a lucrative hundred-day lecture tour that netted Ruth and her family a hundred thousand dollars and set her feet on the path to Hollywood and the movies.

Frances Wilson Grayson and her copilot left the same time Ruth and George made their flight, but were forced down off the coast of Newfoundland by the same storm that battered the American Girl and forced Ruth and George off course. Frances Grayson was not the first or the last woman pilot to die in the attempt.

Notaro gives this period in history a special luster as she details the lives and dreams of Mabel Boll, Elsie Mackay, and Ruth Elder and does not ignore the men who flew with these amazing women. Though the men did not hold center stage, their accomplishments were given equal attention. Planes changed rapidly in the race to cross the Atlantic and set records. The quick succession of biplane to monoplane (one set of wings) and painted canvas to enclosed metal aircraft and ungainly seaplanes was detailed as well. Notaro's admitted fictional conversations and the cost of the daring race to illustrate aeroplanes were the next step in transportation made Crossing the Horizon more than a footnote in history. The vintage photos at the beginning of each chapter added faces to the lives and dreams of women who were determined to show the world their sacrifices were not second rate.

Crossing the Horizon is worth each of the 5 stars I awarded in spite of the glitchy ebook coding and heartily recommend Laurie Notaro's rendering of a time when adventures were denied no one willing to brave the elements in the emerging days of air travel. The three women are infuriating and brave and you will come to love, hate, and laugh at these all too human adventurers, warts and all.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Final Victorious Ride

In the movie, El Cid, starring Charlton Heston, the story is about a knight, a strong and courageous knight who was above all righteous and honorable. He was, according to the movie and legends, above all a pure knight, a man who was honorable and willing to put his life and his fortunes on the line for honor and truth.

I will not go into all the historical discrepancies and conflation and stick to the myth at the center of the movie and of El Cid's legend.

In the last decade of the 11th century, Don Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar fought with the Spanish Moors who had made a home in Spain after previously conquering much of the southern part of the country. The Spanish Moors (similar to our modern day Muslims) were being overwhelmed as the more militant arm of Islam responded to Allah's call that all infidels were to be converted or murdered and beheaded, and that included Moors who had assimilated into the countries they had previously conquered. The Pope in Rome called a series of Crusades to take back the Holy Land (Jerusalem) from the evil and murderous Moors and Christians killed and burned Moors wherever they found and defeated them even as Moors beheaded and forcibly converted Christians, Jews, and infidels who would not pay homage to Allah and convert.

The areas in Spain where Moors were prominent were areas of beautiful architecture where education was extended to all comers, including women, though the women must remain veiled. Toledo, Seville, Badajoz, and Valencia were part of the Islamic controlled areas and their buildings and works remain even in the 21st century as some of the most beautiful architecture. In the 11th century, Toledo, Seville, and Badajoz were bastions of learning where advanced medical practices were taught as were mathematics and the literature and science of Islam. Though the Moors came from Mauretania originally, they became a part of Spanish culture that echoes still throughout the centuries.

Into this blended culture where Muslims were reviled by the Christians as the Christians were reviled by the Spanish Moors came Don Rodrigo de Vivar. Rodrigo's father was the Spanish king, Fernando's, champion. When he was slain, Rodrigo took his father's place as the king's champion. No doubt, Rodrigo had killed and burned many Muslims as was the custom, but when he heard of a new jihad coming up from Africa into Spain for the sole purpose of destroying all Christians and Christian rule, Rodrigo thought more for his country than for himself. He was acquainted with some Muslims and, as the king's champion, stood for honor and right, and the honor and right he saw did not include continuing to kill Muslims that had assimilated into Spanish culture in the face of a greater horror, a new jihad that put the Spanish Moors at as great a risk as the Christians. The Spanish Moors were a strong force in Spain and had continued and improved the Roman roads and aqueducts, but they were considered too tolerant of infidels and must be eradicated if they would not turn back to true Islamic worship and policies.

An alliance was formed between the Spanish Moors and Rodrigo, who had been cast off by King Alfonso after Don Rodrigo made him swear on the Holy Bible that he had no killed his brother, King Sancho, with whom Alfonso shared the kingdom. King Alfonso banished Don Rodrigo for publicly embarrassing him and making him swear he had had no hand in King Sancho's death.

Don Rodrigo had only his unsullied reputation and his strength of arms, but men followed him in spite of King Alfonso's edict that any who gave aid and comfort to Don Rodrigo would themselves die. The Spanish Moors respected Don Rodrigo's strength as a warrior and his honor and called him The Lord (El Said, which became El Cid). They allied with Don Rodrigo whose growing army followed him on foot, on horseback, anyway and anyhow they could to fight the invaders, even to being willing to fight alongside the Spanish Moors to repel the gathering horde of Islamic invaders, the Almohades, coming from the Atlas Mountains of Marrakesh to unite Spain under Islamic rule and destroy the Spanish if they could not be converted and subjugated.

El Cid and the Spanish Moors fought the Almohades for years, eventually resulting in a fatal wound that cost the Cid's life. The Spanish were so close to victory and Don Rodrigo's death so close to victory would look as if God had abandoned the Spanish and give new life and strength to the Almohades, even though King Alfonso had relented and joined forces with the Cid, providing a united front against the invaders. There was only one remedy for the dire situation and that was to strap Don Rodrigo to his charger so that he might still lead the Spanish forces against the Almohades and send them to Hell or back across the Straits to Africa in utter defeat.

El Cid was fastened to his horse and rode out against the Almohades who fled in terror from a man they believed was dead and they were routed.

I remember my tears and the smile and the feeling of pride as El Cid rides out against the jihadists in the above last scene from the movie, El Cid, starring Charlton Heston. I cried for his decision when El Cid could have been saved, for his honor and his dedication to Spain and King Alfonso and the men he led against the jihadists. I was young, but old enough to see that a man, even in a movie, willing to lay down his life for his country and his people was a great man who put his country's needs before his own, even when it meant he would leave behind his wife and children. I cried as they strapped El Cid onto the horse and fixed his banner in his mailed fist unsure whether he was clinging to life with his waning strength or already dead. When he rode through the gates of Valencia and against the jihadists so certain of his death and their victory, and as they scattered in terror before the man they believed already dead, my heart was full of admiration for his sacrifice and sorrow for his death. That is what the director wanted everyone to feel as they saw Charlton Heston ride forth against his country's foes. The hero rides against the villains and triumphantly into history.

I know the story that was created for that movie is a blend of lies, half truths, conflations, and murky history, but it is the thread that Joseph Campbell called the Hero's Journey, the same thread that runs through any tale where the hero faces great odds and triumphs against great opposition with his honor intact. It is as much a great feat to fight against oppression and opposition while clinging fast the ideals that prompted the hero to sally forth in the first place. The hero battles greed, fame, self-aggrandizement, and Faustian deals in his struggle for what is an honorable quest. And the hero emerges changed, scarred, and hopefully humble and willing to sacrifice what is dearest to him.

When I read that it was being considered that Hillary Clinton would use the powerful image of El Cid to show her as the wounded hero willing to sacrifice all to win the election I was appalled. I would feel the same way if Donald Trump ever considered the same maneuver to bolster his campaign. Neither are worthy of even the myth of El Cid let alone the truth of a crusader who fought for his people and held his king to the same honor and truth he demonstrated and which he held in high regard.

No matter the rhetoric and speechifying about how Hillary and Trump will unite us against political corruption and the boogeymen of China, Russia, and North Korea, they are not worthy to clean Don Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar's horses hooves. They have not held President Obama accountable for his actions nor have they acted honorably during their campaigns. Children squabbling over whose turn it is on the swings have more honor than either of them.

No, I do not see Hillary allowing herself to be strapped to a white charger half dead or as a corpse to ride forth against this year's political boogeymen. I do see her making a deal with Satan for more time, more money, and more power as she connives her way into the Oval Office as Commander-in-Chief. The US military might follow Trump into battle and grit their teeth and take the field as Trump slopes off to a safer position far from the killing zone, and they might frag Trump afterwards at their first opportunity. Fragging Hillary would likely happen a lot sooner, if the military will stand and fight for her at all. Hillary's disdain for all soldiers in all branches of the military has been too marked to be mistaken for anything but hatred, and not a little jealousy that they serve and she was denied enlistment.

No, I do not see Hillary as El Cid, not even when she was younger and far more healthy than she is now, nor do I see Trump as El Cid courageously risking his life to save the country. Do you?

That is the question you must ask yourself in the days before the election in November. Do you believe either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would sacrifice their lives for the sake of the country -- if no money was involved? Forget the media manipulation and the empty speeches and focus on the future. Do you want either Hillary or Trump in control of your future and the future of this country?

Let your answer be your guide as you enter the polling booth to pull the handle to select the next President of these United States.

That is all. Disperse.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Review: Chasing Embers by James Bennett

I wanted to read Chasing Embers because the description sounded interesting and because I have always liked stories about dragons. I was wrong. The book is a tedious slog.

There are moments that sparkle and are exciting. I thought "now the story will get good." I was wrong. Another slog was dead ahead and was more tedious than the last slog and is the central problem with James Bennett's Chasing Embers.

Bennett writes action very well, but fails to rise above 2-dimensional characters that care about anything but fighting, chasing, and getting rid of Red Ben. At least the antagonists, for all their diversity, revel all too briefly in their brief victories -- all too brief. There is no connection to the characters, nothing that delves any deeper than a surface scratch. Why does Red Ben care about humans so much, other than the obvious carnal desire, which seems due to the lack of a female dragon to continue his line, but that is forbidden since only Red Ben among all the dragons may continue to exist in the human world. He signed the treaty that became the Lore 800 years ago when he was barely dry from is hatching. He had obviously not even hit puberty when he signed away his rights in order to keep living. Why fall for a human female when their lifespans are so short and mating so brief and fruitless? Beyond an orgasm, why does he care?

He cares.

So what?

Khadra, the human the Queen of Punt possesses in order to be corporeal, is briefly interesting, very briefly. Bennet takes a very long time getting to the point that Khadra is giving up everything so her people will live. Her sacrifice will bring the rains to her dusty lands. So what? It isn't as if there is any connection between Khadra and her mother or the land of her human birth.

Red Ben loves Rose. So what? He walked away from her because he was bound by the Lore to hide who and what he is. He cares but not enough to bare his soul -- or himself -- and that is the heart of a book that has the beginnings of a story that matters, that readers -- that this reader -- cares about. Red Ben wants to keep living and cannot if there is another dragon in the world because it is against the Lore, the same Lore that he upholds while everyone bound by the Lore breaks it with impunity and promiscuous regularity.

In the end, Chasing Embers is tedious, pointless, and less than superficial. Give it a miss until Bennett rewrites the book or finds editors that can dig deeper than toothpicks scratching granite and expecting to make a lasting mark.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Take Back Control -- with Bread.

Convenience. We all want convenience. But convenience for what?

 Convenience, it seems, is all about giving us more time to watch TV. We don't use the time to any real purpose, except for vegetating, and we don't use the time for making our lives better. It's all about convenience. Fast food stores are convenient. Markets are convenient. Grocery stores and superstores are for convenience. Letting the government handle business is convenient. The problem is that all of this convenience has put us in someone else's control. The problem with control is that the more you have the more you want and the more you will do to get control. It's like cancer.

 The government controls, through its various agencies, what goes into our food, our water, our air, our linens, our clothing, the pots and pans we used to cook, and everything that we use in our homes. They control the content of our carpet fibers in our paint and everything in between. And everything they control is designed to poison people, poison us, poison our children, poison the world we live in. That's what control gave them, that's what convenience gave them, that's what is killing us.

 In order to take back control we are going to have to give up convenience. The convenience of driving through a fast food place where the food is poisoned and guaranteed to kill us by inches or by mouthfuls. The convenience of going to the grocery store to pick up what we need, what is easiest, what is freshest, what is poisoned with chemicals and design to kill us by the mouthful. The same is true of every aspect of our lives, from our closing to our jewelry to the cars we drive and to the homes we live in. We need to worry more about what is poisoning our home environments and our neighborhood environments before we can take on the monumental task of cleaning up the world. Step-by-step, point by point, in order to get back control and free us of the cancer at the heart of our society, we must give up convenience and go back to self-sufficiency.

As for the health benefits of bread, there are scientists who say that bread is bad for diabetics, the glycemic index is too high. So what about whole grain breads? Scientists differ on that subject. Some grains are better for us than others and yet the glycemic index (or load) is still too high and must be offset by other exchanges, fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. and we are back to control again.

More people have diabetes now than ever before because they eat too much white bread, too many carbohydrates, too much this, too much that. There was a film maker who proved that a steady diet of McDonald's raised his cholesterol levels and ruined his health because of all the fats and white bread and French fries he ate. Okay, there were the egg McMuffins and hamburgers and cheeseburgers and milk shakes and everything else that McDonald's sells making him sick, but it was convenient and cheap, everything people want in their food.

Or do they?

Everyone pointed fingers at McDonald's for the problem, but McDonald's was only partly to blame. McDonald's shouldered the blame and offered more fruits and vegetables, a salad bar, healthier, low fat choices, and people still had the same problems with the same results. The blame should be taken back to its source -- the government.

The government, through the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) was responsible for what was and was not in the food because they approved the ingredients as safe -- or at least safe enough for human consumption. Have you read the latest about what the FDA has approved safe for human consumption? How about glycophosphates -- a scientific word for herbicide, a crop desiccant, the chemicals that Monsanto makes and sells, the same chemical that organic food growers don't want near their crops. Monsanto makes a lot of poisons and most of them go into food crops which eventually go into foods like bread, vegetables, fruits, and even nuts. The same foods that are sold to McDonald's and other fast food franchises at such cheap rates. Convenience again.

It is an inconvenient truth, to borrow Al Gore's phrase about climate change, that food is the fuel that people, humans, mankind puts into their bodies to support growth and health and procreation, and the food that Monsanto poisons with their herbicides, insecticides, genetically modified organisms (GMO seeds to fend off insects and bacteria and predators) is the same food that has resulted in birth defects, autism, Alzheimer's, fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune diseases. What is done at the genetic level to alter food and eradicate insects travels through the food chain and alters humans at the genetic level and attacks people's immune systems. It's a roundabout method of killing people but maybe that is the point. When we traded control of the food we eat and serve our families we gave entities like Monsanto carte blanche (a blank check) control over what they can and will do to our food supplies, and thus control of our health and lives. Is it any wonder people are sicker now than they ever have been in centuries past?

It's not white bread and carbohydrates that are increasing the risk of diabetes or the fat in the food that is making people fatter. It is what companies like Monsanto are doing to the food. Fat doesn't make you fatter, but pumping growth hormones into genetically modified chickens, pigs, cows, and sheep will do the trick. The soil is so full of chemicals and has been leached of its nutritional content that the food grown from the soil has fewer nutrients because fewer nutrients are available for the seeds to grow in and genetically modified seeds have changed the stakes and scientists don't even know what those genetic modifications will do and have done to the nutritional value of the seeds and the food that is grown from those same seeds.

The flour that is sold in markets and grocery stores and made into buns and pancakes and sliced and packaged bread is lacking in the essential nutrients that bread and buns and pancakes should have -- and used to have in abundance -- and the result is damage to liver and pancreas and every part of the human body that should be nourished and instead is being damaged and broken down. It's no wonder there is a health crisis in the United States because the government and the FDA have allowed companies like Monsanto to meddle with our food crops and genetically modify the food to the point that the result is damage to the human body, its immune system, the brain, and every major (and minor) organ in the body.

Scientists cannot agree on what causes diabetes or how to avoid getting diabetes, but I can point the way.

Start with good, nutritious food without the convenience of packaging, chemicals, and genetic modifications. Buy organic foods, like flour, from a reputable grower and ask the grower what kinds of chemicals and fertilizers are used on the crops from seed to harvest. It will likely be more expensive, but the cost is negligible when compared to the cost of drugs and doctors when you get sick from the poisoned food you've been eating. Vote with your pocketbook and bring your friends and neighbors and family along. More people buying their food from reputable farmers and ranchers will hit the government and the corporations right where it will hurt the most -- profits.

Join the health nuts. Buy organic flour, natural sea salt (or kosher salt), natural yeast, and filter your own water. Buy a good osmosis system to filter your own water or invest in a high end filter for your faucet or a pitcher and plenty of cartridges to filter your own water. Forget buying bottled water because you cannot be sure what they're doing to the water or what they're putting into the water. If you don't have a well, invest in high end filtration systems. The rest is easy.

It all begins with bread. The staff of life. It is as simple as baking our own bread. First, we need to buy flour that is grown organically and naturally and without insecticides and additives and preservatives of any kind. Then we need to get the other ingredients to make bread: water, salt, yeast. That's all it takes. That and time. Of course, we will need to slice the bread and preserve the bread by wrapping it up against oxidation and staleness. That is easily done. Buy a bread box and use fresh and organic linens that have not had the chemicals applied to them to wrap up the bread. The rest is as easy as the four ingredients it takes to make bread. Time.

 You can learn to make bread by using the no-knead method. Simply put, a few ounces of cold or warm water and the rest of the ingredients stirred together, covered, and set out on the counter overnight will mean fresh bread to bake in the morning. While you're taking your shower or bath or while you're getting out your clothes for work, you can put the bread in the oven for 40 minutes and end up with a fresh loaf of bread two slice for toast, for sandwiches, and just for buttering and adding honey or cinnamon or jam for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The bread will have to proof (rise) for 30 to 60 minutes before it goes in the oven but that is a small price to pay. After a while, you and your family will get used to the process and the fresh, wholesome food that will be the result. And it is food that will nourish you.

 There are tools to make slicing bread easier and more uniform, there are tools to conveniently store your homemade bread, end there are infinite benefits and ingredients to use to help find the bread that you like, or that your family will like, to add to your daily meals. That's the first step to taking back control of your life and your food and your health. One small step along the pathway to taking back control and taking back your life.

 Check out the books by Steve Gamelin, Artisan Bread with Steve, and find the kind of breads you can bake in your own kitchen. The whole artisan craze is about small bakeries, small restaurants, and small bistros where one person, or a few people working under one person, make food. Artisans are the artists creating something uniquely their own one at a time, not mass produced so the finished product can sit on the shelf for who knows how long and must be preserved in order to still be fresh when you buy it? Consider your kitchen the home of your own artisan creations, artisan meals. Your family and your health will show improvement with just this small change. You can also go to the Jennycancook.com website and find Jenny Jones's recipes for bread as well. You have options and you control which options you take advantage of. It doesn't take a lot of money to get started and you don't need a lot of fancy equipment, just use what you have. Bread can be baked free form on a sheet pan or in a loaf pan. There are lots of options. Find one that works for you. You're the one in control of everything -- except nature and nature can take care of herself.

Choose a no-knead bread recipe you like (try a few different recipes first) and begin baking your own bread. You'll get into the hang of it and find trading convenience for the convenience of home-baked bread full of nutrients and without additives and chemicals is better for your health -- and your well being. Be brave. Buy a mixer with a dough hook or roll up your sleeves and knead your own bread. There is no better stress reliever than a session of kneading your own dough for home-baked bread and kneading costs less than Xanax and Valium and all the drugs Big Pharma has put on the market.

Take back control by taking control of the bread. Bake whole wheat bread or try honey oatmeal with raw honey. Give pumpernickel and rye bread a try, and not just for pastrami. You can learn how to make your own pastrami the way women did less than 100 years ago, and you can control the amount of salt and herbs and spices you add. And it all begins by baking your own bread in your kitchen. There's also barley, spelt, semolina, and so many other grains and flours you can try. Even potato bread is better for you than the store bought kind you got for convenience. You can learn to make hamburger and hot dog buns, rolls, baguettes, pretzels, and every other kind of bread-based food you like and your family will thank you. Teach your kids how to bake bread and reward them with homemade cinnamon rolls or sticky bun. That is how kids learned to cook and bake when I was young.  Kids love to help in the kitchen if you teach them when they're young. What better to spend time with your children where the end result is good food prepared by hand -- your hands and theirs.

While you're at it, teach them where their food comes from and how it is made. Let them get their hands dirty -- or doughy -- and have fun. I used to help my grandmother when she cooked and baked. I learned to make noodles from scratch and roll out dough for pies. I got to keep the scraps which I rolled out again and spread with jam, rolled up, and Gram baked it when she baked her pies. The pastry was a bit tough, but that's to be expected; it was leftover dough handled again which made it tougher, but I didn't care, nor did my brother and sisters. I helped make the jelly roll and it tasted like success. Teach your children how much is in their control and let them find out for themselves what goes into preparing a meal, or the dessert, what it takes to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their thanks and smiles are memories they will cherish in and out of the kitchen. Be aware. Give up 15 minutes of vegging out or a couple of hours of TV or the few moments you saved stopping at McDonald's or the grocery store and take back control one food and one step at a time.

If someone is poisoned from your cooking -- or baking -- at least you'll know what poison you used and that it will be quick, of a bit painful, instead of the slow lingering death and cancer-causing insecticides, pesticides, and GMOs you've been buying that was passed off as food. The FDA just raised the acceptable level of glycophosphates in food sold to consumers -- sold to you -- to 1,394 ppm (parts per million) as countries in the European Union are banning glycophosphates completely and will accept no food or drink as safe for people if it has more than 1 ppm. Feel like a lab rat yet?

It's your choice. Take back control by changing your view and your life one food at a time. Bread is a great first start and I'll share more steps as we travel the road to change together. Did you know that not getting enough carbs and salt is all part of what is making you sick?

That is all. Disperse.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Liar, Liar

You like facts and data, don't you? Here are a couple for you to ponder, chew on, and do whatever with.

Published April 2015: Did you know the national debt was frozen? How about why it was frozen? Frozen national debt Maybe because there was no money in the kitty to pay US creditors, like China and Japan, both of which own the most US debt.

If you didn't know about the national debt freeze, I'll bet you don't know where the debt is now and how fast it is counting down your children and grandchildren's future. The US debt clock counting down August 2016

I will bet you didn't know that since 2012 the US debt was paused (frozen) because the Fed was out of money. Well, to be fair, the US Govt was out of money and the whole debacle was blamed on the GOP gumming up the works by refusing to pass any bills in the US House of Representatives. Obama said he was forced to sequester government spending because of the GOP's intransigence and Obama refused to work with them. Did you know you'd been lied to and that Obama's promiscuous spending and use of US taxpayer dollars continued without cease? Probably not. You either backed Obama's play or were refused admission and entrance to National Parks and National Monuments, like the World War II monument paid for by US citizens. Remember when US veterans were denied access to the monument US citizens paid for? I'll bet you didn't know the barricades went up within moments of the announcement from the White House or that liberal protesters were allowed to camp on the same public property guarded by the National Parks & Recreation department 2 weeks before the veterans were denied access. Well, after all, aren't liberal protesters so much more important than veterans who fought, died, and paid their dues to keep the Nazis from taking control of the world and defeat the Japanese after their sneak attack at Pearl Harbor. Who says you cannot fight and win a war fought on 2 fronts?

It was all yet another scam on the US citizens to cover up what was really going on -- the fleecing of the nation and the US taxpayers en masse. That means every United States citizen was told a lie and many people, not only those in the Obama Chorus, blamed the Republicans for causing the problem and for the US using its AAA credit status. It was lost the moment Obama took office in 2009, but you didn't know that. It was one of those "need to know" things and ordinary citizens, like the ones who pay taxes, did not need to know.

How does Obama look now? It's all right. Obama was nothing but a straw man, a paper fiction, a puppet for the global elite to prop up in the Oval Office to bring the United States to its knees so the American people would be ready to accept a Pan American Union like the European Union without too much fuss. The Global Elite tried the same thing a few years ago, about a decade ago now, to get rid of organic farming and organic supplements and health foods, but the outrage and kickback over that showed the Global Elite that they couldn't pull the wool over the eyes of watchful Americans unwilling to take Monsanto and its GMO crops lying down.

Not only did Americans vote in its first black president, but they did it twice without realizing that they had been fooled not once but twice. What is that old saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Do you feel the shame yet?

If not, there's more shame to come as Obama contravenes the wishes of US citizens and bypass the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) by turning over control of the Internet to the UN and readies the ground to turn over control of the guns to the UN. Is the shame beginning to set in with the reality that Obama has fooled you again? Don't wait, it will come.

Voters elected a black president because they wanted to break the color barrier and they wanted to finally put the issue of a black president behind them. Obama spoke well (with a teleprompter, though he has gotten better over the past nearly 8 years of practice) and he looked nice. He did not rant and rave -- all the time -- and his policies, except for the promiscuous use of the Executive Pen, have not been too onerous. Just like that frog sitting in the slowly heating pot of cold water that doesn't jump out in time to save his life, those still drinking the Obama Kool-Aid are sucking down the punchy goodness while the water temperature creeps toward boiling, and will die before they can jump out of the boiling pot.

As November 2016 nears, many voters are poised to vote for Hillary Clinton because it would be nice to have a woman president for a change and they want to be part of the first woman president historical footnote. The voters will be the footnote if Hillary wins and voting for Donald Trump, for all of his bombastic display and foot in the mouth rhetoric, is a vote for the status quo. Trump needs money to build his skyscrapers, universities, and casinos and must get a lot of angel investors or kowtow to the banks. I like his promise not to take a salary if elected, but that is not enough for me because it sounds too much like Obama's vacations and golf trips paid for with taxpayer dollars, and like Trump won't be around the Oval Office much after he gets the big chair behind the big desk. Granted, Trump might return Winston Churchill's bust to the Oval Office, but once again, not enough for me to vote for the political clown act.

Voting for someone because of their color or because of their gender is still racist and prejudiced because the choice is not based on logic or carefully weighing the options of candidates running. If we take racism and prejudice out of the equation, the only true choices are obvious. Start a revolution. Take the power out of the hands of the Global Elite and the puppets for the Global Elite and take a good hard look at the real choices from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party. Check out Dr. Jill Stein and Gov. Gary Johnson and thwart the plans for global domination by the Global Elite and their lackeys. Make a real choice this election.

If you want to make a PC choice, Dr. Stein's running mate is a black man, Ajamu Baraka. You can still vote for a black man near the Commander-in-Chief's seat and the heir apparent if the first woman is voted in as President. That's a two for one America can actually live with. Happy now?

That is all. Disperse.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vote For Me

Maybe I'm in a mood or maybe I'm tired of the usual political ME, ME, ME and blaming and name calling and everything that passes for honest electioneering. Was there ever a bigger oxymoron than honest electioneering?

When I was a little girl I dreamt of growing up to be many things. First and foremost was a writer and I began there and then when the inspiration struck, writing about a young girl about my age who got lost in the rain forests of Central and Southern America and stumbling upon a lost city. Not surprising since I was enthralled by Edgar Rice Burroughs tales of lost civilizations and ordinary men and women conquering their own physical short comings to become familiar with their new home far from the world and the routines they had taken so for granted. I read dozens of books about modern men and women washed ashore at the fringes of lost civilizations hidden for centuries going on about life without the knowledge of or even caring that there was a wider, more technologically advanced world beyond the confines of their jungles. Tattered, bruised, and often starving, the lost hero/ine overcame all obstacles to become one with their new lives.

And then there were the books about the real histories (imagined of course) about cavemen and cavewomen that did not involve being dragged to a remote hideaway to be raped or brutalized, but were about how our less evolved ancestors progressed from fire-hardened spears to better quality spears and then to bows and arrows. Animals were hunted and killed to be preserved for winter and eaten before the blood dried between forays hunting berries, vegetables, and fruits and catching fish for storage, eating, and trade with other groups.

Then I received a coloring book about the history of ballet that set me dreaming about dancing en pointe to the music I heard every day (my parents liked classical and Broadway music) and I danced for myself between bouts of tree climbing and foraging for guavas and coconuts among the trees that ringed our base housing close to the edge of the dark and mysterious jungles. I tramped the jungles, swung from tree to tree on ropes, climbed trees for sun-warmed lines as big as my dad's fist, and explored the base from our home past the special forces training ranges to the base pool or the movie theater and back again every day, chasing armadillos and hunting iguanas and coatimundis among the shadows, stopping on to pick and eat the abundant fruit just out of sight of home. Bananas, star apples, papayas, and exotic fruit I'd never seen or known about comprised a good part of my diet when out and about exploring. Every day brought some new revelation or experience that fed my yearning for exploration and nourished my need to know more, always more.

My yearning to know more, to experience more, and to live as wildly as possible while still a child left very few barriers to feed my curiosity and I embraced everything the world had to offer. My mother, tired of my constant questions of why and how, told me to look it up for myself and I looked up everything . . . even the things I heard but no one would take the time to explain. The world was my classroom and I enjoyed every moment of it, believing there were no taboo subjects -- at least not taboo enough for me to explore the moment I got out of sight of my parents. Considering the way children grow up nowadays, mine was a wild upbringing where I knew the limits of my universe only until I could find a way to get past the usual barriers and hurdles and keep exploring. No subject was too difficult and no book forbidden me because I could read.

There was The Graduate that Mom hid until I liberated the book from her bookcase, swapped dust jackets with a more innocuous Frank G. Slaughter novel of Australia, and read anyway, hiding it between the toilet tank and the wall in the bathroom. That was when I was a teenager and avidly curious about why the book was too old for me. I found The Graduate all right, but was somewhat disappointed that there wasn't something more dangerous or exciting about it. I swapped the dust jackets back and read Frank G. Slaughter's novel anyway; it turned out to be far more interesting.

In spite of the restrictions placed on me in most areas, like not being allowed to date until I actually turned 16, I felt no restrictions on my explorations into every subject that caught my eye, fascinated by flying planes, trekking through the wilderness, delving into science, astronomy, and history -- always history. I read everything on a subject until I could find nothing new, believing what I read until I discovered another perspective and another voice that offered a different view of the same subject. I do the same thing now at 61 that I did at 6 and 16 and 26 and every age in between, reading all points of view and making up my own mind about truth -- my truth, not what passes for truth in the mainstream world.

But I am somewhat inflexible, believing when attacked from all sides by the establishment and the accepted way of things, standing up to criticism and denigration and being called names. Being called names failed to phase me after being verbally abused in my own home and called a liar when I stood up to oppression, abuse, and denigration, sticking out my chin, biting my lip, and facing my opponents down with whatever I had found to support my claims, and cursing myself for not having a tape recorder to hide in my pocket to prove what I said. In that regard, I was born too early, and yet still I stood up and faced down the abuse no matter where it came from.

I had an easier time in the world outside the microcosm of my parents' home, finding like-minded individuals who were willing to listen and to debate the finer points until one or the other of us was converted or agreed to disagree.

I had far larger aspirations beyond being a ballerina, writer, archaeologist, paleontologist, and pilot. I wanted to be the first woman to race at Indy and to be the first woman on the Supreme Court. I even thought of being a lawyer so I could be a judge and work my way onto the Supreme Court, but my dreams of college were shattered and set aside for life and biology to grab me, shake me, humble me, and cow me into submission . . . for a while. And still I dreamed.

I dreamed of being President of the United States and thought I had made a good start when at 15 I worked on my first political campaign. To my parents it was nothing more important than when I drew and painted and practiced the piano, just another phase to get through. I'd grow out of it when I realized that I would never get anywhere because I was born a girl. That point was driven home every single day of my life as I watched my brother, 5 years my junior, do what I wanted to do and was denied for lack of a Y chromosome. And he got to do it at a younger age. Everything I won or was awarded was filtered through the mesh of being a girl. And a nice girl at that. Nice girls don't . . . and the list was endless.

Many times through the years I have dreamed of being President, the first female President, but that is not why I have opposed Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was not a factor, not then and not now. I still dream of being President in spite of my lack of political clout and experience in the Beltway scene and the shadows of being inside the Beltway where honesty and integrity, honor and service to the people is for sale in the White House and in the hallowed (to me) halls of Congress. I have more experience than Daniel Boone or George Washington, though less than they in skinning a bear or commanding troops in a war. I have lived in a war zone and slept with armed soldiers in my bedroom night after night while snipers kept their sights trained on our base home during the Panamanian riots, and rode to school at Coco Solo naval base with armed soldiers on the bus to protect us in transit to and from school and kept watched, rifles at the ready while we studied cursive writing, math, and science. I know a lot more about the Panamanian riots now than I did as a child of 8 years old, but that is to be expected since I was paying attention and kept reading and questioning and digesting the information I discovered.

I am of the people because I am one of the people, one of the US citizens who has voted in many elections since I was 18 years old, and I have hotly debated my views and changed my views as I learned more and experienced more.

For instance, I have changed my position on illegal immigration because I was friends with an illegal immigrant I liked very much. I learned his story and went with him when it was learned he was an illegal immigrant a few days after he got promoted at work. He was a hard worker and had earned the promotion, but he had not earned US citizenship. He had been deported once and had traveled back to see his middle class Mexican family and his brother who worked for the President of Mexico a couple of times after flying back across the border on a plane with the full knowledge of his brother and the President of Mexico who both wished him well. He explained how he was able to get a drivers license and social security card and I saw the letter the Social Security Bureau sent him after it was discovered he was an illegal immigrant with his brand new valid social security card inside along with the admonition to use the valid card and not the fake number he had been using for more than 10 years.

I went with him to see an immigration lawyer in Denver to find out what options he had and if it would help if I married him to give him legal status as the spouse of a US citizen. What she told us opened my eyes to a lot of things, including how to cheat the system. After all, he was my friend and deserved to be treated better than anyone else who stole across -- or under -- the border in the dead of night to live in America and take their share of the American dream.

I was wrong. As much as my heart ached for Luis and the trouble ahead of him because he chose to come to the US illegally, not one, but twice, I finally understood why his girlfriend's father would not sanction their marriage. His girlfriend was born in America and her parents came to the US legally and became American citizens. They saw Luis as a criminal who had stolen what he and his family earned by their hard work, determination, and belief in the law.

I know how it tears at the hearts of good people, citizens of the United States, who grieve for the families of illegal immigrants who are found out and threatened with deportation to their native countries because they broke the law. How do they leave their homes or their children or the lives they have built over the years? Their children were born in the United States, they are American citizens with all the rights and privileges of their citizenship. Why should they give up their dreams and all they worked for just because they broke the law?

That is the point. They broke the law. We're not talking about Jean Valjean or the French Revolution here or about the gendarme who relentlessly pursued Valjean after Valjean had built a respectable life with the silver and gold he stole from a church after he broke out of jail. The tale is heart warming and makes me feel good, but the bottom line is that Jean Valjean not only broke the law, broke out of prison, and broke into a church to steal everything of worth because he wanted to get away free and clear. He broke the law. He broke several laws. He was hungry, on the run, and would've killed the priest when it came down to it (although he never murdered the priest), but the priest forgave him his sin against the Roman Catholic Church and let him keep his stolen property. Jean Valjean took the stolen items and build a business, employing many people, and helped those in need. He tried to atone for his sins to the priest and the Church, but he continued to run from the police and the law because he knew he would get no forgiveness or reprieve from the law because the law is blind.

I feel sadness for Inspector Javert, not because he was in the wrong and unable to reconcile his human nature with his belief in and adherence to the law, but also because in the end he kills himself because he cannot separate his heart from his head, his integrity and the strength of his convictions that the law is made to be obeyed.

That is the real problem of illegal immigration. It isn't as if we can take one person out of the 11 million illegal immigrants or one child whose mother stole across the border to give birth to her child in the United States so that she could go back to her family across the border secure in the knowledge that her newborn child would be the benefactor, the savior of the whole family because that child is by law guaranteed to get welfare and food stamps and medical care because she was born on the right side of the border. Even if the child never lives in America, she will still get the money and the benefits of having been born in America. And that is what matters.

We cannot choose one person or one family and ignore the millions of people and families and children streaming across our borders and simply forgive them for ignoring our laws and flouting our government because forgiving one means forgiving a family and a group and eventually all 11 million illegal immigrants simply because they have, through laziness or negligence or the breakdown of government, gotten away with their crimes.

If I saw a hungry child, man, or woman about to steal food from a neighborhood store to eat, I wouldn't turn them in or call for a police officer. I would stop them from stealing and buy them a bag of groceries, talk to them and find out how else I can help, and even give them a job and a warm place to sleep in exchange for work if they're willing. But I would not condone the theft. I know what it is to go hungry, to have no good options that would take more time than I have, and have gone hungry numerous times because the only option I thought left to me was steal or starve. I starved rather than steal, but the line between stealing and hunger gets blurrier when the object of the theft is a faceless, blind corporation that will only write off the theft on their taxes and the taxes I pay will probably go back to them anyway. That's what happens when we stray from the law and quibble with the facts and reality of the law. We think it's all right if . . . .

What moves my heart in a novel is not what works in the real world no matter what excuses and justifications I use. In the end, it comes down to the law. If we break the law, we are punished. It's a simple equation. No matter how we twist and turn and wrestle with the conscience, remind ourselves that just this one person, this one family, this one time we turn a blind eye it will be all right, all we do is open the door to the flood of one more times, one more family, one more person wanting to take advantage of the precedent we just set and they will beat us over the head with it. What is a good idea, a good policy, becomes the weapon that will gut our laws, our integrity, our honesty, and our resolve and we cannot afford to abandon our principles, our laws, The Law or we will suffer the consequences.

We see the fact of what breaking the law does every day as the government, especially the left wing Democrats, ignore the law and seek to legitimize people willing to break the law and steal from US citizens and destroy the law of the land to allow these criminals to rape and pillage, murder, maim, and abuse this country and the government while granting them the privilege of voting in every election, even to the point of holding public office, in order to salve their consciences and prove they are compassionate. How compassionate is it that allowing illegal immigrants the rights of US citizens defrauds the country, its people, and our government? Whether or not they have children born in the US that have grown up in this country, those children will eventually find out that their parents lied to them and to the government and everyone they came in contact with and those children will realize they have the option of following their parents' example or the rules and laws their parents laid down for them. What a tangled web indeed.

Yes, I supported Luis's struggle to stay in the US and take advantage of the hard work he had done that landed him a management position and I stood by him as we tried to find a legal way for him to stay in this country. Rather puts the issue of marriage being between a man and a woman as a sacred bond to the question. I cared for Luis, but I did not love him. He was in love with another who could not and would not marry him because he was an illegal immigrant. Had anyone asked me then, I would have marched with the illegal aliens to fight for amnesty, but 12, almost 13 years later, I would not fight for their amnesty because they broke the law and continue to break the law every day they continue to live in this country illegally. If I have learned anything about this presidential campaign it is that the law is the law for everyone, not just for the people we know and like -- or love. Break the law and accept the consequences of your actions.

Either the law is the same for everyone or it is not and we can make up the rules as we go along. At some point, we have to stop and see the world as it is. We cannot perjure ourselves and then cover our backsides by asking what the definition of IS is in order to justify heinous actions. We are either honest or we are not. That is the whole point. The law is the law or it is not. We either enforce the law or the law is water and able to fit in whatever vessel holds it. It remains water, but water is not the law.

While I applaud Victor Hugo's writing ability and his story of Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert, Hugo was fundamentally wrong. No matter how much good he did, Jean Valjean built his life on shifting sands with the tide coming in. Everything Valjean built was a fantasy, a lie born of crime. Like Jean Valjean, every illegal immigrant builds their lives on lies and the fantasy that doing good and contributing to the community while stealing from the citizens of their community and the country does not wash away or justify the original crime of entering the United States illegally or the subsequent crimes of stealing from taxpayers every time they cash a welfare check for a child born legally in the US and use food stamps to buy their food. They have stolen every US citizen's hard work and taxes and steal every citizen's rights when they run for office, vote in elections, and demonstrate against the laws of the land to force the government to postpone deportation and give them amnesty for the sake of their families and their children based on lies and a laundry list of crimes they continue to commit in the name of pity and compassion and it must come to an end. Jean Valjean's life would have been better off, as would his adopted daughter, Cosette, and her mother, Fantine, if he had only confessed his crimes and paid his debt to society. He would also have saved Inspector Javert's life by acknowledging and accepting the punishment for his crime.

I do not believe it is right to break the law, or your parents' rules, and say you're sorry when the only thing you're sorry about is that you didn't get away with it. It's better to admit your guilt, accept your punishment, and work within the system to lessen your sentence.

That does not mean it is all right to rape a country -- or a girl -- and get off without paying for your crime because it would ruin your life. Look at the lives ruined by your crimes and how much damage you do by ignoring and breaking the law. Compassion has nothing to do with upholding the law and everything to do with showing compassion for your fellow wo/man. You show no compassion when you break the law and do harm to others and should expect no compassion when you are caught breaking the law.

That is all. Disperse.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Game Changer

Considering what I am coming to believe about Iran and the rest of the world as it has been painted in the US media, the US deal with Iran is beginning to look a lot different.

The big news is that the $400,000,000 ($400 million) payment in various currencies that has been seen on video on pallets at a European airport being loaded onto a plane headed for Iran as part of the negotiations with Iran over their nuclear armament was ransom for hostages held by Iran. It now comes out that Obama refused to release the money to Iran until the hostages were released after claiming multiple times in the media that the money was not ransom because the US -- and Obama -- do not and will not pay ransom for hostages. Iran is calling the payment ransom and the US State Department has finally admitted publicly that Iran was told to release the hostages or the money would not be paid. If it looks like a rabid dog, snarls and bites like a rabid dog, it is a rabid dog.

Now here comes the shocker. If, as I am coming to believe, Iran is not the evil we in the US have been told it is, the Iran deal begins to take on a different look.

Iran has funded and armed terrorists and allowed Putin to launch air strikes against the Islamic State from Iran. I know that Russia has long held close ties with Iran throughout all the years of fears about Iran becoming nuclear, even to the point of providing technologists and selling Iran fissionable material, but Russia, and Putin, are not the bad guys. Look at the news about Putin and Russia as characterized in the US media and of course Putin is up to no good, carrying on a cold war with the US in spite of the end of the Cold War when the wall came down between East and West Berlin during Reagan's administration. Putin is not the enemy of the American people. Putin is part of a coalition of countries, including Iran and China, that have been trying to force the issue of Full Disclosure about extraterrestrial aliens and the real universe we live in, the truth that the Cabal, and men like George Soros and the blood line of the Rothschilds, the masters, have been keeping from the world's people as they continue relentlessly forward with their New World Order. That is who Putin, China, Iran, Venezuela, Brazil and other countries have been battling all along. It does not help that the Obama administration, Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the corrupt politicians in Washington, D.C., as well as the media, are on the same side as Soros and the masters who have always run this planet (at least what is purported to be the civilized part of this planet).

The New World Order's plans have always been the enslavement of the earthlings and the annihilation of 95% of the world's people, along with the depopulation of Africa, so there is more for the ruling elite and fewer bothersome slaves who have become far too intractable of late, refusing to knuckle under to the ruling elite like good slaves, to govern safely without the constant threat of revolution. Putin, China, Iran, and the others in that group demanding Full Disclosure, are and have been spear-heading the destruction of the masters and the New World Order and are no longer amenable to correction because they have rid their countries of their debt to the NWO's banks. That is what is at the heart of the problems with Iran -- and have been all along.

Iran's enslavement to Islam and the violence of their jihadis, and hatred of the sovereign country of Israel and the Jews, do color their ideology, but there is so much more going on than the rest of the world, and most especially the United States' citizenry, realize and know about. The US deal with Iran is more about the control of the world through the US Dollar than it is about anything else. Since World War II, the world's currency has been the US Dollar and the world's oil must be bought with the US Dollar. Iran tried to set up their own currency for their own oil and the US government decided to put a stop to Iran's plans and put in place sanctions against Iran (strong arm tactics) using the UN to enforce those sanctions as the member countries fell quietly into line to support the US actions.

The same tactics were tried during the American Civil War. Britain backed the Confederate states (the southern states) that had been caught in a bind about where to sell their cotton and for how much. Britain promised to fund the Confederacy with their own money and guaranteed cotton would be sold to Great Britain at a much more profitable price than the northern textile manufacturers would meet. That was part of the reason the South seceded, forming the Confederate States, and why President Lincoln set the South up in order to start a war -- Civil War according to the North and the War of Northern Aggression according to the South. Britain pulled its fund from the Confederate Bank and its support from the Confederacy and the rest was pretty much a foregone conclusion that resulted in freedom for the slaves (a last resort for the Union/North/President Lincoln to be used when all other options had been exhausted) and the defeat of the Confederacy and the rebuilding of the South with the pernicious and greedy carpetbaggers that spear-headed the North's retribution and the death of the southern lifestyle. Like the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, what is in the history books is a very diluted version of events.

And so it is with Iran. Obama, the present NWO puppet in chief of the US, tried to buy Iran to subvert the Alliance (Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Brazil, etc.) and postpone Full Disclosure in trade for a Partial Disclosure that would be drawn out as long as possible for the NWO to complete their plan for annihilation of 95% of the planet's population and implementation of a centralized government with the masters' bloodline, the Royal Bloodline, in charge.

Maybe Iran isn't the villain after all and the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei were telling the world the truth when they called George W. Bush the head of the true evil in this world. I'm beginning to think the Ayatollah was right. It's hard to deny that George W. Bush and his father, George Herbert Walker Bush, were part of some pretty nasty secret societies, like the Skull and Bones, or that they are the inheritors of their German progenitors' Nazi legacy and connected to the NWO elites and bloodline, the roots of which go back to antiquity. Phillip K. Dick may not have been as insane as he was purported to be when he wrote The Man in the High Castle and Valis, among other novels and stories embedded with conspiracy theorist-type themes.

I reserve final judgment until I gain more knowledge and sort out more historical threads, but I believe the secret war with Russia, and Putin, and the coming war with Iran and China have more in common with the British interference that was certainly central to the Civil War/War of Northern Aggression than with the fantasy that we in the US have to protect ourselves against a nuclear capable Iran or an attack from Russia or China. As you can see if you read and watch the information available about George W. Bush's 9/11 that shored up his presidency, which was already on shaky ground, any aggressive acts by Russia, China, and Iran may be no more smoke and mirrors leading up to an attack on the members of the Alliance.

Time to wake up now. Orwell's 1984 has come and gone and we are still in the control of Big Brother. How much longer depends on you.

That is all. Disperse.

Brewing A War to End All Wars...

I'm not sure now at what point I began to see the realities of yet another war to end all wars, and possibly the last, but that is what is on my mind this morning. Well, that and a returned rent check because of a postal error. That's another story and I feel World War 3 is likely to happen before I get evicted for nonpayment of rent, especially since I've already handled that little tornado of disquiet.

That's right. Now I remember -- or at least have an inkling of where this all began -- with the European Union (EU) and Britain leaving the EU (Brexit) and the treaty of Lisbon which began with CFS, Sweden health care system, and the people waking up to realize that they have been lied to, cheated, and treated like dirt.

What did not work in the USA -- and is still going on -- was the Food & Drug Administration's (FDA) push a few years ago to brand and regulate natural supplements and organic farms and ranches that is happening now in Sweden and other EU countries. With their socialized medicine and government tied to the EU, and with Brexit looming with catastrophic repercussions in the 250-word paragraph of the Lisbon Treaty, the Swedish government is poised to classify natural products as drugs. That is what nearly happened in the USA a few years ago and hit the brick wall of the American people waking up and saying loud and clear, "NO!" as they pushed back against the move to regulate natural products as drugs. People don't mind (mostly) the government regulating drugs, but to regulate natural products, essential oils, vitamins that actually contain usable and bioavailable vitamins and minerals, and the tools of naturopathic and holistic medicines is never going to happen as long as the people (awake, anesthetized, and asleep) have a breath in their bodies and a tiny spark of fire in their bellies. Mess with drugs -- it is to be expected -- but do not mess with the only (relatively) safe food and plant-based products available to the public. This move to classify food and natural, organic plant-based products as drugs was the first step on the road to Monsanto's genetically modified organisms (GMO) and world-wide government control of what goes into the food and water supply around the world, which is why California, home of much of the organic farming industry's food, is experiencing the severest drought in recent memory (recent because the weather control departments in our government have only been tracking such things since the 19th century (that's the mid-1800s) when more control over the world's populations in the industrialized nations began.

The drought in California has been manufactured by weather control under the government's jurisdiction. "But we don't have the technology to control the weather," you will say. Oh, yes, we do, but the average American doesn't buy into the whole chemtrails as weather control scenario because the government has sold most of the population on the belief that claiming the drought has been manufactured is the product of science fiction, fantasy, and conspiracy theorists just waiting for their chance to be beamed up into outer space by nonexistent extraterrestrials. After all, X-files was just a TV program and Mulder was just a character on a show. None of what was portrayed on The X-files was real. Things like that don't happen in the real world.

George Soros doesn't fund terrorists or back the plan to exterminate all white people from the face of the planet either. Isn't he white? Soros's color isn't the issue. What is at issue is Soros's connections through his charitable endeavors to promote everything but charity and peace. After all, many Caucasian/white billionaires throughout history have created and funded the enemies of civilization and peace only to be killed by their blood-thirsty puppets. Maybe Soros will go the same way.

The Roman Catholic Church promoted Mohammed from a simple man to the head of the Arab peoples and helped him to formulate the writings that became the Quran. The Jesuits had to help Mohammed because he could neither read nor write. His lack of literate abilities only add to the belief that God, or Allah, spoke directly through Mohammed as the prophet of God. It is no surprise that Mohammed's early writings were peaceful or that his later writings were bloody-minded and focused on war. If you can't win the people's minds with peace then the only option is to foment war to drive the people back into the arms of God and peace. You'll find that same system of beliefs in the movie, Constantine, based on the graphic novels (comic books) of the same name and the failed TV series, Constantine, where Gabriel, the archangel, one of God's chief messengers and warriors, plans to bring Hell on Earth in order to remind people that they owe all to God, the creator of the Universe.

As people become more secular and move farther from faith and handing their lives, souls, and trust to God, the only way to bring them back to their senses and remind them to whom they owe all is to make them afraid, very afraid of what lies outside the protection of God. Terror with a capital T.

Throughout history this same scenario has been dragged to the center ring so that all eyes would be focused in the right direction -- the direction of control, the direction of slaves looking up to the master. The master is always the same, carried through the pure blood lines that have always controlled the world through money, through religion, and by means of terror, and the master will not be put aside for peace or prosperity or self-determination. The master will have his due. That is why the master created GOD. It is easier to control the rabble, the sheep, the slaves, the people if they can go nowhere, do nothing, and believe nothing except in the ultimate POWER OF AN INVISIBLE GOD. That's where Mohammed and Islam and the murderous jihadis come in. They are the instruments of the master herding the sheep back into the fold.

That brings us to World War 3, the war that will not end all wars unless something changes -- or someone intervenes. And we're back into science fiction, fantasy, and conspiracy theorists.

I learned this first hand from my mother. How do you keep the truth from destroying you? Attack the source of the truth.

Isn't that what Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale, The Emperor's Clothes, was about? Two conmen convince the emperor and everyone among the emperor's staff and servants that the only reason they couldn't see the marvelous new clothes they were fashioning for the emperor to wear was that they were unfit for their position. Everyone's eyes told them the emperor was naked and the conmen tailors were stealing the gold meant to buy the finest cloth, thread, and jewels for embellishing the emperor's new clothes, but they were afraid if they said what their eyes revealed they would lose their place in the governmental hierarchy because being unable to see the magical garments meant they were unfit for their positions. The only one not affected by the fear of being revealed as unfit for their jobs was a little boy who loudly said, "The emperor is naked as the day he was born." What little boy is unfit to be a little boy -- or girl? Not a single one.

So where are our clear-eyed boys and girls unafraid to speak up and say the truth? They're all around us, branded as liars, fantasists, unable to tell the difference between science fiction and scientific fact, and conspiracy theorists. The conmen are still looting and selling lies as truth, making certain to remind everyone that speaking out will only result in being branded a liar and a conspiracy theorist unfit for society who must be demonized, ridiculed, and gotten rid of. The penalty is far worse in today's world because the reward for speaking the truth when ridicule fails is an unplanned suicide or traffic accident or murder by government stooge or any one of the many ways in which all of those conspiracy theorists and wo/men who questioned authority have died. Look around and count the bodies. They number far more than the mountains of heads the Muslims piled up as they raped, pillaged, and beheaded their way across Europe heralding the Dark Ages.

Who is being ridiculed, demonized, and branded nowadays? Putin/Russia, China, and Iran for starters. What if it's all the same game the emperor's tailors played as they pillaged the emperor's wealth while selling him and his people a bill of goods? What if Russia, China, and Iran are the little boy who spoke out and said the emperor was naked? The easiest way to be sure is to follow the money -- the looted money.

Even some of those who know the truth can be -- and have been -- hoodwinked or else they are falling in line with the plan because they benefit in some way. If the truth can be told, the truth can also be bought and sold and the seeds of lies sown that will eventually bear poisoned fruit. Look at what is happening with Whole Foods. The GMO labeling law in Vermont is being circumvented by Whole Foods backing the Monsanto-backed federal legislation in violation of the State of Vermont's right govern their own people within their own borders. According to The US Constitution, each state is guaranteed the right to determine the laws within its own borders.  The Monsanto-backed federal law if enacted would trump the US Constitution and Vermont's right to legislate within their own borders. Make all the jokes you want about people who carry a well-thumbed pocket version of The US Constitution or the US Constitution for Dummies book because if you do not know the law of the land you will end up like all of the people governed by the naked emperor fearing the ridicule, demonization, and threats to your livelihood, family, and life while the conmen -- agents of the masters -- rape and pillage everything you hold dear.

Is no one to be trusted? Not if they can be bought. It is obvious Whole Foods can be bought -- and has been bought for a long time.

You won't need to watch your back. The destroyers, the conmen, the emperor's tailors are coming at you head on and they are gearing up for the final countdown to the war that will end all life as you know it.

If it all comes down to nuclear war and nuclear winter, you might want to consider moving.

If you read of my death by suicide, gas leak, home break-in, or anything other than old age within the next year or two, you'll know that I finally hit the limit of the government's tolerance and have been murdered. If no autopsy is done or my organs don't show some serious damage, destruction, or meltdown, that will be proof. So far, I don't think that anyone human (earthling) has the technology to destroy the human body from within and I do not have cancer or any other chronic, long term diseases. Not even an STD.

That is all. Disperse.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Quick and Dirty

No time for adding a photo, although I'd like to (thanks, Ted, for that little embellishment), but I'm supposed to be working and researching and concentrating on so many other things. I just have this to say today.

The government, which is coming more under the control of the global elite, has been lying to the people. We, the people. Not just in the USA but in every country around the world. We thought we were free to choose our lives and our paths and many have emigrated to the USA because of those freedoms, but we have all been fooled.  We were never free. We only have the illusion of freedom. The only thing that has changed is that more of we, the people, are waking up (pardon the grammatical faux pas) and realizing that we do indeed living in the Matrix and are not in control of anything. The global elite want one thing, the same thing that the elite have wanted from the beginning of civilization -- elbow room without slaves mucking up the view. We are the slaves. 

The New World Order, a phrase that keeps popping up every few generations or years or eras, is not benevolent and it doesn't want peace, not if war and terrorism and destruction will keep the population numbers down. The elite don't want a compromise. They want total control. Why do you think they have fomented wars, steeped us in fear, and tried to finish us off by nurturing race wars and differences? 

Zero Population Growth was not enough because not everyone bought into the scheme to limit their number of children and then those pesky do-gooders and charities took the children exposed to the elements and brought them in to raise until some well to do do-gooder American or pampered Brit or cosseted and childless couple arrived to adopt the child and raise it on their own. Those do-gooders didn't know they were interfering in a global scheme to eradicate at least 95% of the population so there would be more room for the elite. Stupid slaves. Shouldn't have taught them to read and write and do math. Happens every time you let the slaves have a few perks and a little freedom. The only thing slaves are supposed to do is work until they die in pain and suffering and breed enough slaves to take their turn at the  and work until they die in pain and suffering while breeding the next generation of slaves. 

The slaves aren't supposed to live longer and better lives. That's more do-gooders throwing monkey wrenches into the works and now there are more slaves to get rid of and the numbers keep rising. The slaves are supposed to die. That is why wars were created to decrease the population. That is why viruses are created to eradicate wide swaths of the population. Wars and diseases work for a while, but those pesky buggers, the do-gooders and the slaves, rebound, breed even more, and take up so much space. We keep trying to evict them but, like roaches, they refuse to die -- at least die long enough to do any good. 

They dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan and now Japan is fuller than ever of people. Okay, the bomb left some disease behind, but not enough and there were not enough dead, so we guided the slaves to create newer and better and more devastating weapons of mass destruction. That isn't working either, not with this kumbayah attitude spread by the do-gooders. Pesky do-gooders like flies in the pristine ointment. 

The only answer was to whip up the jihadists with their penchant for killing everyone and taking trophy heads. Works well for a while, but then the jihadists take their own slaves or let some people off if they convert. Tell me how lasting a conversion is when the enemy converts under the threat of death. You get a few zealots and die-hard converts, but mostly you get lip service just like the Jews during the Spanish Inquisition; they converted and secretly continued practicing their Jewish beliefs. Mega-FAIL. 

And it is no different with converting to any belief. The conversion is strong when the converts' allegiance is new and then the converts begin to feel safe and sneak around practicing the beliefs of their childhood, the same beliefs they gave up. Time to cut the heads off all converts and have done with it. Converts will always return to the source of their beliefs, unless there is a conversion of the heart and that is seldom guaranteed. Not worth the effort to let them live. Better to kill them outright and have done. 

Allowing the enemy to pay a tax seems like a good idea, more money for the coffers, but the hassle isn't worth the rewards, especially when the pittance the enemy pays doesn't come close to equalling their taxes, and the enemy continues to work against us. Oh, we can sway a few, get them to commit crimes you wouldn't believe, encourage them to sacrifice their friends and colleagues and anyone who believes in them, but the sacrifices are never enough and the result is either a convert waiting for a chance to destroy the ruling elite, us, or a murderer who would sacrifice anyone to their greed for power and their belief that they will be saved from death and the fires of the hell we will unleash on this earth. Fools! Better to get rid of them, along with the rest of the slaves and converts and have done. 

We tried to limit your numbers by putting poisons in your foods, but that didn't work so well. You got fat on the poisons, developed a tolerance, and doctors kept you alive, if only marginally, while you suckled the government teat and bred even more slaves that would rather suck the government teat than do the work you were bred to do. Massive FAIL again. 

We have promoted wars, but someone always wins, and there are still so many combatants survive to breed or end up on the government dole for far too long. We have cooked up all kinds of fake viruses and PR campaigns composed of lies and fear to keep the slaves going the right way down the Highway to Hell, but those do-gooders always figure it out and, no matter how we destroy their livelihood and ruin their lives and their businesses, they keep coming back, they keep talking, they keep spreading the word so it is harder for the fake viruses and smear campaigns to work. The slaves keep slipping the noose and far too few will slip the noose even if we fake an alien invasion or the Second Coming of that Jesus do-gooder. The only plan that really works leaves nothing but scorched earth and, though we can scorch a lot of earth, our enemies will keep us from the Full Burn. 

Politics keeps the slaves occupied for a while but even when we get our own people in and line up another of the converts, someone (a lot of someones) always figures it out and we're back to the same convert problem. Our political stooges have a taste of power and the greedy converts want more, more for themselves, more for their families (hooray, more greedy converts), more for their friends, more, more, more. Or they leave a bloody trail so long and so wide and so hard to erase that their worth is far outweighed by their incompetence and greed. No matter how we rig things to work in our favor, we always end up at the same point -- wondering how to get rid of 95% of the slaves so we can have a peaceful and quietly productive life for ourselves without having to share the resources or our space. 

We haven't balked at poisoning the planet or the slaves because it's a sacrifice we are willing to make. We know the planet is not such a fragile thing even though we've told the slaves it is as fragile as a warm egg with a thin shell. Even there, the do-gooders did their best to prove our convert scientists and government stooges wrong -- and they did -- and the slaves people believed it mostly no matter how we discredited, demonized, ruined, and ridiculed the do-gooders. Slaves always listen and listening leads to doubt no matter how strongly the slave believes the lies and doubt leads to more listening and more doubt until before you know it almost no one believes. Look at government. How many of the slaves actually believe the government works for them any more? Not enough and only the slaves that are already sucking at the government dole; they'd believe anything as long as they can fill their greedy bellies on the dole. More converts and you know where that ends up. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL! 

Time is running out and we have not managed to solve the slave population problem and we have been at it for thousands of years. Never should have created the slaves in the first place. They have been nothing but a royal nuisance from the beginning. Too bad that Flood didn't work. Do-gooders getting in the way and saving the nasty little buggers. Yes, even among the elite, there are do-gooders, but we have to increase our numbers somehow and interbreeding hasn't worked. Interbreeding only ends up coming back to bite us in the backside with madness, weak and diseased offspring, and eventually a need for reinvigoration from -- you've got it -- more slaves. It's a conundrum, a Mobius strip, a never ending problem with no solution, except for total anihilation, and we have a right to continue our species. 

That is all. Disperse.