Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Free Will.

I've been castigated by people who are pro-transgender. I usually let them say whatever, even if it means calling me bigoted, prejudiced, and homophobic. That too is their right. I have my opinion and they have theirs and maybe the twain will never meet in the middle -- unless I break off the attack by not responding.

I take issue that LGBT proponents do not see the issue when I day transgender people step aside and let women have their say about being marginalized, ignored, assaulted, and told to step aside for some man who is finally getting his comeuppance and his dirty linen aired in the clear light of day. LGBT proponents tell me that transgender women are women too. I do not see transgender women that way. Transgender women have chosen to become women, they say. I say that is a lie. If transgender women have chosen to be women, then they would have been born women in the first place because that is what any woman did when she chose to incarnate in this life at this time, cried as the doctor smacked her on the bum to make her take her first breath as a kicking, screaming, living female baby.

LGBT proponents are deciding that even transgender women are women and chose to be women.

I hit the buzzer on that one.

If the LGBT proponents call foul on my view, let them do so. I was born a woman. I have prayed nightly as a young prepubescent girl to wake up as a boy. It never happened. I am a female. I was born a female. I have given birth to four male children. I am a female. I chose to be a female in this body at this time. I didn't choose to have surgery to have breast implants surgically inserted. If I'd chosen when I was eight years old to have something implanted it would have been a penis because to my very young mind it was the lack of a penis that put me in the nuisance category of life that gave my brother, five years younger than I, the privileges and benefits that I lacked by being born with a vagina.

No, I'm sorry. You don't get to become a woman simply because you agreed to have your penis excised, or split, scooped out, and refashioned into a vagina. I understand that your surgical choices were painful and you had to battle society for your choice, but how much of your choice is due to surgery and how much to the genetically modified food you have eaten that dumped estrogen into you body and how much due to the prestige of appearing to be a woman?

Bruce Jenner lived his whole life as a white male athlete until he chose to surgically alter his appearance to emerge as Caitlin Jenner. No, Bruce is not a hero.  No, Bruce is not a woman.  No, Bruce is not icon to be worshiped because he chose to have his penis excised, scooped out, and the remaining tissue turned inside out and be fashioned into a vagina. I applaud his willingness to undergo the pain, but I'm certain Bruce didn't stint on the narcotics to help him through the surgical pain. He chose the surgical pain since he didn't choose to become a woman before he incarnated as Bruce Jenner, male athlete.

I do tend to feel that biological males who choose to wear dresses and pretend to be women are as phony as drag queens smoothing on their stockings and filling their dresses with falsies or silicone implants are still like my younger brother who sometimes went out on Halloween dressed as a girl -- playing dress-up.

Try as they might, transgender females, whatever they chose to have done to appear female, do not understand or know what it's like to be a woman. Transgender women have not lived with the knowledge that no matter how smart, how talented, how savvy they are, they will remain marginalized because they were born women, shuffled to the back of the bus, and overshadowed, ignored, denied, and forced to be quiet no matter their station, ignored because they are after all only women -- or girls -- people not worth listening to because they are WOMEN and women are always emotional, cry at the drop of a hat, and not worth listening to unless they're on their backs.

No one ever faces that the reality of being born a female, a girl, a woman, a second-class citizen means the whole of humanity does not exist without having been born from between feminine thighs, nursed at feminine breasts, and told to sit down, shut up, and let the men talk.

The reason men have nipples is because they were born from tissue put together in a woman's body and for a brief time while chromosomes and genes differentiate and gender determined with the suppression of a second X chromosome and the addition of a Y chromosome that biologically determines whether the gestating entity is born a woman (XX) or a man (XY). Yes, sometimes the connections between the chromosomes and the genes get mixed up (XXY, XYY, XXYY, etc.) and the parents decide which gender the baby will be in the case of a hermaphrodite, choosing to rear the entity as male or female because the doctor cannot say for certain whether the hermaphroditic baby is more male or more female.

As the child grows up, being raised male or female doesn't really count in the societal view even if the being has a penis and (not clearly obvious) a vagina. The end result is parentage children no matter what the parent choose to be seen as. The scientific truth is the hermaphrodite fathers a child or births a child no matter what the parents and/or the doctor decided when they were born -- or shortly after.

But there are few hermaphrodites born and thus fewer cock-ups in determining the gender of the entity born.

No, the problematic issue comes up later when "scientists" genetically modify food that contains sufficient phyto-estrogen or phyto-androgen to mix things -- and people -- up.

It doesn't matter to scientists whether the societal tag is taken from the LGBT lexicon or not. They've muddied the hormonal waters sufficiently already. It's up to the surgeons to take it from there -- and the psychiatrists or psychologists to handle the transition mentally and the LGBT proponents will handle the politically correct language.

I chose to be incarnated (born) a female and have fought my entire life to follow the protocol laid down by my mother, a dictate I fought against with my mother the entirety of my life. No, I will not play dumb just to attract a man.

No, I will not give up my further education and step aside for my five years younger brother because he was born a privileged male.

No, I will not shut up and refuse to say what I wish because girls should not put themselves -- or their ideas -- forward.

No, I will not spend my life deferring to a man because he is a male just because I was born a girl.

No, I will welcome blacks and Asians and anyone into my house regardless of your views because it is MY house.

No, I will not be prejudiced and I will acknowledge that my ancestor was a slave fleeing his master because that is who I am and what I drew in the genetic lottery.

I will not shut up and sit down simply because you're an adult and I'm a child. I have thoughts of my own.

No, I will not give up my intelligence or stop questioning religion, politics, genetics, and life just because you say so.

I have opinions. I have rights. I have free will.

I choose to exercise my free will at my discretion and not at yours or your friends' or your children's or your narrow-minded pronouncements. I choose. I speak. I am.

That is all. Disperse.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Want Answers? Work on a Phone Sex Line for a Week.

I worked on a phone sex line as an operator many, many years ago.

There were the usual lonely people looking for permission to talk to a real live woman and not to have to apologize for their lustful thoughts, dreams, and actions. Most of the callers were garden variety men who wanted to talk and be heard. Some were garden variety perverts lusting after their daughters, nieces, grandchildren, nephews, and co-workers. And then there were politicians ready to spill the beans -- and crow and boast about what they got away with all the time.

With the right sympathetic voice on the other line, especially when the caller was paying for their time, I heard tales of parking lot encounters with strangers and strangers willing to give up their panties and access to what was inside the panties in diners, restaurants, and Waffle Houses or Denny's for the price of a meal.

I heard from regulars about how they ended up with strangers' panties in their pockets and the scent of fluids on their fingers in a crowded restaurant while sitting in a booth during the height of the lunch rush. Fumbling encounters in restrooms, alleys, and cars were described in panting detail while callers, often stimulated by recounting their illicit encounters while they stroked themselves, accompanied by the stress-induced heavy breathing, were like badges of honor, much like President Bill's late night phone calls to personal fluid-stained blue-dress-wearing Monica Lewinsky as she patiently and sympathetically listened to his sex addled talk. As an intern, she was hungry for anything in the White House, whether crouching beneath the executive desk or waiting breathlessly out of the way for President Bill to join her for a quick fumble and some up close and personal whisper talk.

Hillary saved her clandestine activities for Huma on her personal private server in her downstairs bathroom at Chappaqua away from the prying eyes of the U.S. State Department servers and control, although Hillary was less worried about the prying eyes of Anthony Weiner's laptop in his own home.

Barack Obama didn't have -- or make use of that we know about -- JFK's law enforcement delivery and transportation service while he and Jackie lived in the White House, but little if anything of note got away from President Obama's transparency or onto the White House government web site, outside of his faked and fraudulent long for Hawaiian birth certificate which has long since been debunked and laid bare for all to see pulled apart by digital manipulation on YouTube by birthers and non-birthers alike.

It took Quaker President Nixon and a finger on the erase button to hide evidence in the 1970s shortly after being elected the second time with Klutzy VP Ford in place of Rockefeller with whom Nixon ran for office.

Like Hillary's private server, Monica's fluid-stained blue dress, JFK's less than secret transportation service, and Nixon's missing 18 minutes during the Watergate kerfuffle, nothing stays secret for long. Since President Obama ordered that all communication be bugged, here in the USA and abroad, somewhere someone like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange could leak the truth that destroys Obama's promised transparency once and for all. President Obama and Michelle may have kept the truth about Malia and Sasha's births and their biological parents, and even Michelle's suspected transgender surgeries, but they couldn't keep half-brother, Kenyan Obama from spilling the beans about Barack's Kenyan birth certificate for long.

No one has yet mentioned in the media (why would they since they are paid well to keep the truth hidden from the American people?) that since Obama was born in Kenya to a natural born subject of the British Empire during the time that Kenya was still part of Britain, Obama fails the natural born part of the U. S. Constitution and, despite being born to a U. S. citizen, Stanley Ann Dunham, is not -- and was not ever -- eligible to run for the office of president (POTUS). The DNC did not vet Obama during the process of checking his credentials, but that ship sailed 18 years ago when Russian communists chose and trained Obama for becoming President of the United States and colluded with the DNC (what? again?) to make sure Obama was elected.

Because of the British involved in the War of 1812, the natural citizen clause in the U. S. Constitution was put in to prevent any child of a British citizen (certainly the case with Barack Obama, Sr., citizen of Kenya when Barry was born in 1961) from being a valid candidate for POTUS. All of that vetting of John McCain's eligibility because he was born in the Canal Zone in Panama was just for show and to throw the spotlight off Barry while he slid into the race unvetted and patently ineligible and right on into the White House's Oval Office because that is what was decided 18 years ago when communist Russia decided Obama would be President. The only reason Obama spent $2 million to quash all lawsuits to make his Hawaiian birth certificate available to the U. S. voters was to keep up the pretense and the smoke and mirrors that has flourished, along with Obama's vaunted transparency, while he was in office.

Democratic election process meddled with much?

How about in selecting a communist-born and trained candidate long before Obama moved to Chicago to work with Acorn and the corrupt and corrupted DNC? That puts the Trump issue into clear and personal perspective and may be the smoking gun that leads back to the Uranium One deal currently being ignored in the mainstream media -- but not in the free alternative press.

Puts a lot of things in perspective, not only with the birther name calling but with the Trump as president in the DNC's sights while blaming Vladimir Putin for meddling with democratic elections in the very democratic U.S.A.

Can you say CIA meddling with official and democratic elections in South America?

With all of this trickling out, how difficult is it to believe that Roy Moore sexually assaulted and threatened high school teenagers or Bill Clinton is finally unmasked as the Southern boy who charmed his "wide-bottomed' way into the pants of female Oxford students while smoking pot and expounding at length on the Vietnam War while using his time at Oxford as a modern day Grand Tour.  

What you think you know about the world -- especially about the honor of politicians -- is skewed by mainstream media hacks and refed to the public by DNC hacks.

It would be better for you to work for a phone sex line for a week or two -- or even a month -- to get the real story the mainstream media would never be allowed to print while their liberal masters still have control of what does and does not appear on the front page or anywhere within its liberal pages. Truth is always much stranger than fiction -- and far more interesting when it is revealed.

That is all. Disperse.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Whose Rules? Whose Sin?

Religions do not work. Even with the best intentions, as long as there are people leading the religion there will be errors.

Man-made religions fail because they are made by men and ultimately mankind's ego gets in the way and leads down the wrong path at odds with the beliefs and at odds with salvation of the soul.

Even Buddhism has its flaws as long as there is someone in charge who has not rid himself of ego leading to rules that are at odds with Siddhartha Gautam's teachings after he became Buddha, the enlightened one because followers, being human, worship the man instead of following Buddha's example.

The same is true of all man-made religions. Followers worship the man and not only the teachings. The man, or leader, is a spokesman and not god or the Creator. He is simply a mouthpiece who speaks for the Creator. Worshiping the mouthpiece is the same thing as worshiping a loudspeaker, a tool meant so the man can make his voice loud enough to be heard by all who are willing to listen.

If you look at the roots of every man-made religion, you will find similarities and contradictions, many of which are changed by whichever spokesman is standing at the front and speaking. Some men speak only the truth and many men - far too many men - speak what they want people to hear and interpret the words in whichever way benefits them the most, furthering their own agenda to add prestige to themselves, stroke their own ego, or make it possible to prey on listeners, especially those listening who will bow to their personal agenda.

I remember a minister in my youth who preached from the Bible and used his position as leader of the church to prey on women who went to church to learn from him the right way to live. Not so surprising as men in power have often used their position to prey on those who looked up to him, something he did in secret while publicly effecting a moral stance consonant with his Christian preaching and totally at odds with the morals he taught as minister.

The same is true of every minister and preacher of man-made religions who seeks to add power to his position and use that power to prey on others. The prey run the gamut of children, adolescents, and adults of every age and stage of life. Consider Roman Catholic priests who prey on teenage girls, pre-adolescent girls, and even women close to -- or older than themselves -- as long as it ends adding to their power and ego. Men of the cloth (clergy) are still men. They pay for sex with whichever woman catches their fancy or, in the words of the time in which I grew up, make their socks go up and down. In cruder terminology, make their dicks hard.

Such excesses are not solely the property of the Roman Catholic Church, although they have been at it since the Roman Catholic Church began. There are predators among the Jews and the Buddhists and Muslims because the one thing they have in common is leaders who are men.

Man-made religions are unreliable, whatever their origins, because they are spread and taught or preached by men. Man-made religions are false.

Mankind does not need a saviour to point the way to salvation and do not need rules and morality codified by men. That is the same thing as setting up wolves to guard the sheep. Depending on how strong or faithful, in the end the wolf will revert to its nature and the sheep will die a violent and bloody death, becoming breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on the wolf's hunger.

Just like the wolf, he will be partial to lambs or mutton. It's all a matter of taste. There are also wolves that will beg for scraps or fight the leader to take over the pack so that wolf will get the first taste of the prey and share the scraps with whichever wolf is next in line. If there are enough sheep, everyone is fed. If not, food will be shared out depending on which wolf is strongest and the winner of the fights.

Consider followers like sheep and leaders like wolves. The comparison is apt and describes exactly what happens throughout the world along the lines of religious beliefs.

Buddhism in its original form, the same eight fold path taught by Buddha, formerly Siddhartha Gautam, and preached during his lifetime. Basically it all boils down to nonviolence and being kind to others. I would say serving others without ego and without agenda. The whole point is doing good to others without expectation of reward or punishment.

There are no rules outside of being kind and caring for others. There are no rewards or punishments except those we find if we live our life caring for others and being kind to all. Meditation is something we do for ourselves, finding within us what has always been there -- the nature of our souls, the same soul that brings this body to life, the same soul that led us to the choice of where and how to incarnate in this existence when and where you are at this point. Whatever you choose to learn informs the path you take this life around. You will make mistakes and you will learn. There are times when you must repeat the same type of life because you didn't learn or refused to learn, getting caught up in the same errors and refusing to learn whatever lesson you chose this lifetime around. Your punishment is not hell, unless it is the Hell of realizing what you did wrong and knowing you must come back and learn the lesson once again. You choose the life. You choose the circumstances. You either learn or you do not. It is up to you.

Be mindful. Absorb every moment of every day. Appreciate the beauty of the world around you. Be thankful for the gifts you are given and the people you meet. Give up anger, wrath, violence, being a know-it-all, step down off your high horse, give up your high moral ground, love everyone without exception. Do not mistake lust for love, not the love of one human for another that does not expect to have your lustful feelings returned or fulfilled. Love is simply love, caring for the people around you, caring about the people around you, being kind and generous with the people around you. Lust is not part of that kind of love and has no place in loving one another as one human being loves another, cares for the other, is generous with others, and has no selfish, ego-driven agenda, and no desire for control and power over others. There is no reward to be earned, except the reward of looking out for others, being kind to others, generously smoothing the road for others, and letting others find their own way down the path to nirvana -- the ultimate salvation and release from unending rounds of reincarnation when we have not learned the first and only basic lesson we have chosen to learn -- be kind to all people, care for others without expecting reward, and loving others without building up points to rise to a heaven that does not exist or falling to a fiery hell that also does not exist.

You will learn to be the best person you can be, help others, and love everyone without respect for their physical appearance. Loving without expectation of reward is the same as following rules to achieve the big reward and avoid the fiery hell that waits to gobble you up and torture you for eternity.

Learn to meditate. Look inward. Strive to be the kindest, most generous, and loving being you can and you will achieve nirvana. You will achieve ultimate salvation. No one needs to teach you because you have the answer inside you. You were born knowing the answer. Listen to what your soul tells you or chain yourself to the wheel of fortune by ignoring your soul and your connection to the Creator of all.

Ignore the man-made written rules that say you must believe a certain way, prey on others, or follow man-made rituals. The only salvation is within you. Meditate, connect with your soul, and live the life you know in your soul you should live. Keep love in your heart, care for others without expecting reward, and know yourself. That is all you need to discover the ultimate salvation. Everything else you have learned or been taught is false. Follow no leader. Harm no one. Love everyone. Care for everyone.

That is all. Disperse.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Review: The Secret Language of Stones

Opaline Duplessi, daughter of La Lune, the artist Sabine Duplessi who connected with the first and original mother of the La Lune line, was granted the gift of connecting to the dead through the stones she fashions to help grieving family connect with their dead. Opaline feels she must make amends to her lover who died in the war and fashions talismans for the grieving family left in the wake of the death and devastation of war.

She could have learned from her mother how to manage her gift, but she fears her mother's power and and where it might lead her. The only answer is to go to Paris and work at the Palais Russe. Many women took over the jobs men did when they went off to war, but having the man who apprenticed with Faberge welcome her to his store and craft jewelry for him was where Opaline deserved to be. So much for the trip to America. Opaline had work to do in Paris and the debt she felt she owed to the young man who died after she refused to lie to him about loving him and being willing to wait for him.

M. J. Rose offers us another view of Sabine's daughters and their gifts as daughters of La Lune. While The Secret Language of Stones does not explode from the pages, Rose is at her best when she shares the magic inside us and how many ways that magic can be manifested and put to use in service of others. Yes, there is regret in Opaline's life. Yes, there is redemption in Opaline's life. Yes, there are intrigue, secrets, and hope in Opaline's life. Yes, there is love and redemption in Opaline's life, but she will have to face it by not running and hiding from what she fears -- and hopes for -- the most.

Each of Rose's stories is more than a trip down the rabbit hole running from fear and each heroine hiding from herself. In the women's lives that begin with La Lune and emanate from Sabine all must face life and destiny head on. Opaline is no exception. What she finds is that her fears are not hers alone and being of service to others brings rewards she never dreamed possible.

Rose has matured so much with her evolving mastery of language, history, and possibilities. This latest continuation of La Lune's progeny is a far cry from Lip Service where Rose began writing so long ago and yet M. J. Rose has arrived with more magic and hope that comes from deep inside her as she takes history and weaves it with the magic of possibility into yet another magnificent and satisfying tale that continues to leave readers satisfied and their appetites whetted for new adventures and even more possibilities that rival even Alice Hoffman. 5 out of 5 stars. I can't wait to find out where the next inheritor of La Lune's magic will lead.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Review: The Wife Between Us

With all the PR and media hype (without teeth or accepting responsibility), women's value has not changed since the beginning of mankind's memory. Women are seen as brood mares or status symbols and not as having a value beyond their ability to produce children.

In those few marriages where children are not wanted--likely because the husband wishes to retain cock of the walk fawned over by all females present--his wishes dictates remain unchallenged once the women learn their place. That place is under constant surveillance and under threat. Nothing and no one she loves are tolerated to ripple the placid waters between then. What follows is either reward and, more often, punishment.

The woman who does not follow the man's dictates and does not respond by changing her attitude and falling into step two or three paces behind him will be cast into outer darkness. Divorced.

For the woman who actively pursues her freedom, often after the death of her favorite companion (a dog purchased for protection when the husband is out of the house), she will look for opportunities to distance herself, gain a modicum of freedom, and inveigle an option, suggesting her husband take advantage of a co-worker's needs and flexibility over her own sickness, urging him, with her permission of course, to take her place.

The problem with such machinations is that the wife is putting some other unsuspecting and undeserving woman her place with the same dangers and well known outcomes since she has begun to figure out how well shackled she was in his prison. It may have looked like heaven, but it was closer to hell, and now that she is finally free of him, she must in good conscience help free the woman she threw into the villain's evil clutches. No one, not even an unsuspecting younger woman falling into the same trap, should be forced to suffer that.

While Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen thought that when they put their heads and experiences and knowledge together to write The Wife Between Us, it was apparent to me their literary skills may have been firmly entrenched in the societal norms of how women are treated by men and, worse, by each other, blaming their comrades in the battle between the sexes and clinging to the man who has been so good to them, and who looks far too good to be true.

There is a vertiginous feeling when beginning the novel. It seems straight forward. A young woman who is a grade school teacher and lives with her friend is giving up her job in order to be with the man who has asked her to marry him. He doesn't want her teaching other children when she will have to teach and care for her own children after they are married. She moves out of town into the suburbs of an exclusive community and gives up her friends and everything she worked for to take a leap up into her brand new husband's rarefied world. She is getting use to dealing with her sister-in-law. She is after all her only in-law and she is so good to her younger and oh so accomplished brother. She even has a solid, strong, and faithful dog to protect her in her stunning suburban home and she doesn't miss her friends or her remaining family member while she tries to fill her time in the palatial and protected suburbs. Except that she cannot get pregnant and is soon cast out of her idyllic wealthy life, divorced, replaced by the other woman she made room for in her husband's life.

But she is free.

She is safe.

Or is she?

She has to clue her replacement in to what she is in for as she gives up her grade school teaching job and is forced to move into the secluded and exclusive life that has been cloned for her. The replacement wife may be luckier than she and may well give her ex-husband the child she could not, but she must be warned before it is too late. Or is it already too late?

Hendricks and Pekkanen deliberately created a situation where the obvious gas lighting and abusive cycle are blurred and the reader is not sure what is going on and who is trying to protect whom. On that level, they succeeded admirably, creating a modern version of Ingrid Bergman's danger at the hands of her unscrupulous husband as he drives her slowly and inexorably insane, questioning her sanity and reality, until at last either Ingrid or Charles Boyer will win and the truth will finally surface or one of them will be dead and broken, ruined.

As a psychological thriller, The Wife Between Us succeeds admirably to the point that the reader is also drawn into the trap and may not survive the ride. That is not too difficult since women are often their own worst enemies when vengeance and men are concerned. I see Hendricks and Pekkanen urging the trapped fox to chew off its own foot in order to be free, except that the fox trapped is not the fox you would expect, but the fox firmly caught in the trap urging the other caught fox to chew off its foot. There is no honor among contestants for the privileged life . . . and, considering the recent falls from grace, there may never be. There never has been.

Women are ornaments, chattel, brood mares, arm candy. As in Islam, so in the enlightened western world. There is no honor among women when men are concerned. Puts a different spin on Stand by Your Man.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Squatters Rights

Mankind has the wrong idea about its existence and the history of civilization and this planet. 

Mankind is a species of finders determined to keep what they found and have found since the Great Flood. What else would mankind do when they crawl out of their holes in the grounds, climb down from mountaintops, or out of caves or wherever else their saviors hid them when the rains came and they found all of those megalithic stone structures? Mankind took their findings by becoming squatters. And squatters Mankind remains.  That's what happens when the squatters from the stars return to see the planet cleansed of all life. What they found were hordes of humans, that failed experiment of hybridization rescued and hidden by their own and emerging onto the pristine surface of the planet.

No doubt the leader's first words were, "How do we get rid of them now? They've already infested the planet. Nothing short of global annihilation will get rid of them now!" 

People say the same thing after leaving their homes and allowing the exterminators to tent or bomb or spray the premises to get rid of the vermin infestation. Where they expected to roll up their sleeves, pull out the cleaning supplies, and clean the carcasses of vermin they found instead, armed with spray poisons and roach motels, the continuing fight to get rid of yet more vermin crawling from the walls, likely from the next door neighbor's where they refused to vacate so the exterminators could do their jobs, and the struggle continues. More poisons. More roach motels. More electronic widgets promising to finally do the job. More trouble and yet the vermin remain.

It is apparent the only real solution is to pack up and move, seal all furnishings and boxes in a secluded and hopefully airtight storage facility, and leave everything to be bombed with more poisons. That will do the job. . . at last.

It never works. Some dark adapted vermin burrow into the niches and crevices having become inured to the effects of poison and eventually emerge with stronger tolerance to poisons having bred into the later generations. The whole process must begin again. Better poisons modified to kill the more resistant generation and on and on and on until either the masters or the vermin win. Even if it means more must die or their homes are destroyed utterly.

Is that what has happened to mankind? Is mankind more resilient to the poisons or are saviors without the master race continuing to rescue and save mankind -- yet again?

Mankind is very resilient and getting outside help is unconscionable -- to the masters, the progenitors of mankind even after having wiped the planet clean with the Great Flood about 11,000 years ago. Someone told doomed mankind the end was coming and led mankind to safety. If only the progenitors had not promised not to sterilize mankind in the future with another Great Flood and put the rainbow in the sky as proof of the detente in getting rid of the human vermin.

No doubt it has been helpful that mankind moving into the megalithic buildings, cities, and ruins while learned mankind made up stories about where all those stone edifices came from and how they twisted the myths into fanciful stories and histories of how mankind evolved from cave dwellers and nomads to create such marvels. Many of the people bought into the stories. Why wouldn't they? Even at the height of their ingenuity and power they used their imagination to steer the gullible into believing the myths and lies and swinging their ridicule so widely that even those on the fence would fall into line to help delegitimize and ridicule even the strongest and smartest of mankind when the very real threat of career suicide and world wide ridicule failed to work.

The problem wasn't only the threats and ridicule. The real problem was there were enough who clung
to the truth even in the face of such odds and would not let go of the bone of contention no matter what. Like the generations of poison-resistant vermin left in the wake of widespread extermination, humans bred too quickly and passed their knowledge and doubts to the generations that sprang up like resistant vermin and weeds and spread those kernels of truth and wisdom that burrow deep and breed true no matter what the masters do until the only remaining option is violence and ruin.

As long as the truth sneaks out and spreads, even to a handful of believers, there will be no option but to utterly and completely destroy the planet and all life in and on the surface.

In the end, squatters will win. There are more of them than there are of us and the squatters will defeat the best intentions of the masters. The squatters will finally escape the masters' control and with the dawning transcendance be beyond our reach, influence, and plane of existence. Wiping the historical record and leaving a fantasy in his academic place only works when using the 1001 stories told by Sheherezade as long as there is a Burton to translate the tale and sell it to multitudes already addicted to the opioid dream.

That is all. Disperse.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Man vs Woman?

Brett Ratner, Hollywood director, is another Harvey Weinstein, except he hasn't been at the predator stage as long as Weinstein. By all accounts, Ratner is a nice guy, a family man, kind, and generous -- with his time. His lawyer supports Ratner's claims that he has done nothing -- NOTHING. I'm sure Weinstein said the same thing even before 30 women came forward to accuse him of preying on him. Hasn't Hollywood claimed that no often means yes? That's what all the guys in high school in the locker room claimed and still claim. After all, a red-blooded American girl often says no many times before she finally says yes. 

Ask Weinstein. Ask the players on the football, basketball, and baseball teams. 

Better yet, ask their lawyers. Their girlfriends. Their mothers. Their neighbors. The clergy - if you can find a minister, pastor, rabbi, priest, or layman. 

Ask the next Muslim man you see or his imam. 

No matter where you go or where you live or have lived, the answer will be the same when it comes to women. 

The closer the woman is to the alleged predator, the louder and more certain she will be about knowing whether or not the predator can possibly be the predator who raped, propositioned, sexually assaulted, harassed, and/or raped the female. 

Go back farther, back when the woman was demonized, after Lillith who wanted to be on top during copulation. Eve, so the codexes say, is the reason for the fall of Adam and thus of mankind. I wonder if Allah, the moon god, sent Gibreel to Muhammad when he chose his prophet to spread his godly words, or if Muhammad figured it out when his mother died when he was 6 years old and abandoned him with her death. 

Islam is very clear about the testimony of women and how many men (FOUR) are needed to verify a woman's story. Is there any wonder that Muslim women are automatically killed because of honor since a woman's honesty is already in question? 

How many women have accused Brett Ratner? Not as many as Harvey Weinstein, but Ratner has not been at is as long. Thirty women have come out and accused Weinstein from exposing himself to rape. In Muhammad's version of the story, 1200 men are needed to speak for every woman's accusations. 

Ratner supposedly masturbated all over magazines in front of the woman on the cover of those mags. Where's a forensic lab when you need a quick lab test to verify the jizz stains on the magazine covers? It's not like anyone would hang the magazines in their closet and produce it to be tested. Magazines tend to mildew and stick together after all that ejaculatory fluid dried on the paper. 

Why is anyone surprised that wealthy and Hollywood powerful men will call their lawyers and pull a Sergeant Schultz? They know nothing. NOTHING. Their word and their families will swear they know nothing and their wives and girlfriends will proudly stand up and call the accusing women sad and poor things who cannot get a date or describe their encounters with the predator. 

The cleaner the predator's background -- and cage -- the less the woman will be believed so long after the fact -- or the assault or the masturbation or the blood and bruises have dried -- not without photographic evidence. 

It doesn't matter how long it took the women to tell their stories. Women have been the target since boys found them attractive and do-able. Not everyone chooses to roofy their victims and few leave a tip even after they have ejaculated their loads on their clothes or magazines. 

Not even the least attractive women have not had to deal with these predators. Hillary called them super predators and she would know since she has been covering for Bill for decades. 

Some predators begin their assault on women, their prey, at an early age and got over the awkward
stage before they figured out the best line of attack proposal/proposition to use, falling back on rape when all else fails or they lose their nerve or strike out. At such times, lies about the prey's sexuality, body, kissing, and/or skills will do. It is what passes for locker room talk where the lies and exaggerations flow as freely as fantasies and fish stories. Fish stories are practice for boasting about one's skill and the size of one's fish lure

We western women have no high ground to speak from when it comes to the treatment of girls and women by Muslims since we are busily standing proudly by our menfolk -- even when we know the men are just as vicious and dishonest. Good thing we have plenty of male judges willing to smack a rapist's wrist instead of ruining his future by sending him to prison or, as Cheech and Chong said in their act, whack his peepee.  Never mind that the future of the woman he raped will be marked forever by fear and scars and the horror of what happened when the college football player raped her. 

Since the time of Eve in the Garden of Eden when she forced Adam to take and eat the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, women are responsible for all evil. Lillith, Adam's first mate, only demanded to be poked when she was on top. Eve inveigled and tempted Adam with the fruit and that, according to the Good Book, was far worse.  Her perfidy caused mankind to fall and for Yahweh to cast his slaves, the two people he had given so much, out of Eden and bar the entrance with angels wielding fiery swords. 

Forget that most women have been importuned, assaulted, or raped when they were children and their adolescence was pockmarked by admiring young men cruising the streets and cat calling from construction sites in order to make their admiration known publicly. Let's not mention uncles who were too friendly and touchy feely when sitting their favorite niece, daughter, friend of the family on their laps. After all, boys will be boys and men will be men -- boys with more strength and determination to ease a young girl out of her shyness and rectify her inexperience. It's all in the family after all. What better way to keep the secret a secret and the knowledge in the family? If all else fails, telling the young girl she is a slut or a whore or a nasty little girl will do wonders for keeping the secret safe and the road open the next time he's feeling the need for a poke or a kiss. 

In the middle of the 20th century dressing to attract attention was the best way to get attention -- of any kind. Why else would clothing designers and stores make their sweaters and clothes so tight fitting when material was in good supply? Having women teetering on high heels keeps women off balance, which is good since women haven't figured out those spike heels can be weapons that can take out a predator's eye or make a hole in forehead, face, chest, or groin. Too bad if they ever figure that out. 

Women have borne the slights, accusations, name calling, assaults, and rapes for millennia and nothing has changed, except how many women are willing to stand by their man -- or men. If a woman has scaled the heights of wealth and fame, she is not going to willingly admit she knew anything about the predators' preying on other women as long as she has avoided the trap and come out the other end richer, more famous, or at least few bruises, scars, and fractures. Best to keep that info to themselves. It's not like the predator will ever pay for his crimes and the best place to be is not on his hit list. 

No wonder women prefer homosexual males. Gay men accessorize well, enjoy the platonic company of women, and are often willing to lend a shoulder when their gal pals (fag hags) need one because men are shits. 

As much as I enjoyed Netflix's show Medici: Masters of Florence, I often cringed when Madden as Cosimo de Medici called his intelligent (and sharp-tongued, witty, and faithful wife) Contessina woman in order to make her back off and bend to his position as pater familias. Not a surprise since men even in the 21st century remind women they are less important than their husband, brother, boyfriend, colleague, or significant other. The master has spoken and the woman must now be silent and back down. 

If you lived in my family, you would have had my mother reminding you that men are more important and their word is the final word on any subject. Mom taught me that I was to let the guy win in any contest, appear to be dumber than the guy, and obey my husband (on my wedding day) in all things. Telling her that I would follow my own dictates set her back on her heels and she was convinced that when I divorced my first husband it was because I considered myself his equal. Could be because I didn't tell her he had cheated on me with other women -- and men -- or that he raped me, but it didn't really matter because as with Eve all was my fault. Mentioned the broom handle and the damage done to my backside wouldn't have made her more sympathetic to me. She would still have badgered and threatened me to give up my children and make sure that they were safe with him and me out of their lives altogether. If that failed, she had already primed my boys by telling them the only one who loved them was her, their grandmother. Everything else was a lie. 

Women have been denigrated, demonized, devalued, and dragged thru the sewers since Eve, and often by women. Women were born to be second class and, even in modern times, that mentality continues unchallenged no matter what words men say when called out by their prey. Women will not waste time to lend their support to the lies, subterfuge, and degrading, demonizing, denigrating, and mud slinging needed to push women back into the sewer. Women must find a higher step up the hill or climb on top of the women they've shoved into the sewer. 

That is all. Disperse. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Review: The Paper Magician

Before she arrived at Magician Emery Thanes home, she had worked in a restaurant and catering to make it possible to go to Tagis Praff and graduated in less time than anyone else on the same path. She was determined to work with metal and yet finds herself bonded to paper of all things. She is caught in a trap the moment she was bonded to paper. What can she do with that? What will she do with only paper - forever?

From the paper skeleton butler that greets her when she arrives to the paper dog Thane creates for her, she is about to step through into a life she had never imagined before accompanied by birds and paper creatures, learning to bring stories to life and reading fortunes, far more than she ever imagined.

When an excisioner cuts out Thane's heart and leaves him to die,Ceony fashions him a paper heart and flies away on Thane's paper plane to confront the excisioner and bring back Thane's still beating heart if she can take it from the murderous thief. First, she must turn the tables on evil and travel the chambers of Thane's heart and emerge alive. Will she have enough time to complete the journey and return in time to save the magician who made her future possible?

Charlie Holmberg has a much bigger plan in hand than paper and magic. "The Paper Magician" is the doorway through which the reader must enter to begin their own larger than life journey and become greater than they imagined when they began.

All life begins with dreams and crashes on stony shores, shattering their illusions and the future they envisioned for themselves before the real world forced them to change course or find a different path. Just as Ceony Twill faces how her plans and dreams fared when the real world broke in and she would have to make do with paper, the reader will have to revise prosaic dreams and take hold of a much greater view.

I originally passed "The Paper Magician" off as just another novel and was caught in Holmberg's spell. So much more was possible when I let go of my preconceived views and let go of dreams.

We see the forces in our lives as far more than they are and far less formidable once we dig in and rely on ourselves even when our abilities and skills are still to be learned. Teachers began as adolescent with views and certainties that were far different than what life has in store. The same is true of "The Paper Magician". Give it a chance. You won't be sorry as you begin the adventure of a lifetime.

Everything begins somewhere. Let this be the beginning for you.

5/5 stars

Friday, October 20, 2017

Power Comes With Knowledge

If you pay attention.

There is so much more to slavery than white privilege. Slavery was practiced by every nation for thousands of years and slaves were often of the same nation and color. Muslims and Islam have practiced slavery the longest and across more nations than we realize. Time to pick up a book and look farther than your neighborhood.

Check out further videos from Thomas Sowell and his Misconceptions About Slavery.

That is all. Disperse.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Who Pays Whom?

Christopher Portier-
Scientist or activist leader of ban glyphosate movement?
I'm not sure of the GLP is protecting the people they pretend to serve or serving up the people "who are not paid" for their services in rooting out glyphosate lies or protecting their paymaster.

You decide.

I've been bullied and publicly lashed for my unscientific approach to science because I read Natural News, written by an actual scientist who publishes what he finds in trials and investigations into things like Bitcoin values and how many shooters there were in Las Vegas at naturalnews.com.

The Health Ranger speaks out about what is going on in this nation, health-wise and politically, and has a long history of telling the world what the mainstream media keeps quiet about and what Google and the bully trolls that attack anyone -- and everyone -- who states the truth as they see it. What are people to do - believe the lies like most people or call them out and demand the truth? How can we get the truth when people have been bought and have signed papers that they will not talk about the litigation or the inconvenient truths?

You decide.

I decided to keep digging and keep calling foul when the lies are evident even to a lay person like me.

That is all. Disperse.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Choose ignorance -- or TRUTH

Garbage In/Gospel Out

"Garbage in, gospel out" is a more recent expansion of the acronym (GIGO). It is a sardonic comment on the tendency to put excessive trust in "computerised" data, and on the propensity for individuals to blindly accept what the computer says. Since the data entered into the computer is then processed by the computer, people who do not understand the processes in question, tend to believe the data they see:
Decision-makers increasingly face computer-generated information and analyses that could be collected and analyzed in no other way. Precisely for that reason, going behind that output is out of the question, even if one has good cause to be suspicious. In short, the computer analysis becomes a credible references point although based on poor data."
Daniel T. Brooks, Brandon Becker and Jerry R. Marlatt, "Computer Applications in Particular Industries: Securities" appearing in Bigelow, "Computers & The Law", American Bar Association, Section of Science and Technology, Third Edition 1981 at 250, 253

"GIGO is commonly used to describe failures in human decision-making due to faulty, incomplete, or imprecise data." Though the issue predates the computer age, GIGO still applies and has always applied to humans and religion/politics. 

There is a popular saying that it takes a computer to really mess things up. 


All it takes is humanity and a narrow-minded vision of what passes for reality. In the days of the Crusades, the narrow-minded vision was imposed by the Roman Catholic Church and Islam. Both were intent on what I see as a historical pissing contest between Rome and Islam. 

Nowadays, the pissing contest is between the leftist liberal mentality and the Islamic Imams intent on spreading Islam throughout the word so that all peoples on this planet are submissive to Mohammed in the guise of right thinking. Right thinking does not include any single person or movement's individual beliefs, questions, or research because that would negate the rightness of the beliefs and totally against the rules. 

Muslims will state that submission is to Allah (their version of God) and not to Mohammed while the leftist liberal mentality welded in lock step to political correctness and their politically correct views spouted by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, as well as the talking heads of the Mainstream Media (MSM) who have checked their brains at the studio door to follow the Frankfurt School and usher the rest of the thinking world into the New Dark Ages.  

Did you know that the Dark Ages then and now are created from the same source? 


Yes, there is enough blame and hatred to go around for the Roman Catholic Church and their crusades as well as Islam since nothing happens in this world without action and reaction.  

In this politically correct (Frankfurt School ousted by Hitler and moved to Cambridge - USA) world the reaction to the action of immigrating to Europe and the Muslim bombings and bloody massacres by vehicle and gun is fear and electing Donald Trump who promised to push back. The politically correct MSM and leftists (Antifa and BLM), along with the ignorant and emotional hordes as well as the well spoken politicians like Obama and the dregs of the Democrats, stand back, bow, and welcome the immigrants. How has Germany, France, and the UK fared since Angela Merkel welcomed Syrian refugees to wealthy socialist Europe

The response from Canada is . . . what

How is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doing as he throws open Canada's door to Syrian Refugees and immigrants of all stripes

Though the Ottoman Empire is no more, or at least the world thought so as of 9/11/1924, and the fuel George W. Bush and Cheney added to the pyre on 9/11/2001 so they could motivate Americans by the take down of the Twin Towers in NYC and a hit on the Pentagon (still questionable since the facts do not support the story), Muslims are flooding out of the Middle East and Africa and taking down the wealthy socialist countries of the EU and now Canada like a nuclear fueled plague of locusts with taqiyya in the hum of their destruction. 

No Muslim is safe as long as the Muslim believes in the propaganda spun by Mohammed and propagated by Muslim teachings and the hubris of pro-Islam apologists and the violence and denial adopted by the intellectually perverted hordes of unthinking and hormone addled youth spouting divisive and venom-tainted slogans is disguised as protest. 

Muslims and hormone-fueled youth spew the garbage they have been fed and there is no holistic or natural cure that can overwhelm or ameliorate the garbage they have been given without let up. What they have been fed - politically and religiously - cannot be stemmed or corrected since their brains are clogged with the mind altering methods of propaganda. Their brains are closed off in much the same way as Alzheimer's disease hampers the brain's natural function with aluminum fibers spun across the synapses to impede the electrical flow of communication. 

There is a cure for Alzheimer's of the brain.  

There is no cure for stupidity. 

There is a cure for ignorance. 

Pay attention, read, listen, think for yourself.

That is all. Disperse. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sentimental Moment

Seeing Donovan's Reef in my queue was all I needed to saunter down memory lane with the Duke (John Wayne/Marion Michael Morrison) and crew - Jack Warden, Lee Marvin, and Elizabeth Allen to French Polynesia, shot in Kauai, governed by Cesar Romero, shepherded by Father Cluzeot, and told with humor even though the themes are corporate greed and bigotry. John Ford set up his usual John Wayne setup with fights and a real international brawl between Australian navy and the Yankee navy (Wayne and Marvin) with one Australian lad evening the odds by turning his hat around and fighting for the Yanks until a winner is declared.

Donovan's Reef is fun and breezy, some amateur critics call it a lazy film, though I doubt the viewers or the actors would agree, and tackles the issues of corporate greed and prejudice, issues that plague us still, though I doubt the Polynesians would have called the Yanks in residence after the end of World War II an immigration problem or would have been xenophobic about them setting up shop with their saloon, shipping business, or hospital with a doctor who makes regular island calls and built a hospital that also trains nurses. From the beauty of the island and the seeming happiness of the Polynesian natives (girls of course), I doubt there was any problems with fitting in and becoming integrated into the society and population. One might say that Father Cluzeot fits in very well even though as a Roman Catholic priest he has centuries of experience in integrating whatever culture the people possess into his world view. The Romans before him and the Roman Catholic Church after the Roman Empire's fall were well versed in insinuating themselves into other indigenous peoples' lives and society even if priests had to change the society to suit Roman Catholicism.

Rome had become adept at making Rome the heart of any people and country, by war at first and then by eradicating any pagan ideology and writings even if Rome had to replace anti-Roman views with more Rome friendly views. Much of this Romanization was accomplished by rewriting any documentation and history they found (hiding the originals where possible in the Vatican archives) and adopting the foreign views and religions into their own pantheon. If you believe what is written in the Aeneid, the Trojans hid themselves from the Greeks, and eventually conquering the Greeks when they became the all powerful and far reaching Roman Empire, by landing in the Italian peninsula and becoming allied with the Etruscans and forming the first origins of Romulus and Remus and the she-wolf that suckled them (Romulus eventually killing Remus) to rise to the pinnacle of the brand new Roman society and conquering much of the known Western world, maybe even to the point of eradicating the Etruscans that first gave them a home and assistance.

At any rate, Father Cluzeot was more interested in feeding, clothing, and aiding the poor than in using monies donated specifically for the restoration of the church's roof. As Father Cluzeot continued to say, "The poor are still with us," when he let everyone, especially the donors, know the poor came first in his mind even if it meant praying in a church with gaping holes that did not keep the torrential winter rains out. Better to take care of the poor than to patch the roof that would eventually sprout more holes with more torrential winter rains in future years. The poor always came first with Father Cluzeot just as the ailing came first with Dr. Dedham.

Donovan's Reef is the usual formulaic John Wayne story where there is a central issue to deal with and at least one brawl/fight to stage and get through. Even watching this favorite movie after years of it sitting on my video shelf, I was struck by the anguished cry "Because we're not white," as if being Polynesian is as strong a prejudice in Yankee minds as being black or Oriental or Hispanic. Maybe in 1963 during the height of the civil rights struggle in America Polynesians were as likely to be shunned in society as blacks, Asians, or Hispanics, but I doubt it. I lived during those time, living specifically in Panama on a U.S. Army base, and the thought that Polynesians were prejudiced against was as foreign to me as Panamanians being anything but welcome. Okay, we had two black maids who worked for us and were paid well, but they were still family to me because as a child living in foreign countries following my father from Army base to Army base around the world it never occurred to me they were less acceptable than our neighbors or the kids I played with on and off base. To a child like me brought up around the world, people were people and beautiful and smiling people were people to get to know and invite home. I didn't know my parents were bigots until nearly half a century later.

Well, that's not completely true. I knew my mother was a bigot when I was a teenager and she went ballistic when she discovered a party and the subsequent slumber party I attended were at a black friend's house. That discovery led to a life long running argument between Mom and me that friends were friends whatever their color and spending the night with a friend was just spending the night with a girlfriend whatever her color because for me then -- and now -- friendship doesn't count whether or not the friend has a better -- or deeper -- tan than I do, except where their tan is darker than mine and I feel pale by comparison.

Mom's response was that spending the night with blacks was inviting trouble which is why she never slept over or visited with a black family friend when on vacation -- and they, if they were her friend wouldn't come to visit on vacation and expect to spend the night in her home. If they were her friend they knew to go to a hotel or motel.

I never understood that and believed Dad would have agreed with me (I later found out how wrong I was -- much later) that a friend is a friend is a friend and color is not a factor. Dad probably rolled over in his grave, as did Mom, because my nephew, J. C., married Ebony and they have a new baby girl as of last year. Ebony, like her name, is black. Dad threw a fit when J. C. took to their senior prom . . . because she was black. That's when I found out my father was a bigot. I knew Mom was a bigot from my teenage years because she despised Asians, especially the Japanese. Dad had  been stationed in Korea twice during his 22 years in the Army and Mom openly loathed Asians because Dad had nearly married a Japanese during his first tour in Korea when he went to Japan on R & R and had a child with the woman. Mom's prejudice, I thought, was born out of her jealousy of Dad's previous love and the love of his bi-racial daughter even though her family refused to sanction Dad's marriage to her mother because he was white, a round eye. At least with the Japanese, they didn't give their bi-racial children to the Roman Catholic monastery nearby and raised those bi-racial children in their own homes with their Asian relatives. Bigotry comes from every race and is most often the burden and shame of the younger generations -- if they know about it at all.

At any rate, Lelani's anguished cry still gets to me with the same emotions -- why? She's not someone who should be the source of bigotry then or now, but I am probably still naive in that way. Even at 62, the only bigotry I am aware of is prejudice against Islam because Islam, like the Roman Empire before them, brings death and pain with it. Even the Roman Catholic Church embodies death and pain, not only in their worship of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, but in their more violent episodes where the Church sanctioned and even authorized the death of nonbelievers.

It doesn't make sense to me -- then or now. Killing believers or those fallen away from the faith is no way to win friends or influence people to your side nor does closing a blind eye to priests abusing children, sexually, emotionally, or physically, let alone refusing to acknowledge the world isn't full of people who choose to love -- and marry -- those of their own gender. In the end, love is at the center of controversy with homosexuality in practice and belief, and was once so accepted in the Roman Catholic Church's earlier history that priests performed marriage ceremonies between same-sex couples and celebrated homosexual liaisons. I guess being a pagan was less an issue among homosexuals than Christianity has been. Better to follow the Greeks with their different words and designations for love. If there is love, then nothing involving that love can be wrong -- or should be wrong -- even if there are different words for love as long as love is the central emotion. I believe the Cosmic Creator would agree.

So here we are with a formulaic John Wayne movie where love triumphs, whether it is love between a saloon singer and a booze hound-fist fight loving and practicing hooligan like Gilhooley (Lee Marvin), a Boston socialite and ex-war veteran turned shipping owner and operator who also owns a saloon, and that same strait-laced Boston socialite and the half-caste Polynesian-American children  from her father's second marriage to Manulani, the hereditary Polynesian princess of Haleakaloa. Love is all that matters.

I would take exception to the spanking that "Guns" Donovan dealt to Amelia Dedham even though said spanking is reminiscent of John Wayne and his female costars (Maureen O'Hara in The Silent Man and McClintock!) and his macho attitude toward women. Good thing, even with a fireplace shovel, the spankings he dole out were more humorous than painful -- or fatal as in the case with Muslim women and Shari'a law among those supporting  Islamic rule.

In spite of being an atheist and my views on Jesus Christ, I was quite emotional during the Christmas mass at Father Cluzeot's church on Xmas eve. I was feeling nostalgic and touched by the music and the Yule season than any affection for the celebration of the lie that has persisted for 2000 years. I was a child brought up with the Nativity and Mary and Joseph ending up in a stable to give birth to their child. I am just as vulnerable as anyone who hears the myth of Jesus Christ and the midwinter nativity as any pagan which is why the story resonates for so many. It is akin to the stories at the heart of their own religions, which is not so surprising since it was created by Emperor Titus and supported by the Roman Catholic Church for 2000 years and the Romans knew how to adapt local customs and beliefs to fit their own pantheon and control. After so long, it is easy to get it right and to turn enemies minds to a more favorable position . . . even if you have to lie. At least in that regard, Islam and the Muslims have it down pat. Taqiyya is the recognized Islamic tool just as Christianity has been practicing their lies without the openly acknowledged version or a name that is synonymous with lies, unless you consider Nativity and Lent and crucifixion the same as Taqiyya. When lies are at the center, anything goes.

That is all. Disperse.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Review: Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD

I wish I had known about this book years ago. I would've saved money on diet books and peace of mind because I would have found what I have spent the past 40 years looking for -- a slimmer, healthier me.

Say what you will, but it is hard giving up something you considered to be so necessary and healthy, especially when you decide to bake your own bread and leave out the sugar and other supposedly healthy ingredients. I was wrong.

Yes, I am a woman and I can easily, loudly, and publicly proclaim I was wrong.

Four months ago I gave up bread. It was a conscious choice because I had signed on with a food delivery service, Splendid Spoon (splendidspoon.com), and they did not include any bread in their vegan, plant-based food choices. I loved the smoothies and the choices for soups, especially once I noted that I would not include soy beans (GMO much?) in the choices. I did leave out a soup that was made with black beans, but that was a small price to pay. Opting out of bread was a much harder choice. My cabinets were full of rye, pumpernickel, whole grain wheat, and other wheat-based flours. It wasn't the cost of the ingredients that stuck in my throat, but giving up fresh baked bread. I had found Steve's No-Knead overnight proofed, or quick proof method, bread and I loved the fresh from the oven smell of whole grain bread. I even purchased seven grain flour and seven grain seeds to top my home-baked bread from King Arthur Flour (kaf.com) because KAF offered organic and non-GMO flours. I was giving it all up - voluntarily. I chose to go without bread for the sake of nutritions vegan meals 5 days a week with a day of soup cleanses. It was expensive, but my health was more important. I signed up, paid for 2 months of meals, and didn't look back.

I was surprised to discover that I was sleeping better on the Splendid Spoon meals, 2 meals a day (breakfast and lunch). When I noticed I was waking up after a restful night's sleep without having to get up once during the night to go to the bathroom and that I was rested and ready for work every day, I was sold.

My reason for the drastic change of diet, going vegan with Splendid Spoon, was realizing I had pre-diabetes. I suddenly had the reason for those times, about once a month, when I got up every hour to urinate (I called them my P dancing days). I had no issues with frequent urination or those dragged out days when I craved a couple slices of home-baked bread slathered with butter or artisanal and organic peanut (or any kind of tasty nut) butter, sometimes with raw, unfiltered, natural honey drizzled on. I didn't even miss the stack of whole wheat pancakes I craved once in a while. I was content, fed, and enjoying better health than I had since I discovered my pre-diabetes.

But Splendid Spoon is expensive and the medical transcription business is not what it was when I began 33 years ago. I had finally given in and took my skills to a company that paid me less than I was paid when I started 33 years ago, which meant I would have to pay off some credit card debt in order to afford another month or two of Splendid Spoon's vegan meals. I'd go back to a paleo derived diet that was mostly plant-based and still organic, but still without bread since I had done well on a more meager food plan. That is when I discovered Wheat Belly written by Dr. William Davis.

Since I'd already given up wheat and noticed over the first couple of months of a vegan diet I had lost a vast amount of weight, so much that I could finally wear the green velour house coat without having it cut off the circulation in my fat arms, I bought the book, read up on the included recipes and food plan, and was favorably impressed by what I found within its pages.

The real reason behind the GMO labeling issue that had sent millions into the streets to protest was detailed in Wheat Belly. The agribusiness corporations did not want America to know the real reason behind the obesity crisis in the nation wasn't because of glyphosate contaminated foods (Monsanto) but the fact that wheat, one of the most genetically modified seeds on Earth and contained at the base of the food pyramid, would also have to be outed. Nutritionists and agribusiness corporations would be gutted, vilified, run out of business if the truth were known. Even those poor families who receive food stamps would finally be told the root cause of their obesity and their diabetes, heart disease, immune deficiencies like Alzheimer's and fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, chronic pain syndrome, and all the gastrointestinal based ailments that keep doctors wealthy and the contention and violence over universal health care is wheat.

Yes, glyphosate contamination of our food is also an issue, but the origins of the common variety of wheat, whether red wheat or white wheat, and its inclusion into our world wide food consciousness is criminal, especially when you consider that scientists have done more than get the genetic jump on decades of breeding for a wheat seed that is drought-resistant, fast growing, and provides vast amounts of wheat for small amounts of seeds. These brilliant scientists did create a wheat seed that has done more for alleviating hunger world wide, but they never stopped to test the results of food made with the resultant wheat seed on people. Isn't that the point of wheat . . . to feed people and do so with less money? What asset is a wheat seed when the result is death, obesity, and diseases that cost more to manage than the wheat could feed in a million years?


That is the dirty truth at the heart of GMO labeling lawsuits and the fear that drives corporate agribusiness. Scientists have perfected their genetically modified wheat but never stopped to consider the human cost.

How could the French be happy and well fed if the French baguette was removed from the menu. How would the French economy and their world famous bakers survive if they were forced to return to the ancient, non-GMO wheats and flours made from emer, triticum, and einkorn. The breads would not be the soft and oh-so-affordable wheat breads now available. Un-genetically modified wheat has a mere 14 gene pairs while the modern wheat contains double or more genes thanks to scientists creating the GMO version of wheat that has replaced the ancient grains that sustained us since the beginning of time. The bread of life has become the bread of disease, obesity, and death. Check it out for yourself. 

Meanwhile, some countries are giving farmers a boost in the right direction paying farmers to plant their fields with non-GMO crops.  I watched a documentary once on how GMO foods end up with people eating information and not food with the result that information in food form can be detrimental to human health and continued life. 

Dr. Davis's book is about what genetically modified wheat has done to our health, our waistlines, and our hunger.

Yes, you can prove anything if you cherry pick the data, but the results are visibly evident. Over the past four months I have lost more than 100 pounds and I'm still losing despite changing from vegan to paleo with a plant-based (non-GMO of course). My pre-diabetes is under control. I sleep better now when I discover a healthy, non-processed, and non-GMO tainted source of natural, raw, unrefined honey and I don't mind too much the choice to avoid reasonable facsimiles of pancakes and gluten-free breads and cakes while I continue my journey to long-lasting health and vitality.

Check out the Wheat Belly book and recipes and read the fascinating inserts from case files from Dr. William Davis's patients who gave up wheat and live a healthier and sustainable life. Check out the Wheat Belly Cookbook and recently revised Wheat Belly book with its updated information.

Do not skim the book as my aunt did when I sent her a copy. Read it slowly every single word. Read it again and again. Keep Wheat Belly on your shelves and buy another copy to give to friends, family, and loved ones so they can reap the benefits of a wheat-free life. You -- and they -- will be glad you did.

I have bought several copies and sent them to people I care about and I continue to urge people to READ it. This is the life changing book that will turn your life -- and your health -- upside down and should be required reading in schools and homes all over the world. Definitely 5 STARS and I would give it more. Dr. Davis and the book deserve 1000 stars, but 5 will also do if it means more people pick it up, buy it, and read it. Wheat Belly is the Sustainable Health Bible for the world.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Monsters of the ID

In the news everybody blames everybody else for what is wrong with this world. The real culprit is mankind's subconscious, the Id. There are monsters that bypass the conscious mind where most people have learned to deal with injustice, racism, and prejudice -- or at least that is what we tell ourselves. We are horrified by the savage and brutal treatment of women and children -- out loud and in public -- but revert to our pernicious and un-enlightened roots of ourselves where we push women and children aside as we, the males of the species, stride to the forefront to be tended to. After all, women and children being kicked and pushed aside as we trample on them and shove them aside is the way the world works. The strongest publicly claim that we stoop down and help the weaker to safer and more stable/secure positions. The strongest publicly claim they would take a bullet for a loved one, throw themselves in front of danger, and would lay down their lives, sacrifice a limb, give up their place in line so that women and children can be saved even if it means the strongest take the fall or give up their lives to make the future safe for women and children. Isn't that why women and children get the seats in rescue vehicles first? Isn't that what men tell themselves when asked for a poll or hold up their hands to be counted for their contribution to the future?

It's a lie.

In the secret recesses of the human heart -- or in the midst of the worst danger -- the truth comes out. Men shove women and children aside as they make a bee line for the safest and best seats in the rescue vehicles. They will not be left behind. As long as they survive, all is well with the world -- and with them. If the women and children die, so what? After all, they say when it is all over, at this point what does it matter? The women and children are dead and nothing these strong and virile men can do will ever bring them back. Dead is dead. At least when the cameras are rolling and their perfidious actions are done. If you don't see it on the news or in some edited footage that fits on the 11 PM news, you believe what you see. Their crocodile tears are real and the mangled, bloody, and dead bodies remain while they weep an ocean of tears and claim, "If only I could have saved them," or maybe, "Why God? They were so innocent, so precious. Why not take me instead?"

No one saw them as they shoved the weaker innocents aside. All that is left is the record of their tears and remorse and their dumbfounded shock at the injustice of it all. Oscar winners all.

As long as they survived, all that matters is the record. No one needs to know the truth as it is only the truth as they tell it while talking out of both sides of their mouths.

Somewhere inside their minds they may even believe their distress is real. The Id, the subconscious part of their minds, is silent, has submerged once again to the depths of the mind and has been replaced by that anguished cry, "Why God?" 

I recently saw a news report where a liberal woman talked about how her husband, one of the first volunteers going to the aid of Syrian refugees in Greece had changed when he came back from refugees. He spoke about how strong, virile young men shoved injured and drowning women and children aside while these young men surged to the front of the line, ignoring the calls for help and the drowning innocents as they helped themselves first. After all, to their minds, if not to the liberal volunteers' minds, women and children were expendable. They were not.

Here in the western world, we abhor and condemn such blatant disregard for the innocent and we say so loudly and often -- in public or in front of our friends and neighbors. Who knows what we really feel when everyone is gone and we are left alone or when we fall asleep and the subconscious takes the stage? Do all of our prejudices and indiscreet opinions surge forth as we imagine the worst? Do the monsters inside of all of us take over and revel in the deaths, blood, and savagery that take center stage? Do the monsters hidden in our subconscious gibber with unholy glee once the lights are off and the stage is open and waiting?

I was reminded of what lies inside of the most generous and helpful of us hidden in the deepest recesses of the subconscious mind as I watched an old favorite science fiction movie, Forbidden Planet,  with Walter Pigeon, Anne Frances, and Leslie Nielsen. Doctor Morbius warned the rescue ship not to land as he would not be responsible for their safety. Morbius did not need their assistance and would not welcome them if the crew refused to heed his warnings.

Morbius had been alone on Altair IV for 20 years with only his work and his daughter for company. He remember what had happened to the rest of the crew of the Bellerophon. They had died at the hands of some unknown and immensely powerful force that resided on Altair IV.

The crew landed and the powerful invisible monster killed some of the crew when it became apparent that the captain, Leslie Nielsen, was determined to take Morbius back to Earth to inform the authorities what had happened to the crew of the Bellerophon and what he had learned of the original inhabitants, the Krell. Morbius refused to share his findings and was adamantly opposed to returning to Earth. That is when the attacks began.

Not even the immense power at the crew's disposal could stop the invisible monster stalking and killing them. Morbius urged the captain and his crew to take off and avoid further blood shed. The captain refused. Worst of all, Morbius's daughter, Altaira, was determined to go to Earth with the crew, sealing her fate and putting her in serious danger. Morbius begged his daughter to change her mind, but her fate was sealed.

The powerful invisible monster attacked Morbius, the captain, and Altaira at Morbius's home. When Morbius ordered Robby the robot to stop the monster, even after the ship's doctor told Morbius that he, Morbius, was the source of the danger, Robby the robot shut down, caught in a logic conflict programmed into him not to harm people. Even with further proof that the monster was a product of Morbius's subconscious, the same fate that the Krell discovered when they built the pinnacle of their science and technology and programmed a computer that work with the power of the mind, ending their technologically marvelous achievements in a day and a night, leaving on the products of their genius in the form of the machine encompassing more than a 40-mile square and plunging to the very depths of the core of the planet behind as evidence of their achievement.

The primitive subconscious mind teemed with their prejudices, fears, and imagination was unleashed by the power of their machines and spelled the end of their existence 200,000 years before the Bellerophon landed and Morbius discovered the power, boosted his IQ, and learned to access their machines. Morbius's subconscious mind was unleashed, given ultimate power, and murdered all who opposed him. Unstoppable and relentless in his pursuit of knowledge, the monsters of Morbius's Id were unleashed and he was left alone with his innocent daughter to live a life free of other people until Nielsen's crew landed on Altair IV and urged the monsters in Morbius's subconscious mind to life.

The only way to stop the slaughter and devastation was to blow up the planet and thus the Krell technology left behind.

The monsters of the Id are powerful and frightening and so much easier to see when we are faced with them in fictions and a lot less visible when they are too close to us. We see the same monsters when Babylon 5 was on TV when a university professor turned archaeologist enlists Dr. Steven Franklin's assistance in helping him to figure out what he found on Ikarra VII. It was organic technology, far advanced compared to what the Earth had, mirroring the technological advances of the Vorlon's that would propel Earth technology ahead -- far ahead.

The problem was that the technology bonded with the professor's assistant, who was willing to murder to further the advance of knowledge and science, setting loose the Ikarrans' doomsday weapon and endangering all life on Babylon 5 because the inhabitants of hundreds of worlds and civilizations were not pure Ikarran as determined thousands of years ago by Ikarran priests and politicians. The monsters of the Ikarran Id embodied in the organic technology and originating with the scientist who built the doomsday weapon were incompatible with the millions of aliens living on Babylon 5. After all, the Ikarrans died out a million years ago so pure Ikarran blood no longer existed and therefore all life was to be destroyed.

This scenario of perfection and purity has been the central theme of literature for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts for a very long time and the ideal of purity is being played out before us right now in Europe and the Western world, and in fact all over the planet, today, right now. The measurement is determined by religion and inadequately  protected by law. Religion has done a very poor job of protecting and creating peace because the rules set for by different religions are wholly incompatible with peace as long as the monsters of the Id remain inside us and unknown to the more enlightened wisdom of the evolution of humanity. Muslims are stuck in the 7th century. Christians are stuck in an ever changing kaleidoscope of values and ethics that seldom keeps pace with modern sensibilities. The Jews do a better job of matching intent with power and generosity towards others. Buddhists with their long history of anti-violence and peaceful enlightenment lag are overturned by the origins of the people who have converted or lived their whole lives with the Buddhist teachings and succumb inevitably to the monsters of the Id. No religion currently practiced on this planet at this point in time is without its flaws and all are moot in the face of the subconscious where the monsters of the Id dwell and flourish hidden in the darkness.

Blacks blame whites and whites blame blacks. Browns blame browns and everybody blames everybody else. We try our best to live good lives keeping the touchstone of religion in the forefront, but religions made by man are also corrupted by man depending on who has the most power, the most insight, the most control and all religions made by man and purportedly based on the word of god or Allah or Jehovah, Jesus Christ, or Buddha are still the work of man and thus subject to revision and interpretation. There are moderate Muslims and there are extremist Muslims. The same is true of Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, native Americans, and every version of religion that begin and end with man. The stories abound about the origins of religion, but ultimately it is mankind writing the words down and mankind following the dictates with less and greater success. Miracles happen and are reportedly of the deity [insert name here] and thus sacrosanct . . . as long as the deity conforms with your personal views . . . and is untouched by the most basic of human emotions or view or mind or thoughts or dreams or imagination. The only thing left is LOVE.

LOVE is at the heart of all mankind and trumps everything else. Wherever you begin, if the answer is not LOVE then the answer is wrong and will end in tears and often death.

Look at a situation where you and your opponent disagree. Whatever your position, the moment you offer violence instead of listening and working together, you have failed. Even if it is an idea you disagree about or a possession you both contend over, the moment you refuse the option of sharing or using the possession or looking at the idea from each other's viewpoint, you have failed. It may seem successful if you end up with the item or the idea in contention, but you are not successful. If you win by resorting to struggling over possession or having the upper hand -- or the moral high ground -- you lose. You have failed.

The moment you lie or obfuscate or keep things to yourself, you lose. You have failed.

The moment you default to quoting chapter and verse from your religious book of choice to prove you are right and they are wrong, you lose. You have failed.

Whatever triumph you feel is fleeting. You have already lost. You have failed.

If the end result deviates by an amoeba's cell, you have failed. You lost.

LOVE is the only answer, the only law, and the only success in life.

There is no first in LOVE.  There is no choice if LOVE is at the heart. There is no wrong if there is LOVE. Ultimately, LOVE is the only answer, the only response, the only success. There are no winners and no losers when LOVE is at the heart and soul.

The rest is Ego and the broad road to allow the monsters of the Id to take control and destroy everything.

LOVE is the only answer.

Whatever deviates from LOVE is failure and you have lost. 

We cannot afford purity. The only thing we can afford is LOVE.

That is all. Disperse.