Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Blame Game

Political pundits and polarized U.S. citizenry cannot make heads or tails of President Obama's style of administration. I haven't been able to make sense of it either, but takin a step back and considering everything from a different perspective has finally given me the answer.

Since taking the oath of office in which he vowed to protect the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and upholding the Constitution of the United States of America, Obama has failed to keep those vows. He has engaged in an international apology tour asking forgiveness for all the wrongs committed to by the U.S. government in every country not an ally while snubbing our allies. He pointed to George W. Bush as the author of all the world's problems and blamed Bush for everything that has occurred since Obama took office.

That is where I began to see the light and uncover the strategy that has kept Obama's supporters loudly supporting him and pointing fingers at conservative Republicans and racists for not accepting Obama's explanations. It is the Blame Game. "S/he did it first" has become the first or second words out of Obama's and his apologist's mouths. It is the panacea for every wrong and every crime, every treason and every addition to the growing list of scandals and misuses of power. "Bush did it first."

I always thought, and, yes, it was naive of me, a person ran for office to show that s/he is a better person for the job than the person currently holding it. Obama promised he was going do to better than Bush, but at what I ask myself daily as we are 5 years down the path and I am often embattled by Obama's supporters. At this point, Obama's supporter will then browbeat me with, "Because the Republicans won't let him." That is the second part of the Blame Game, focusing attention on radical elements and claiming the Republicans are the authors of all the problems with their pesky demands for proof, followed quickly by, "What about Bush's excesses and crimes? How do you defend them?"

Obfuscation, conflation, and pointing the accusatory finger at everyone else is what 5-year-old children do when they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar or with a baseball bat standing in front of a broken window. The conversation goes something like this:

"Who broke the window/took all the cookies?"

"Not me."

"You have the bat/cookes still in your hands."

"I picked them up. Someone else left them here."

"Then why does the ball have your name on it/are there cookie crumbs all over your face?"

"Someone stole the ball/hit me with a cookie before s/he ran out."

"How can you play baseball if someone stole your ball/why are there no cookie crumbs on the floor just on your shirt and all over your face?"

"I saw someone running away and picked up the bat/cookies."

And so it goes as the 5-year-old digs a deeper grave.

Obama and his supporters then begin the chant of, "you're a racist," which is supposed to throw the opposition into defense mode so Obama can scramble for a new line of defense.

It would take too long to go through the myriad excuses Obama uses, but he seems to rely on these above all:

Bush did it first; the Republicans keep getting in the way; the President doesn't create the economy; Bush left this mess and I'm just trying to clean it up. 

None of this passes the initial smell test and yet no one has yet done more than complain and threaten impeachment. That is when the evidence can be tracked down before it is lost, recycled, and/or destroyed, none of which sticks since Obama hasn't a clue what is going on when he finds out about it on the news or in a newspaper. I don't think we've had a president this clueless since Hoover? But maybe I'm being ungenerous. That happens when I see nothing but lies, obfuscation, and arrogance.

Actions that forced President Nixon to resign rather than being impeached are ignored in the news, except for Fox News, and the Republicans grumble and threaten, but that is no more effective than screaming at a child s/he's going to get a whipping when the whipping never comes.

The hallmark of an adult is his/her willingness to accept responsibility for wrongdoings and punishment for his/her wrongdoing. Don't hold your breath. Obama has proven one thing without question. He will not accept responsibility.

a man purportedly as smart as Obama, his excuses have become rote, lame, and laughable. Maybe that is why he has not been impeached, jailed, tried, and thrown in jail before now. He has provided this country and the world with a laugh track worthy of Benny Hill. It's what I call, God's Idiot Factor, and the reason he doesn't obliterate the perpetrator with lightning bolts or fire and brimstone. Even an omnipotent being needs a good belly laugh at times.

Too bad this laugh is on the American people. Even with the bay window in the living room busted and glass all over the floor or a whole jar of cookies gone, the excuses would make you laugh if you weren't so angry.