Friday, August 07, 2015

Hot Time in the Old Office Tonight

Oh, the webs we weave when we practice to deceive.

It's also not a good idea to let employees check all the databases, especially after being told that a certain function is used to generate statistics.

Statistics are data and thus are immutable -- unless one is an employer bent on making sure that upper administrative levels get all the money and wage slaves get as little as possible.

Today, I decided to run the statistics through all the databases available to me through the company. I had just seen my weekly statistics for the week ending July 31st and do not remember seeing any of those numbers. I have been told how the numbers are derived, so I decided to find out for myself. Always go to the source -- unless the source is bogus.

I ran the numbers through every available permutation for the week ending July 31st and, following their stated logic, three weeks back, and then four, and then five. I could not find validation for ANY OF THE STATISTICS I HAD JUST BEEN SENT. Not on the date of transcription, the date of dictation, or the date of review. None of the numbers matched no matter what I did, not even when I pulled out my calculator, pencil, and paper to do the numbers by hand. The numbers did not exist in any available database.

Someone is obviously cooking the books and they're roasting them into carbon ash.

Is this the way to run a company, especially an international company with thousands (and probably tens of thousands when India and Pakistan are included) of employees?

Evidently, the answer is yes.

I wonder if the IRS or the Dept of Labor know about THIS particular weenie roast? I wonder if the lawyer for the class action lawsuit against this company knows about this little development in the way the company generates the numbers in order to pay (or rather NOT pay) their employees? We could be looking at a much bigger lawsuit with a much larger pool of employees and several felony violations that would bring the company down. Am I willing to deny the company elite a job and a vacation to a federal facility? Nope!

That is all. Disperse.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Not an Isolated Incident or Situation

One of my favorite lines from a book comes from The Hogfather. by Terry Pratchett.  That would be Sir Terry Pratchett. Death tells his granddaughter that if you grind the universe up to a powder and put it through the finest sieve you would not find a single molecule (or atom) of justice. Justice, like fair play and honest bosses/businesses, is a lie, the kind of lie one tells oneself to be able to make it through the day to the next day and the day after that. It is like the lies we tell our children couched in fairy tales so that hope is born and the ember of that hope tended so we can keep going from day to day. Justice. Honesty. Fair. Freedom. Equality.  These words have meanings we think we understand, but seldom do those meanings have any weight in the outside world -- unless we fight to make them real.

The real truth is that of the jungle. The strong prey on the weak and the strong in business keep the weak down to continue preying on them, much like a warehouse full of bodies hooked up to nutrients and bled to feed the vampires. To those bosses, the employees are little more than slaves, cows to be milked and slaughtered to feed them, while the employees get the scraps. The guts and debris left over when they are done carving out their choice cuts. Socialism, equality, mercy, charity, decency, honesty, fairness do not figure onto the bottom line. In this particular class struggle, no one moves up unless they are ruthless enough to climb over the bodies of their peers so they too can dine at the table from the choice cuts.

If you thought my complaints about the company where I work are only mine, think again. It seems there is a class action lawsuit afoot to address some of the issues I have mentioned on this blog. It can be found here.  At last, something is being done. The MTs/MLSs are angry and they aren't going to take it any more.

Reminds me of Network, the movie where the news broadcaster said the same thing. The only thing is that he was paid more than the slave wages MTs/MLSs currently earn.

Go team!

That is all. Disperse.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Write Bad Checks

No, this is not a French tickler. It's a male cat penis. Those barbs are actually barbs and very sharp.

Have you ever seen cats mate? The male mounts the female and sinks his fangs into her neck while savaging her vagina while he humps and pumps. It's a sadomasochist's dream -- a painful and ugly dream, but a dream in the face of reality all the same.

By the way, those barbs are sharp and I think they're made of the same material that makes up nails, sharp, filed, pointed, dagger-like nails. Ooh, hurt me good.

I believe that is what was used on me earlier this week when I found out the latest way in which my bosses are raping me financially. It goes like this: statistics are based on lines typed/edited, but the statistics are also not available for review by the employee because the statistics that show up in the neat little doohickey we are supposed to use is not set up to detect when a job was typed, only when it went through QC (quality control) and was flagged or corrected and points deducted. Let's forget for a moment that often the way in which the employee is corrected is often wrong since their understanding of the grammar, punctuation, and spelling rules are different from old dinosaurs like me, and I have actually read the AAMT Style Guide (which is the bible of the medical transcription industry). We may request a reversal of errors counted against the employee, which is how they keep slapping us with outdated data (2 weeks are allowed for reversals to take effect). Now I find that the statistics that I have been told to rely on are not reliable.

Does it hurt enough yet?

Do it harder!

Statistics -- the ones the company rely on -- are based on the date that the mistakes were actually made and not the date when they show up on the erroneous database. Ooh, deeper, harder!

By the time I had finished navigating the erroneous database it was obvious that there is no way an employee can win against their crooked system. The statistics that I have relied on are about as useful as tits on a boar. Oh, goody.

Just when I thought I couldn't be reamed any more, they found a way. Well, actually, they already had a way, but that didn't become apparent until I questioned the statistics they send me every week. I showed a very different set of statistics and emailed my boss to show her (cut & paste) why. That's when the news came out that I had been relying on an unreliable database only there for employee peace of mind, the kind of peace of mind one has when one is fed lies and reamed without the benefit of Vaseline or K-Y.

Consider me reamed again.

Oh, well, what does it matter?

I spoke with one of the employee herders last night when she asked me to fill in at one of the other hospitals to clear their backlog. As we bantered back and forth, I found out that she used to make $25/hr doing what I have been doing for over 30 years. I used to make $3600/mo, but that is not possible any more, not with the new statistics and unreliable databases and supervisors and managers and corporate bean counters. I'm lucky if I make $15/hr and that's working flat out and picking my way through the mine field set up to explode in my face -- or my backside -- at the merest brush of air.

I have decided at last to supplement my income -- by going back to writing. At least I control more of the product and my results and the only people I have to deal with about the quality of my work are editors who remind me of my grammar, sentence structure, story architecture, and punctuation. That I can handle.

And I'm getting back into editing -- for select clients in case you wanted to jump on the bandwagon and load me down with so much editing I won't be able to do my own writing since I am engaged in wage slavery day job and still have to make my bills and necessary expenses. Sorry, but that is the way it goes. Wage slavery Day jobs require actually working and being there a set number of hours per day -- or every day if one works for my employers (calls when I'm asleep, calls when it's my day off, calls during work to cover their collective asses and bail them out, calls, calls, calls . . . ad infinitum ad nauseam). They keep telling me what an asset I am to their company while stripping me of every possible penny I have already earned because I cannot and have not met their statistical models with any effectiveness.

Hurt me some more.

Oh, well, it was ever thus. And probably always will be -- until I learn to game their system as well as they do.

And so the feline penile barbs raking my insides to force my body to dance to its evil raking tune. Just in case throughout this rambling you have forgotten what this is about, please let me refresh your memory. 

They are designed to rough up the walls of the female cat's vagina, supposedly to stimulate ovulation. That's akin to 1000 maniacs making sure the virgin is impregnated with their evil spawn.

It looks small and somewhat harmless, but the pain is in the barbs. Pity the female who is faced with a double-headed barbed penis. Those barbs hurt so good.

The only lubricant is the one you add yourself. The problem is there is no time for lubricant when the perpetrator comes at you from behind in the dark while you're bent over looking for the flashlight.

That is all. Disperse.