Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winners -- Great Love Letters Valentine Contest

Choosing the first place winner was fairly easy. Choosing the second and third places much more difficult. Some letters were sweet, some passionate and some nearly broke my heart, especially first place winner, Staff Sergeant Drew Watkins lately returned from Iraq.

My Dearest Meg,

The days and nights here are hot and I keep cool reliving the last moments we were together. The cold wind blew your hair across your face. You smiled bravely but I knew your heart was breaking not knowing if we would see each other again. Your lips tasted of tears and honey, bittersweet regret. I keep the sight of you warm against the cold, the sun turning your hair to fiery gold, close to my heart. A few days left before I leave this hell for the heaven of your arms. Your faithful love has kept me alive.

Ever yours,

Iraq and Trenton, NJ

Second place goes to Jordyn Lane, Halifax, NS

Dearest Alex,

I’ll tell you a truth for free: you touched my life in ways I could never have imagined. I cannot possibly recount every memory of you that makes me smile, every feeling that coursed through my veins whenever your eyes caught mine, or every impulse I had to restrain.

I wish I had told you my feelings before I left. I know I’ll never see you again, so I hold your perfect image in my mind and savor your gentle kindness.

May you be happy in every way, forever. You deserve nothing less.

With my sincere love,


Third place was nearly a tie, but Karen M. Campbell's Sonnet won the day.

A Sonnet for My Beloved....

You, who are so free and independent,
An object of my faithless/faithful love!
Still waters, they say, run deep; and behind
This infernal/eternal composure
Hides an unseen emotion so resplendent
It almost dims the brightest stars above
By comparison. Hidden in my mind,
Secret of unopenable closure,
You would not suspect (or even believe)
My soul capable of the expressions
Of such tenderness and highest rapture.
It does not mar my freedom -- I deceive
Those who are not party to confession --
Enslavement will not result from capture.

Love, Karen

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who took the time to send in their letters and bare their souls.