Thursday, April 06, 2017

Control Through Fear

I had just queued up End of Days when it hit me. The Roman Catholic Church and the end of the Mayan Long Count are the same thing. The Roman Catholic Church and Christian traditions about the end of the current age of man paint a horrific picture while the Mayan long count is the end of the current age of man. Christianity controlled people through fear and the impending judgment of god while the Mayans, at least as far as we in the 21st century know, announced the end of third or fourth age. Christians have feared the last days as though hell would be unleashed on earth and only the good people who have followed faithfully the teachings of their ministers, priests, popes, and preachers would go to heaven. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

If there were the first, second, and third ages of man and mankind still exists, the end of the long count would be no more catastrophic than December 31st before the next year's calendar page is turned. There is the expected end of the current reality where humans/earthlings/mankind is anchored to the 3rd density, but with the coming of the next age of man all people will be (for lack of a better phrase) upgraded to the next highest density and will exhibit the same powers as the ascended masters, performing miracles, levitating, and free from the masters and overlords who have kept all humankind mired in the 3rd density where fear is the defining factor and the emotion that controls us all.

The reason the Roman Catholic Church and Christian teachings got the date wrong is because of the switch to the Julian calendar that throws all dates off. Had we maintained the old calendar the date would not have become the time of Satan/Lucifer and the minions of hell in 1999, or thereabouts, but on December 21, 2012 as the Mayan long count showed. Then again, we would all have missed out on the fear and creativity of writers and leaders of the Christian churches that gave us literature and movies like End of Days starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I see the creativity contained in the dark specter of Armageddon and the return of Satan from the pits of Hell to run loose upon the world, but we could all have done without the sword hanging over all our heads by an eroding thread and the pronouncements of religious adherents and zealots doing their best to make their last days as spectacular and frightening as possible. I've no doubt the Mayans had their zealots and religious nuts making the end of the long count as frightening and spectacular as possible, but I'll bet such fear mongering was less pronounced among an enlightened people who had devolved to celebrating death in their games. Then again, maybe that is what has come down to us through archaeologists and historians who have conflated Mayan reality with Christian reality, destroying all semblance of a calmer and more peaceful reality and view of the future. The Roman Catholic Church held out eternal damnation and the hope of heaven to the faithful using fear as the barbed goad to herd the masses toward a future that continued to give the Pope and his clergy the upper hand over the masses willing to sign over their wealth and future for less time in purgatory and eventually a stairway to heaven. Where fear rules and is fueled by God's displeasure and impossibly high standards for entry to the highest heaven mankind will always come in last.

The Muslims hold out fear and death for all who do not believe that Allah has the final say on who gets to Paradise and that fear has been counted in deaths, preferably without a head. While western societies use fear to maintain control and reward the faithful with shorter sentences in purgatory, Muslims offer no such hope for anyone who does not convert and praise Allah while submitting to the will of Allah and revere Allah's prophet Mohammed.

No matter what name is held out as the hope of the faithful, fear is the real motivator and not doing good for the sake of good, turning god, heaven, hell, and utter damnation into quid pro quo. If I refused to believe in god in any form I would still reject the quid pro quo because you cannot bargain with a god who was made in Man's image and limited by Man's imagination. I cannot see any god counting up heads and deaths in order to deem a supplicant worthy of Paradise or Heaven or whatever takes the place of reward. That is something I expect from the men who control the flow of information and dole out rewards and punishments like a bouncer at the poshest night club in town. That is not the reality I see and certainly not the reality I am willing to accept; it is too banal, too much stick on one hand for too little carrot on the other.

I do believe there are people who glimpse the future and have seen, or glimpsed, the last days of this reality in the 3rd density. I do not think they have the view right because they are measuring everything they see through their own experiences and their own training, fueled by fear and guilt instilled by whoever was in charge when they were taught. Nothing like filling the well of hope with a big old turd. What may look like potable water from the well is nonetheless tainted by the floating turd in the water. Everything tastes like turd.

That is the position in which we all find ourselves, those who have not learned the truth untainted by fear or control. We are living in the last days of the current age of man in the 3rd density. We have been distracted by the shiny baubles that keep us from see the world as it actually is instead of the world as it has become, tainted by fear and the floating turd. We get a glimpse of the future to come when we ascend, or transcend, to the next level of existence, but the pretty baubles and litany of fears keep us from seeing reality long enough to be able to grasp what is our right as we transcend the mud wherein we dwell, our minds and hearts filled with the fear, guilt, panic, and shiny baubles that catch and hold our eyes. We are caught up in the same old tug-of-war of politics, money, and endless things we can buy if we give over control to the leaders of organized religions weighing us down.

In the end, we will give up struggling and accept the horrifying world we have been fed from our first meal and struggle to follow the rules laid down centuries before and reality will move on without us, though some of those controlling leaders will be gone. Those who remain will continue to struggle to remember how we were taught limping forward without realizing what we make of the rags and tags of that which remains is merely a poor copy of the slavery under which they labored for centuries. The ones who believed and opened their hearts and minds transcend this shattered reality and continue to learn and evolve as we were always meant to do, secure in the knowledge that heaven or paradise or an upgraded existence are theirs forever more. There was never a Hell except the one we made for ourselves and loved ones died because Man was in control. There was no white-bearded god holding out his hand for us to awaken and no Moon god called Allah demanding severed heads and bloody swaths across the known world as sacrifice.

The sooner we put childish fears and guilt behind us, the sooner we can scrape the mud of this 3rd density off our feet and level up. A new age of man awaits us and all we need do to accept our place is to shed childish beliefs, give up the rule of fear, and walk open-eyed into the promised future. A new long count began on December 22, 2012 and we are falling behind. Wake up and accept the waiting reality. I'll be waiting for you on the other side.

That is all. Disperse.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Perspective Matters

Forced perspective is reality turned on its head, such is the case with the Trump presidency.

Trump has been called the biggest liar in presidential history and bold pundits muzzled for the 8 years of the Obama presidency point to Obama as the soul of reason, calm logic, and truth. Forced perspective. What else can people say with Trump firing off tweets in the middle of the night and throwing out comments and off the cuff remarks that seem more like paranoid fantasies than anything resembling the truth. I remember when Trump said he had witnessed Muslims cheering in the wake of the 9/11 attacks and was called out. No Muslims cheered the bombing of the World Trade Center. How dare he? I don't know if you noticed, but a few days later a sheepish Left retracted their bold calls of "Liar, liar, pants on fire" when digital and photographic proof surfaced. Oops.

All throughout Trump's bombastic displays the Left and Democrats and quite a few entrenched Republicans loudly proclaim Trump's lies only to have to retract -- or more often ignore -- opposition quietly or develop a sudden aversion to reminders of their liar, liar outrage as facts emerge that Trump was indeed right. Does that stop Trump's opposition? Less than a hundred days in and the Democrats, Left, and entrenched Republicans keep a microscope poised to parse every Trump utterance, misdemeanor, and divergence from the political holy canon. They obviously have difficulty learning new skills or avoiding the zap as they blunder endlessly into the old and worn routes. Insanity is defined as repeating the same behaviors and expecting a different result and the political crowd cannot figure out where they went wrong. The Democrats continue to shake their heads, play the Hillary game plan over and wonder what went wrong.

No doubt Obama and Michelle are still shaking their calmly logical heads even as Michelle discovers that she will not be allowed under the tenets of the U. S. Constitution to run for President in 2020 because she has not lived long enough in the United States. Michelle Obama will not be eligible to run for President until 2021. She is old enough (over 35) and was born in the United States to US citizens, but her parents decided to make use of the foreign student qualification by using her legal residence in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where her tax returns originated from until Obama became president. Oops. Well, at least Michelle Robinson got to go to university as a foreign student with money paid for by funds reserved for actual foreign students. That's the thing about truth; it is often inconvenient. Michelle will have to wait to run for office in the 2024 cycle with no more experience in the political trenches than Barack had, except she can claim she was First Lady for 8 years just like Hillary and no experience as the wife of a state's governor. Maybe she can find a way to trade her position as the part time hospital liaison shuffling indigent and uninsured poor to other facilities to meet their health care needs. The University of Chicago Medical Center paid Michelle $317,000 a year for her assistance in "...creat[ing] the program, which aims to find neighborhood doctors for low-income people who were flooding the emergency room for basic treatment. Hospital officials say such patients hinder [UCMC's] ability to focus on more critically ill patients in need of specialized care, such as cancer treatment and organ transplants."  It is too bad schools benefitting from Michelle's lunch program dumped her expertise and hard work planning healthy meals for students. Kids weren't eating the meals and the waste cost schools millions. 

Forced perspective once again. Michelle would have gotten farther with her lunch program if she had partnered with groups like the Edible Schoolyard or one of the local programs criss-crossing the country where teachers and students plan, plant, and harvest produce from community gardens, going back to the old saying of teaching someone to fish rather than handing out a fish being a more intelligent application of skills.  The school funds would be better used and everyone involved learns more about food from the roots up without the need to waste taxpayer dollars. That's the issue when the real reason for getting involved is personal PR and not helping the community, something Obama perfected during his White House tenure. No one could make sure the spotlight fell at precisely the best angle for Obama. No event, no tragedy, no national or international situation was wasted as long as Obama was center stage in the heart of the spotlight.

You can hold the moon in your hands with the optimum perspective just as the photo above demonstrates how to hold the Eiffel Tower between thumb and index finger. It's not magic, it's perspective, forced perspective. The politicians of the world stand aghast at Trump's pronouncements, conflations, and lies. Trump should allow himself to be guided by those practiced in the political arts and not go off on his own as though he is the Commander-in-Chief. How dare he conduct his life in the manner he has always conducted his life -- to suit himself? He is the President now and must act presidential. After nearly 50 years in construction in New York City, why should he act like a political hack instead of the powerful oligarch that he is or trade his distinct bluff and blustery style for the polished Washington Side-step perfected over decades. Is it better to sculpture a memorable sound byte or shoot from the unguarded lip as Obama did when suggesting to Dmitri Medvedev over a live microphone that when he was re-elected he'd "have more flexibility" with regard to missiles. Medvedev promised to relay Obama's comments to Vladimir Putin.

Politicians lie all the time. What doesn't play well in Washington is getting caught lying -- on camera or mic -- because that is more difficult to down play. The truth is a commodity and has little value in the political arena. Ask Bill Clinton or George W. Bush or Barack Obama or even LBJ or Nixon. They all lied, some far more grandly than the others, but lie they did because political expediency outweighs truth. Trump hasn't learned the political expediency of parsing the outside voice because it all comes from Trump's inside voice. Trump says whatever comes into his mind without parsing. Such parsing is necessary as Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand did when he told the people the government did not spy on them. There are NSA data collection centers all over the world, including a major center in New Zealand that shares information with Key and the British where every person in New Zealand and in countries around the world are spied on and their communications collected and stored. Key lied because he wanted the voters to pass a law that would legally allow the government to continue spying on everyone and collecting the data. If Key hadn't crafted his words carefully the voters would have refused to pass the measure to give the government the legal right to continuing to spy on the people and use the data the same way that the USA uses the data on every man, woman, and child in the nation.

If you want a nanny state you have to agree to give Big Brother the tools to violate your privacy and freedoms. This is 1984 in the 21st century digital age. Orwell saw the future, but not how deep Big Brother's control goes.

Trump is the fly in the political ointment and has no interest in falling into the political line. Obama subverted and bypassed the U.S. Constitution with political expedience. Trump violates the U. S. Constitution with the skills he honed navigating the New York construction industry, usually one or two steps beyond the long arm of the law, just within legal bounds. The political Powers That Be do the same thing, except the PTB rig the system by appointing judges ready to run offense and subvert the letter of the law to fulfill the unholy spirit of the law, treading the left-hand path. The ends justify the means in the political arena in the same way a bully rules the schoolyard. It is, to quote Scarlett O'Hara's mammy, "mules in horse harness."

Mutton dressed as lamb some would say, but in reality setting the weasel to guard the hen house. These days it is often impossible to discern the guard from the guarded. Weasels tend to blend in when wearing the guard's uniform until the chickens are all dead and the uniform spattered with blood and feathers.

There are those who prefer to see the weasel coming before he strikes. Trump is not a subtle man and we hear him even before we see him. Politicians are harder to discern even when you watch their lips moving.

Trump has been likened to Adolf Hitler. Hitler was a subtle politician. Trump is not a subtle man and no politician. Obama is a subtle politician.

That is all. Disperse.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

What Do You Think of Snowden Now?

I wonder what President Trump thinks of Edward Snowden now that he has been sitting on the hot seat for every day of his presidency and can look forward to more of the same for the rest of it?

Trump is an oligarch who enjoyed unlimited power as a private citizen with his own TV show and no one - he thought - monitoring his every action. Trump could tweet what he wanted and where he wanted without daily vilification. Trump could spout off whenever he wanted about whatever he thought without regard for inside voice/outside voice controls. Trump would be just another day or three of water cooler gossip that would fade until he spouted off like Old Faithful because he had not been raised to the highest seat in the land where his every word and off hand remark and tweet were not endlessly and arduously dissected.  After 8 years of silence while Obama was given a free pass with the press, Trump must be longing for his decades of Monday morning quarterbacking while favoring his children with businesses, support, and indulgences as he rounds the mid-race lap before heading for the home stretch with his youngest so. Is Trump longing for the days when all he had to fend off was Arnold Schwarzenegger angling for his spot on TV or some other hot dog wannabe panting to Urkel the old dog from the airwaves?

Every time Trump orders Russian dressing for his salad or opines out loud about the tea cakes at the Russian Tea Room Big Brother is watching and listening, going through the metadata on cell phone, laptop, and servers looking for a smoking gun. The smoking gun is no longer necessary now that the NSA and the #notmypresident members have their eyes on the prize: #impeachTrump. Not even Obama's digitally faked long form birth certificate from Hawaii posted on the website is powerful enough to deflect the nation's interest in Russian meddling in the election (already proven to be false) and how much Russian interests have been involved in the Trump team's transition to the White House. General Flynn has already fallen on his sword for the team. Who will be next?

The blood in the water is not Trump's or anyone on his team and no hungry shark will follow the trail because it lacks the perfume of actual blood. Trump is just now discovering there need not be blood in the water as long as the public thinks the Red trail is blood and leads directly to impeaching and embarrassing the President. In that way at least, Trump is once again at the head of the biggest theatrical undertaking since October 31, 1938 when Orson Welles announced the Martians had landed during the production of H. G. Wells's War of the Worlds broadcast. The only difference between 1938 and now is that Trump has landed and he can't take it back. Trump is president for better or worse and the worst is still to come.

Trump was adamant about Edward Snowden ending up in prison for life, if not shot for treason, for leaking the truth about the NSA and that Big Brother has indeed been watching us -- and President Obama knew about it. It is easy to see why Obama wants Snowden's bloody scalp, but Obama has more to lose than Trump. Obama's term in office is over and George Soros and the Democratic machine will only protect Obama so long, especially with Trump busily wielding the Executive Pen to wipe out that legacy with every flourish. Having alienated the intelligence community from the beginning will protect Obama a little bit longer, but not long enough for someone to finally crack and over shadow the Russian boogeyman that has dogged Trump's presidency since long before Putin publicly stated that Trump was worth watching. I will bet Putin wishes he could rewind time to before his open admiration for Trump gumming up the democratic works with his middle of the night tweets while sitting on the porcelain throne.

While James Come does his public impressions of Loretta Lynch and Lois Lerner for the House of Representative committee on Russian meddling in the 2016 US elections, Trump must be soiling his expensive tailored and longing for the decades of Monday morning quarterbacking from his plush office as he gears up to fire another corporate flunky wannabe for the cameras and the rabid fans of The Apprentice instead of figuring out who will next follow Gen. Flynn out the door on his or her sword. Life was so much simpler before Snowden outed the NSA and proved for the Orwellians that indeed Big Brother was always watching and had moved beyond the usual suspects checking out restricted books from the public library.

Though Trump was wrong about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, he was right about being watched
and his metadata collected and leaked. I wonder if Trump, Trey Gowdy, or the House committee will ever discover who leaked to the press which American citizens were unmasked to provide the most embarrassment to Trump and his team? The citizens of the United States of America and the world wait with hungry eyes to discover how long Putin and Trump have been colluding to bring America to its knees.

Stop wondering. Obama did that 8 years ago when he was elected on the mantra of Hope and Change only to leave Americans wondering how the change they hoped for became change that led to Trump. Democrats and Hillary supporters are emerging from their safe spaces demanding to know what changed with their hope for a better world and how they ended up with Donald J. Trump for president turning every Executive Order into a public display instead of slipping the TransPacific Partnership treaty past Congress and the people bit by bit as America's sovereignty and power are parceled over to the United Nations and the One World Order bit by bit.

Has Trump figured out that Snowden did the country and the world a favor by outing the NSA and its worldwide spying activities and Snowden deserves a medal not a noose? As long as Trump cannot figure out that his sophomoric twitter rants in the middle of the night while sitting on the porcelain throne evacuating his bowels and venting his spleen are not actually a good idea. Snowden is a hero and anyone who has figured that out knows that heroes deserve ticker tape parades down Fifth Avenue and not waiting for his turn to be drawn and quartered or for someone to pay for a French executioner wielding a sword to make short work of his life. Trump the master of all he surveyed from his New York offices is not yet the President American voters believed in and chose as long as Trump still operates as though he is master of the empire he constructed with his daddy's money and it cannot be long before Mike Pence pardons Trump and settles in to the Oval Office to do the heavy lifting at last.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

That is all. Disperse.