Thursday, July 06, 2017

Us versus Them - The Blame Game

Offense needs Defense.  Or does it?

We see the world as we were taught to see it -- Us versus Them.

We count those like us as those who believe the same way we do, practice the same way we do, revere and idolize the same way we do, look the same way we do, say the same things we say -- or at least similar to the same things we say. Everyone else is Them. We are Us.

The world is set up to see everyone as either with us or against us -- Us versus Them. These invisible barriers exist to keep us apart in the same way that cattle, sheep, and all animals are kept from danger and harm. But we are not cattle or sheep or animals (so we say) and yet everything we do and say puts us into the herding mentality. If we want to remain safe in the world, we band together with everyone who says the same things, acts the same way, and believes the same way so that we can be easily recognized by our kind -- by Us -- and marks out Them, the others who are either adversaries or dangers, the ones who will harm us if we don't defend ourselves -- often when no offense is offered except in the sense of history. People dressed like them or who believed they way we think they believe have harmed us in the past and been our enemies and so we must strike first before they strike us -- fatally.

The world has run on this negativity for centuries out of mind, farther back than we know or have read, and often the truth is muddled or mixed up and we believe the version we are taught or have read about. We do not have the time to dig out the truth and we will not believe what They have to say about it because They want to harm us.

We often forget that what we believe is often as wrong and misguided as what They believe, and They have said so, but our leaders are interested in good -- the common good that supports what our leaders teach us, often citing words that are part of the religion that has kept our leaders in power. After all, why would they lie?


They lie. We tell the truth. That's no lie.

Okay, so people I know and grew up with, learning the same words, and practicing the same beliefs who have since turned against all we believed and have gone another way. Some of them are still friends because they didn't go too far away from what we were taught and others are dangerous because they have called everything we believed wrong. These others have become THEM and are against US. They must also be defended against lest they damage Us and what we believe. They say They have seen the light, but they said they saw the light when we were learning and memorizing the words that kept Us safe from Them only to become Them and dangerous to Us.

It all comes down to Ego. The Ego tells me that I am right for following what I have been taught and They are wrong because they are offending the people who taught me, who taught us all how to do right by the teachings of god. Ego tells me that we must cling desperately to our god and his teachings so that we will be raised to paradise and given all the rewards for our hard work. Nothing else matters.

What about others who follow other teachings and are as strong in their beliefs as I am in mine? Others are Them and not Us and we must destroy them so as not to harm any more of Us. We will reach out to those who can be taught the Truth, but otherwise They must be destroyed so as not to pollute or damage Us.

So much of life is about seeing myself as part of the plan to become one with God, to be rewarded with riches and favors for all the hard work I did for God. What if there is no God and no god? Is the Truth not written down somewhere, a book or some writing that shows me the path to paradise? How do I decide whether or not there is truth that leads to reward after death, payment for what I have done in the name of my beliefs?

There lies the problem of Us versus Them -- payment. We puny humans, caught in the strong winds and brutal waves of what we have been taught, even if we find the truth and believe it, are crippled by the belief that we should be rewarded for believing. So says the words I was taught and what I believe. The Creator is not a man, white bearded and dressed in humble robes nor is he a young man in the strength and power of his youth. The Creator is a concept beyond the physical humanoid, beyond the physical manifestation of any being (lizard, bird, humanoid, fish, etc.) and is not guided by the thoughts and ideas and writings of any being that has lived in a corporeal form and walked upon the earth going through the troubles and concerns of any being. The Creator is not so limited and yet in the corporeal mind with the limited understanding fashioned of corporeal beliefs the corporeal being limits the Creator and ruminates about the reality of the Creator as if the Creator were hampered by corporeal concerns. Nothing is farther from the truth.

We corporeal beings may sometimes grow beyond the belief that life is Us versus Them and the limitations of corporeal religions that have come from God who is as much as product of corporeal beliefs as the writings corporeal beings call Truth and the Word of God. Corporeal beings who look beyond the earthly limitations and man-made gods to catch a glimpse of the Creator will likely end up vilified and tortured in the name of God and be sacrificed to that God in the name of Truth when there is no truth in the perpetrators or the words that have been memorized and spouted. Their one chance of being rewarded is as false as their words and their truth and they will disappear just the same as those they sacrificed to their Gods and beliefs. They might see the Truth and glimpse the Creator as they expire and lose their corporeal existence, but they may also get another chance to know the Truth and get closer to the Creator the next time around when they don the corporeal reality once they are born again. It won't help the ones they killed and they may not get another chance to face that being again in the next life or share with them another round of beliefs from God and His
Truth because the other being has ascended to the next density and transcended the corporeal form of his previous existence. There is no way to know as long as corporeal beings are caught in the spokes of the endless wheel spinning through their lives and they are distracted by man-made gods and false beliefs.

As long as beings continue to see the world divided by Us and Them, they will continue to turn on the wheel and be diverted by Ego and man-made beliefs without ever coming near to Truth and defending false teachings with a sliver of Truth hidden in the depths of their teachings. All man-made beliefs contain a bit of Truth and few beings catch the Truth when they memorize only the words without taking the time to see the bigger picture or anything outside of the narrow teachings that include death, blood, murder, and rewards. No wonder it takes corporeal beings so long to ascend when they cannot and will not look beyond the narrow confines of what they have been taught and are caught up in the diversionary struggle with Us versus Them.

That is all. Disperse.