Friday, February 24, 2017

The High Cost of Magic

The main theme these days is that magic comes with a price. Rumpelstiltskin and every show that deals with magic (The Magicians, Just Add Magic, etc.) repeat this mantra endlessly. You can change the world and people around you, but you will have to pay the price. The greater the change, the higher the price.

We are being indoctrinated and manipulated. No matter how the mantra, magic always comes with a price, is repeated the point is to set us up for the high cost of magic, the high cost of change.

I don't know about you, but I am not particularly ready to give up what I value most for magic and that is what we are being manipulated to believe.

This planet, and all planets, suns, and cosmic bodies, is alive as alive as the people who inhabit this universe. Everything is alive. The plants that grow to be eaten and the animals that are found in ever decreasing numbers that are used for their skins, their bodies, and their constituent parts are alive. This Earth is alive, from its surface and atmosphere all the way to its beating heart at the center, whether that heart is magma or a massive crystal chiming and connected to every other cosmic body within this solar system and the galactic center of this Universe. Yes, Virginia, this planet is as alive as you or I and just as vulnerable and strong and susceptible. We are connected, this planet and you and I, in every way. This planet and the Universe are alive and the source of what we poor, ignorant mortals call magic. The only cost is the same price we pay for breathing: mindfulness.

Yes, there is a price to magic, but not the price the shows, movies, books, and propaganda would have us believe. The price is being aware of our existence and the existence of the life that abounds all around us.

The price we are being manipulated into paying is not the actual cost of our life or the ability to change the reality we see, but the price we have been manipulated to believe is necessary. All of this manipulation comes from fear. We are being manipulated into believing the cost is our existence, our lives. To some extent it is true that taking hold of magic will change the reality we see -- or it won't. The choice is ours. We can remain in this reality or we can accept change and emerge into a different reality that allows us access to the real magic, the magic of awareness that comes with a higher density, the 4th density.

We have been preparing for ascension during this cycle of existence. We have been told by that a new Age of Man is upon us that indeed has passed us and left us behind. That is at the heart of the propaganda we've been fed. The New Age, the Age of Aquarius, requires nothing of us but acceptance. Religions have characterized this realization in many ways. The realization has been called The Rapture by Christians, Nirvana, Ascension, and so many other names and we have been taught to believe that only by living a perfect life will we be allowed to accept this magic at the cost of everything we are and everything we believe.

What we do not know is that this CHANGE is happening whether we accept it or not. We are ready to ascend to the next level, to the 4th density from the leaden grip of the 3rd density, to be changed, to ascend, to be perfected. All we need do is accept what is coming.

These Ages of Man are accompanied by cosmic changes. Our sun will emit a Flash, a cosmic sneeze, a emission of cosmic radiation that heralds the Age of Aquarius, the next phase of the cosmic cycle. Each cosmic cycle is purportedly 2160 years -- or thereabouts.

According to the lyrics of the song:

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Love will steers the stars. This is the second coming of the Christ consciousness, the time when Lucifer, Bringer of the Light, the opponent of God, will be imprisoned for 1000 years and the dead shall rise. I've always wondered how the dead can rise if their bodies were burned to ash.

Maybe we have it wrong, or rather the Christians have it wrong. We are not our bodies, the fleshly vessel we see in the mirror that gets fat and succumbs to the ravages of age. We are not even the images captured as memories in books and on videos. We are the eternal soul at the center of each living incarnation that is born, lives, and dies. Who knows? Maybe we do pay our karmic debts by living as insects or vermin or animals since they too contain the spark of the divine. All existence is life, from the smallest virus and bacteria to the most power -- and most vulnerable -- human. The sun, the planets, the moons, and everything we touch, see, and interact with all contain the divine spark. We are all connected to the Source of All -- the divine spark of the Universe, that which has many names (God, Allah, Buddha, and so on) and is light and dark. We are the Universe figuring itself out. We are extensions of the Eternal I AM bound to the cosmic wheel turning over and over until we become One with the Eternal I AM that is at the center of the Universe. The One Song that unites and binds all in existence.

Too esoteric and religious for you? Try something less difficult to grasp. Read Julian May's Intervention and the story of how humans achieved ascendance. The evil and the good, the sublime and the mundane, are all parts of the I AM. That is the magic. Julian May described the magic as powers of the mind and the guiding force in the Galactic Milieu series where the Remillard Family is the source of evil and transcendent good. Other species assist earthlings in ascending to the next phase of existence. That ascendance, or transcendence, is explained in many ways, just as it has become Magic in this time and this place on Earth during the Age of Aquarius. The Powers That Be, the forces that have controlled us for millennia, want us to fear Intervention and Ascendance, and They have spent ages convincing humanity that the price is too high.

The price is not too high and the solar flash will happen as it should have long ago. Whether we fear it or accept it, ascendance will happen. We will not cease to exist and we need not give up all we know and all we have to ascend. All we need do is accept the reality and leave this 3rd density and walk into the 4th density without fear. The only price we need to pay we have already paid by living life giving to others at least 50% of the time. The down side is that if we are not ready to accept our inheritance we will continue to live in the 3rd density, but without the Powers That Be that have held us down, stuck in the 3rd density but without the negative forces. The Powers That Be will be obliterated and the world we will inherit will be a clean slate. There is nowhere we can hide and nowhere that will protect us from the Solar Flash. With or without our consent, the Sun will flash and all will be changed. Love will steer the stars and guide our way as we are taught to wield 4th density powers. The scales will drop from our eyes and we will see truth without the propaganda and manipulation of the Powers that have distorted our view.

There is a cost to Magic. The price is seeing all with open eyes.

That is all. Disperse.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Democracy For Sale

Watching "Medici: Masters of Florence" again. Episode 4: Judgment day. Rinaldo degli' Albizzi has accused Cosimo de Medici of usury (which is tolerated in this day and used extensively by banks issuing credit cards), corruption (Donatello's statue of David was considered the portrayal of a catamite - buggered), and tyranny because the Medici were wealthy and good at their business. All that wealth must be a mask to seize power. In order to protect the democratic republic of Florence, Albizzi, a noble with little money and less influence and power than his family held by virtue of their untouchable, god-given nobility, strikes back at the Medici because his father, a bankrupt, was refused entry to the Signoria, the governing body of Florence, and Rinaldo blamed Cosimo, a young man like himself, of destroying his family's position in the Signoria and perverting the cause of democracy. Cosimo told his father that Rinaldo wasn't arrogant; he was afraid because his father's grain shipment was lost at sea and they were bankrupt. Giovanni de Medici, the head of the Medici family, informed the Signoria the Albizzi were bankrupt and used his son's confidence and new found understanding of Rinaldo to do so. Giovanni was correct. Had Albizzi been a smart businessman he would've insured his grain before selling it elsewhere so that if the shipment was lost the Albizzi would've been able to collect the price of the shipment. Short-sighted and fearful of losing his position in Florence led to the Albizzi's downfall. In order to get revenge on Cosimo, Rinaldo must lie and paint the Medici as usurers, thieves, and power mad. There is no doubt that there is more to the history of the Medici that what is shown in the series, but at the heart of the story is the truth that those who seek to control the people have no care for democracy unless the tyrants/power brokers can control the direction of the votes. These power brokers will lie, cheat, steal, and murder or harm anyone who gets in the way of their plot to maintain control. The one thing you can count on is that life is about change. The successful change with the times and profit while the tyrants and power brokers force the world to see and do whatever it takes to keep themselves in power even if it means distorting the truth and removing people by fair means and foul who get in their way. Instead of Rinaldo succeeding in killing Cosimo, Contessina, Cosimo's wife, pleads with the Signoria to change Cosimo's sentence to exile. With Cosimo out of the way, Rinaldo, flush with the success of getting rid of the Medici, over reaches as tyrants always do, and ends up being exiled a year later when Cosimo returns to Florence at the request of the Signoria and the people. Florence is dying from the iron grip Rinaldo holds on the city and fear for their lives and their business as mercenaries, Albizzi's paid mercenaries, roam the streets at will. Even Rinaldo degli' Albizzi's best friend, Pazzi, another banker, turns on him when Rinaldo decides to take full control of Florence and get rid of the Signoria along with any pretense of democracy. Pazzi sets Rinaldo up and Rinaldo ends up in the same prison cell where he kept Cosimo as he slandered the Medici because the Medici were tyrants. The same thing is happening now in this country as Obama and the Leftists set up their mercenary force to riot and disrupt democratic proceedings where Republicans speak. These Organizing for America (OFA) members are taught how to make it looks as though the whole country is in revolt against the Republicans and President Trump. Make no mistake about it, they are mercenaries just like Albizzi's paid thugs. These thugs are stealing and fouling democracy to make it look like the whole country is outraged at Trump's win in the 2016 presidential election and are agitating for Trump's impeachment because he is mentally unfit for the office of President of the United States, and this just a month into the 4-year term of Trump's tenure. If you can't rig an election, as Obama tried to do with Hillary Clinton, the next best thing is to steal the election. Organizing for America is Michelle and Barack Obama's private army with 35,000 operatives. Reports show that the operatives are given directions on how best to send the message that getting rid of Obama's legacy of climate change and a one world government is not going to be easy or without pushback. This so-called grass roots movement is the latest incarnation of Organizing for Action, which was Obama's grass roots movement to change the face of America purportedly to realize Obama's Hope and Change message during his campaign and then morphed into Obama's private army to enforce Obama's hope that the change he wanted to see was the change that would happen. It didn't happen with any lasting success. All that died when Hillary lost the election and Trump became the 45th President of the United States. Now Organizing for America's army of members are lining up to disrupt Trump's presidency and agitate for a new version of Hope and Change that will end with Trump's impeachment. Forget the contrast between what it costs to pay for Trump's family protection as they continue their lives and business and what it cost to send the Obamas on Barack's world wide apology tour that lasted for the 8 years of his tenure in the Oval Office, the golfing trips, fund raisers for the Democratic Party, and vacations, and even the White House cleaning staff's audible and public sighs of relief now that the messy Obamas have moved out. Pay attention to what is really going on and see how it measures up with Rinaldo degli' Albizzi and Cosimo de Medici and Albizzi's unsuccessful destruction of Florence's democratic state. We can learn from the past even when the past is resurrected and framed as entertainment. Albizzi was believed to be a godly man who paid the man guarding Cosimo to poison him in order to make it look like Cosimo was struck down by the Hand of God. When it became clear that the Rinaldo was losing the vote for Cosimo's death, he urged his son to start a fight in the Signoria's chambers and barred most of the Signoria, those that were still considered friendly to Cosimo and the Medici, from the chamber the next day. If you can't beat them with lies and slander, the next best thing is to make sure the opposition cannot get in to the Signoria to vote. That's one way to guarantee the votes go your way. When all else fails, hire mercenaries and control the city (or the country) with fear. Mercenaries who kill for money will also kill when they are no longer paid -- even if they end up having to murder their former employer because he owed them money. It didn't matter that Cosimo paid the mercenaries what Albizzi owed them and more besides to leave Florence. The fact remained that Albizzi didn't pay them and the one thing that mercenaries love more than murder and theft is money. The modern mercenaries of Obama's OFA aren't all there for the money. They are idealists who are willing to overthrow the government as long as it means Trump is impeached or thrown out. Like little children who have learned that there is a fair way and an unfair way to deal with the world, Obama's OFA mercenaries will keep screaming, "Not fair!" until democracy is ended or until democracy can be forced to vote the way the Left demands. That failed to work for Hillary. Only time will tell if this time democracy can be forced to kowtow to Obama and the Left's demands and replace Trump with Hillary. That is all. Disperse.