Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bedazzled 2016

Do you remember the movie "Bedazzled" with first Dudley Moore and then Brendan Fraser? The focus of their attention was a girl, a girl probably way out of their league. The Devil offered a deal to grant him wishes that help him get the girl. Of course, the Devil was lying and led the poor guy down a thorny path, changing him so that the girl would want him. The trick was that no matter what the girl really wanted, when she got it turns out it wasn't what -- or who -- she wanted. Not the sensitive guy or the macho guy or the intelligent guy or the wealthy guy or any guy he twisted himself into. The lesson was not to trust the devil, but the real lesson was that people don't usually want what they think they want? Confused?

Last year people watched and heard Ben Carson talk about the Constitution and American values and many, including me, said they would vote for him if he ran for President. Some have stuck by him, but most have not.

Americans want someone they can believe in and follow. Obama gave America glib and a man who said he would do things differently, be the most transparent president ever. He would give control of the country back to the people. As soon as Obama stepped foot into the Oval Office he turned on our allies, first by having the desk built from a war ship, the Constitution, removed and then by throwing out Winston Churchill's bust and countering the pen set, also made from the Constitution's planks, with a gift of an iPod with a music mix on it for Queen Elizabeth. Talk about class.

The years between his tenure have been marked by lies, recriminations, accusations, and an apology tour that has covered the world. Obama bowed low to Muslims and slighted Queen Elizabeth and our allies in Israel. He has lectured and preached to Americans from the pulpit about our lack of tolerance for Muslims and refusal to give up our guns. He has made a mockery of this country and plunged us into the greatest debt ever while blaming Bush and explaining that he was forced into increasing the debt and digging us out of the hole Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, banks, Wall Street, and insurance companies have force us into with their too big to fail shenanigans, fraud, and theft. He has not been the president he promised to be and has only mired this country and our government into a Black Hole of Calcutta proportions. He was not who or what he claimed to be and he has proven it with his lavish world tours, golfing, and kowtowing to Muslims here and around the world, refusing to call their savagery and rampaging across Europe and here in the USA terrorism while demanding more gun laws and people give up their guns because we are the only country in the world holding onto the guns.

Remember Ben Carson? He threw his hat into the ring only to be met with derision and disdain. He lied about what he remembers and everything he says is scrutinized with a body louse comb while holding him and his wife up to ridicule because she is not a trophy wife but a real person. We have treated Ben Carson like Brendan Fraser and Dudley Moore as he tried to play the game of politics and laid his heart and his philosophies to be pawed over, second guessed, and reviled.

Where are the people who would vote for him if he ran?

Ben Carson is not a seasoned politician.  Is that not what Americans claimed they wanted? He has a few gaps in his knowledge of world history and leads with his religion and what he learned at the feet of his teachers of the Bible. He hides nothing, not even his beliefs even though many think he is mistaken and naive in his beliefs.

The thing is, politics has nothing to do with religion and should not because of the separation of church and state, the holy grail of liberal politics that would destroy all mention of religion in the halls of government and on government buildings.

I do agree that religion needs to be taken out of politics and should not be a part of the political process, but what a wo/man believes indicates character. You remember character? That part of a person's makeup that Bill Clinton didn't say mattered as he continued to assault and sexually harass women everywhere, the character he showed when Monica Lewinsky and her cum-stained blue dress came out of the closet, and the character he demonstrated when he said in public and under oath that he did not have sex with Monica?

Character does matter and Ben Carson has demonstrated his character admirably as the political machine does its best to tear him apart, not because he is a Christian (surely not) but because he is unprepared to govern or lead this country.

Remember Obama? What are his credentials? How has he managed as Commander-in-Chief and leader of this nation? Ben Carson doesn't look so bad after all. At least Carson is what he says he is and shows it every time he appears in public, but he is still the guy the pretty girl -- and the voters -- are treating like last month's dog food. 

It's time to decide what we as Americans want and choose which man with character we will follow and support. Time to follow the old guard or the bombastic over the top entertainer or suffer through another President only out to line his pockets and live the life of royalty at the taxpayers' expense until there is nothing left to give. Will Ben Carson's character show he is the kind of man to use his last wish for the country to be happy, at peace, and prosperous or will we end up with Obama laughing while he lights the match and throws it into the oil spill that will destroy the country, the waters, and all US citizens while the Constitution and American freedoms burn?

That is all.  Disperse.