Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What it takes to be a hero

I finally saw the new Battlestar Galactica and it was really good, a fitting end to the season finale, asking more questions than it answered. Is Gaius Baltar a Cylon? The real question is whether or not Starbuck is a Cylon, but she actually grew up and was a baby and a child and Cylons don't grow up; they wake up in a new adult body. It brings up all kinds of questions, like whether or not the current Battlestar Galactica is a repeat or rewind of history or if history is nothing more than a series of do overs with slightly different story arcs. After all, the original Starbuck was a guy: a cigar smoking, womanizing, comet steering pilot. The new Starbuck is a girl: a cigar smoking, manizing, comet steering pilot. The funny thing about the name, Starbuck, is that it calls to mind a dreamer, a man of tricks and treats who brings rain to parched lands and withered hearts.

I also saw the latest episode of Heroes and the show continues to be a delightful mix of pathos and insight, X-Men without the tights and capes. The show gives a sense of reality to what seems like fantasy but may be closer than we think.

In and around all this new season show watching I have connected with an old friend, made a new friend who could turn out to be more than a friend and heard that my father is back in the hospital, this time with chest pains and rectal bleeding. Beanie called me late last night to tell me Dad was staying in the hospital until they ran some more tests. He was in a lot of pain and the x-rays showed lesions on his bones. Well, that's what cancer is all about and those lesions are eating into his bones and that's why he's in such pain. No surprise there. All I keep thinking is, "What's next?" And I wish that Dad had an adamantium skeleton like Wolverine so the cancer couldn't eat into his bones and cause him so much pain so that he needs Dilaudid and morphine to give him a few moments of relief. In my book, what Dad is going through and how he's handling it makes him a hero, but he's always been my hero.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

You never know

This seems to be my lucky week. I have heard from two intimate old friends (No, Mark, we are not having phone sex) and one new fella who just can't seem to understand that he needs to go to the doctor before he loses his hearing and ends up in ICU because he has complications from pneumonia. Hopefully, he finally listened and at least headed in the direction of medical help. I don't understand why most men I know seem to feel the need to ignore their bodies' signals and take care of themselves, but they do. Oh, well. Still, it has been nice to hear from them and know that they still think of me on occasion--even if the occasions are related to sexual thoughts. Shame on you guys. Didn't you know I took MEN off the MENU?

It has been snowing off and on here and there is a lull in the snow and wind right now that I am certain won't last long. It is actually winter in this part of the world and it plans to stay no matter what Phil has to say about it in a couple of weeks. I must remember to wish two very good friends a happy birthday since they will be peeking out of their warrens the same day Phil goes looking for his shadow.

I am nearly finished with the atheist book and it has been an informative and amazing book. I'll post the link to the review when it is ready. I'm ready to begin and end the other review book that I glanced at (okay, I read two chapters) and it looks good as well...if it can sustain the interest from the first couple of chapters.

During another periodic Google search I found some of my work had been purloined and like the letter posted in plain sight without paying me for the privilege. I foresee a few emails with regards to that and coming to terms--monetary terms--as soon as possible. I don't like having my work stolen, especially when someone is making money from my words. Not nice, fellas/ladies. I also found out that I am being prominently mentioned in Wikipedia and in, at last count, 10 different languages. I thought it was only two and I didn't realize I had made the virtual pages of Wikipedia, but I was obviously wrong, and that's only because I don't have the time to keep counting. Nice to know I'm getting some international exposure that will continue with the review of the international best seller I'm about to review.

I am looking forward to Battlestar Galactica starting back up tonight and Heroes resuming the season tomorrow. I'm not certain I'll jump back onto the derailed Lost train, but you never know since I will be in Ohio when it starts and the options are talking with my mother while Dad sleeps the sleep of the weary and radiation drained.

That is all. Disperse.