Sunday, June 13, 2004


Yesterday was full of wonky weather. I woke up to snow, which quickly melted, and then was assaulted off and on all day with rain and ominous gray skies that promised more fury but passed on without unleashing it here. Until about 6 when a tremendous crack of lightning announced a hail storm. I ran downstairs as fast as my screwed up knee would allow and brought all my plants inside sustaining very little damage to them but ending up looking like I had some mutant form of chicken pox all over. I have extremely sensitive skin and every exposed surface was marked in red by the hail that hit me. I'm sure there were red circles all over my scalp, too, but I didn't think to check. Seeing my arms, legs, and cleavage was enough. Later on that evening, just before sunset, the skies let loose with their promised fury and rain lashed the deck and everything in sight, the trees bending nearly horizontal in the face of battering winds. I'm not certain, but I may lose some of my seedlings. I hope their root systems are strong enough that I will only lose the leaves and some flowers and they will bounce back, but I'm not sure at this point if I will ever be able to leave my babies outside in this unpredictable weather. Oh, well, at least that means more oxygen and cleaner air for me in here.

Today the sky is full of dirty gray rags bunched up to let loose more fury, but to the south the snow capped mountain peaks are gleaming white in the sun and a patch of blue like a perfect aquamarine winks thru the trees. I guess I'll see.

In the meantime, I'm off for a shower and to do a little laundry so I have something to wear to go to the movies to see Harry Potter before he's gone. I'd rather not brave the screaming kids on a Sunday afternoon, but there's only one showing on weekdays and when it lets out the roads are blacker than the pits of hell and not even high beam cuts a clear path very far ahead. At 65 mph that's asking for an accident, especially with jerks screaming by on the two-lane highway or riding my bumper. I'm not a nervous driver, but I know my car's limits and I don't exceed them (unless absolutely necessary) because I have a particular fondness for continuing my existence.

Anyway, off to the shower to bask in chamomile scented lather and douse my scalp with rosemary tea and more scented lather. Must be working. My previously silver roots are going back to my original brown. I can live with that.

I'll shut up now.

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