Wednesday, July 07, 2004


December 2004: Living Voices Magazine: Preserving the Past and the Present for the Future.

J. M. Cornwell, prose editor and chief webmaster for The Rose & Thorn until June 2004, is launching a new E-zine, Living Voices, a literary e-zine with an edge. Stories of the past, present, and future; stories you can't forget and want always to remember. The little stories and moments that define history, stories that touch on big historical events or happen outside of written history that focus on a moment caught in time. Think about Emily in the graveyard in the play, Our Town. These are the voices that will be preserved in Living Voices.

Living Voices will accept submissions beginning August 1, 2004.

GUIDELINES: Someone once said that life is in the details, the moment to moment minutiae; that is what I want to see. Stories your grandparents, uncles, aunts, and parents told you, the stories of their lives before, during and after wars, old letters, your stories and memories.

Submit your memoirs, fiction, nonfiction, retellings of stories of your past and your family's. Take those moments into the future or the past or onto other worlds as long as the character is the main focus.

NONFICTION: Essays, memoirs, family stories/histories, author interviews, and book reviews to 2000 words.

FICTION: Maximum 3500 words. No confessions. Genre fiction must be character driven.

POETRY: Any style up to 50 lines.

TIPS: Prose or poetry may be complex and literary but must contain a moment worth preserving, like an insect in amber. I want to see the stories of people and not the broader canvas of world events. Show me why I should, and why you do, care or remember that one moment.

Submissions may be sent to LV Submissions and must contain SUBMISSIONS and the type of submission (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interview, or review) in the subject line.

Living Voices is also looking for poetry, nonfiction, and fiction editors. Send your background and qualifications to J. M. Cornwell to be considered.

I guess that makes it official.

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