Monday, September 20, 2004

Hold onto your husbands, girls...

I'm back.

Which is apropos of nothing. I just like the line.

Anyway, I have nothing to say so I will say it and make it as long and pointless as possible.

My resurrected friend from Israel, the retired journalist, chastised me today for being an elitist piggie about writing keyword crap. Now, this come from a kosher vegan Jew who recently urged me to give up that filthy meat (piggy) or I'd never meet a nice Jewish accountant or (sorry had to double check the verbiage) nice Muslim beheader. On that note, I am proud to say I finished all six of my little erotic scenarios with some help from a very [info]uniqueluddite who helped me write the last one where girls were kissing. I felt it was time he stretched his wings and tried something new. He did very well, by the way, and I'm pleased with the results, although the 300-word limitation meant I had to cut out some of the really good stuff. So, thank you very much, [info]uniqueluddite, for your views and your prose. Maybe you are right and you're turning into a woman. Guess I'll have to become a lesbian, huh?

It seems that while I was working erotic magick, my friend (for the time being anyway) [info]elementalmuse, has been blackening my name around the LJ communities by exaggerating my selfless devotion to her well being in helping her change her eating habits, but saying I have been *itching her out over not eating. This is a horrible and completely false piece of information. And the next time she forgets I'm going to remind her much less nicely with my foot up her bum. I owe it to her since she has already blackened my name and my gentle personality.

And now for the good stuff -- or semi-mediocre stuff, as the case may be.

Please remember the follow are only vignettes not meant to go beyond a certain point. There is no graphic sex or violence (quit time there will be), just the beginning. The rest is up to your imagination.

For the first and last time, I present whoring for dollars:

1/ Kiss

"No!" Darla pulled away from Scott. "You haven't called or come by for a week." Darla spun around, pushing Scott away as he moved closer. Her first instinct was to scratch the smile off his face. How could she have believed him? She shook her head and backed away.

"I called."

Tears glittered in Darla's eyes as she clenched her fists at her sides, rigid with confusion, anger, and hurt. "You didn't leave a message."

Scott took a step closer. Darla threw her hands up. "No! I meant it."

"Honey, let me explain."

"So you can tell me more lies?" Darla sidled past Scott, keeping as far from him as possible, and opened the door. "Just go. And don't call me again." Darla looked at the floor.

Scott's hand brushed hers on the door knob. She jerked back. Scott caught her hand. "I did call."

Tears slid down her cheeks.

Scott brushed away the tears, pulling Darla slowly closer. "I got called out on an emergency run into the bush. It took longer than anyone expected."

"I thought…."

Stroking the back of her neck, Scott urged Darla closer. Shivers trailed down her spine like the drip of fiery ice. Scott's lips were warm against her ear. "I missed you."

The hard knot in the pit of her stomach uncurled.

The clear green of Scott's eyes glittered with passion. Darla's body throbbed. Hot kisses rained down her neck and across her shoulders, sparking her nipples erect. Rising on her toes, Darla slid her arms around Scott's neck, acutely aware of the growing bulge against her belly. Scott's fingers slid down her back and cupped her buttocks.

"Please," Darla whispered.

Scott devoured Darla's lips, sucking her tongue in and out, peeling the straps from her shoulders as she reached for his zipper.

2/Sheila/Jonathan -

Nearly jumping out of her skin when the doorbell rang, Sheila straightened her skirt, took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Jonathan was an old friend who happened to be in the area. He's probably married with ten kids by now. We're just saying hello and catching up, she reminded herself.

As soon as Sheila opened the door she nearly fainted. His voice over the phone had been deep and masculine, but she wasn't prepared for the tall, handsome man standing on the steps. The memory of the chubby boy in his Boy Scout uniform dissolved as they hugged.

Jonathan's hand was warm against Sheila's arm and goose bumps pebbled her skin as they stood together on the deck.


Sheila shook her head, closed her eyes and took slow, deep breaths to calm her racing pulse.

Turning Sheila around, Jonathan cupped her chin in his hand and tilted her face upward. Amber fire burned in his eyes and a ribbon of desire exploded in Sheila's belly. "This can't be happening," she protested weakly as she pulled away.

Jonathan caught Sheila's hand and gently turned her around. "Not this time, Sheila." Tasting Sheila's lips, Jonathan ran his tongue over her bottom lip.

Fingers twining in her thick chestnut curls, Jonathan tilted her face up, looked deep into her violet eyes. He kissed her again, coaxed her tongue with his own, molding her body against him.

"Why now?"

"I'm tired of waiting." Jonathan picked Sheila up and set her down on the table, moving between her legs. He pushed her skirt up her legs, caressing the smooth skin of her inner thighs.

Sheila gasped.

Jonathan pressed his hot, hard length against her sensitive mound.

"You certainly took your time," Sheila said as she wrapped her legs around Jonathan and scooted closer.

3/ Couple on beach

"Peace at last," Trevor said as he slid his arm around Elena. "The kids are finally off to college and I have you all to myself."

The sun gilded the steel trusses of the bridge across the bay, lowering into the gentle swells and foam. A breeze, scented with the promise of autumn, tickled the hairs away from Elena's cheeks. Trevor kissed the side of her neck. Elena snuggled closer. "That tickles," she said.

"I know something else that tickles, too." Trevor slid the sweater off her sun bronzed shoulder and traced a line of liquid fire with the tip of his tongue.

"Don't!" Elena pleaded. "Someone might see." She looked around at the empty beach, sighing as Trevor's cool fingers grazed her flushed breasts.

"Never bothered you before." Trevor slid the sweater lower, exposing the tops of full soft breasts. He lowered his head and mouthed her nipples through the fabric.

Elena arched her back and leaned against the picnic table in the fading light. Stars winked on above her and she sighed when Trevor cupped her breast and pulled her closer, his other hand slipping beneath the waistband of her shorts, dipping into the hidden honeyed warmth.

Giving herself over to the moment, Elena reached beneath Trevor's shirt, fingertips barely touching his sun-warmed skin, tracing circles and swirls across his belly and up his sides. Trevor shivered at her touch. Elena slid her hands up the length of his back.

Trevor kissed Elena softly, searching. Elena's teeth caught his lower lip and sucked it. A deep moan escaped his lips as Elena thrust her tongue into Trevor's mouth, sliding along the length of his tongue, suckling his tongue. She writhed in his lap, wrapping her legs around his waist.

"Please. Now," Elena said as she unbuttoned Trevor's jeans.

4/ Embrace

How do you tell your best friend you want more than friendship? Lilia wondered while she opened the refrigerator and took out vegetables and meat for the dinner she and Johann were making together.

Johann stood behind Lilia, his breath warm on the nape of her neck, sending a fever of desire through her that she fought to ignore. He reached around her, his body so close to her she was afraid to breathe.

With a quick peck on her cheek, Johann took the steaks from Lilia and strode to the counter. Lilia breathed slowly.

She didn't know how or when it happened, but somewhere during their five-year friendship, Lilia fell in love with Johann. She watched women come and go, the silent and faithful friend in whom Johann confided all the details of his relationships.

Oh, if only Johann would take Lilia in his arms and search out the heated wells of her desire with his long, strong fingers, kneading her heated flesh until she was ready to accept him deep inside.

Closing the refrigerator door, Lilia took the vegetables to the counter and began preparing the salad. Johann heated the grill and finished rubbing dry marinade on the steaks, kissing her cheek as he bustled past.

Lilia shuddered at his touch. She knew she could not go on like this, not any more.

Pushing the salad bowl aside, Lilia walked out onto the deck and stared into the jeweled sky, whispering a prayer.

"Lilia?" Johann walked onto the deck and stood behind her, his hands on her shoulders. "Why so quiet tonight?"

Tears glistening in her eyes, Lilia turned and put her arms around Johann's neck and kissed him.

Johann smiled tenderly down at Lilia and kissed her again. "Dinner can wait," he whispered as they embraced.

5/ Girl in field

"Marcy, wait." Peter ran across the field, jeans swishing in the tall grass. "Where are you going?" he called.

All Peter could see was Marcy's short blonde hair bobbing above the tall grass before it disappeared altogether.

Peter kept running, casting about on all sides, looking for some trace of his girlfriend. Marcy was as exasperating and wild and exciting as she was unpredictable. He wasn't sure what she would do next, but she promised today was the day.

"Marcy!" Peter called as he tumbled to the ground nearly on top of his elfin-featured girlfriend. Her eyes sparkled with mischief as she laughed at him sprawled in the grass.

"When I said you could jump my bones, I didn't mean it literally," Marcy giggled.

She leaned back on her hands, eyes closed, face turned toward the sun like a beautiful flower. Peter sat up. "Here?" he asked.

"Why not?" Marcy kicked off her shoes and took off her jacket. Peter watched mesmerized while she quickly shed her clothes, revealing inch after inch of rosy hued skin until she was as naked as a pixie of the field. He was too stunned to move or press his advantage.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked, tugging off his jacket and pulling his shirt over his head.

Embarrassed, Peter stood up and turned his back on Marcy's greedy stare. He pushed his jeans down and stepped out of them, skin prickling with goose flesh.

He heard Marcy stir behind him, taking his hand and urging him down onto the ground next to her. Peter scooted around. Marcy looked up at him, eyelids lowered, suddenly shy. "I always wanted it to be you," she said in a faint whisper as Peter lay down in the soft warm grass and pulled Marcy to him.

6/ Girls kissing

The scent of smoke and the clear crisp days of autumn followed Sarah and Rebecca as they walked across campus, leaves swish swishing around their feet.

"I can't believe Hardman gave me a B. I worked really hard on that paper." Rebecca kicked up a fountain of gold and scarlet leaves.

"He's hard on everyone. I had him last semester and barely squeaked by with a C." Sarah smiled up at Rebecca, marveling at the deep brown of her eyes. She shook herself. Rebecca could never be interested in her. "Come on. Let's take a real hike for a change," she said as she started up the steep trail under the shadow-dappled canopy of scarlet maples.

Rebecca hesitated. "I'm not sure about this."

"You can make it." Slender coltish legs gracefully maneuvering the jutting rocks and roots, Rebecca climbed up the slope, stumbling a little at the top, then slipped and fell into a pile of leaves at the side of the narrow trail, pulling Sarah down on top of her.

"Just call me Grace," Rebecca said with a tinkling laugh. She pulled a leaf from Sarah's burnished curls, brushing her cheek with a lingering touch.

Sarah smelled the warm sweet scent of jasmine as Rebecca kissed her softly on the lips. Green and gold flecks shimmered in the deep brown depths of Rebecca's eyes, a slow smile playing at the corners of her full coral lips.

Breathing unevenly, Sarah caressed the soft curve of Rebecca's cheek and kissed her, tingling with anticipation and excitement. Rebecca sighed softly.

Like a butterfly, her fingers stroked and darted away down Sarah's neck to her shoulders, teasing down over Sarah's breasts. Sarah, usually more aggressive, lay back and arched against Rebecca's touch. She gasped once as Rebecca's slender fingers dipped toward the blazing center of heat. Sarah pushed against Rebecca's hand.

"My place or yours?" Rebecca whispered.

Now about that cigarette...

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