Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sunday morning mists

So much of my life is under the cut right now, which leaves me with a quandary about what to say and what not to say. Strange for me since I just let everything spill out onto the keys. I'm not one to hide my life, my thoughts, or my whining about whoring my writing or finding ways to be creative about the same old crap. However, there is good news on that front and a creative challenge as well.

Friday I received the incredible news that my bid had been accepted, along with my sample, to write low key erotica. What is that? Erotica that sets the stage but stops before things get too graphic so the reader can finish the story in their mind. You might call them pre-masturbatory fantasies. I set them up and the reader takes the story from there. I hope I can remember how it all works. Might need to scare up some volunteers to answer questions and allow me to pry into the shadowy recesses of their intimate lives and mine their fantasies and realities for my art. Sounds like a good deal to me. I ask the questions, the volunteers answer the questions and enlighten me with their fantasies and romantic activities. They don't have to go into the really intimate details, but the foreplay should be fascinating.

This place is beginning to look like a visitor's haven for a change. Had another visitor yesterday who arrived fairly early (for me) and we spent the day reminiscing and talking and getting to know each other better. We also watched a movie they brought to share. October Sky, which is based on the Homer Hickam, Jr. book, Rocket Boys about a Coalwood, West Virginia boy, Homer Hickam, to be exact, who gets out of the future planned for him under the ground mining coal and into the skies on a rocket. The movie & book are also about the people who inspire us and families.

The actors are a mix of seeming unknowns and one or two semi-notables, like Laura Dern, who plays the schoolteacher who inspires Homer, and Chris Cooper, who plays John Hickam, Homer's father. True to Hollywood though, they took the name of the book and changed it for the movie. At least they used an anagram of Rocket Boys and turned it into October Sky.

The movie is very well made and a wonderful treat to watch. The ending should have you in tears, unless you're a soulless, hard-nosed unromantic. October Sky is a movie for the whole family and definitely one to watch with someone close to you.

Now I need to get the book and read the rest of the story. I hear it's better than the movie, which, in this case, is going some. I wonder how Homer Hickam feels about seeing his life become the stuff of dreams, legend and fantasy.

By the way, Homer Hickam, Jr. works for NASA and worked on the space shuttle. Not bad for a boy from Coalwood, West Virginia who had two choices for a future: a scholarship for football or walking into the Hades of the coal mines, before a teacher inspired him to look to the sky.

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