Friday, October 01, 2004

First a virus and now greed...

The week started out lousy and it's going downhill fast, according to the latest publishing news.

First, the week starts out with an all-pervasive and unconscionable asshole virus that has struck many of you and your families and friends.

Next, I get a notice that Kirkus Reviews, a by-product of the Christian Science Monitor, will review your self-published book for $350. What is going on here?

Kirkus Reviews are definitely vicious and not even close to being subtle, but now they're charging people to review their books? How can they remain impartial -- and vicious -- to someone who just forked over a big chunk of change for their opinion? That not only goes against the grain, but it sets a really bad precedent.

The way the publishing game is played is that writer's write books and, hopefully, get published, and book reviewers read said books for free and give their opinions/criticisms/judgments. Now, Kirkus comes along and says, not only do authors have to provide a free book, but they have to pay for the privilege of being read and reviewed? Bullshit! That is NOT going to fly.

On top of all this, they are preying on self-published authors. Does this bother anyone but me?

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