Sunday, October 03, 2004

Sunday rains

It started to rain a little while ago, a whispering rustle of sound, first loud and then soft and then loud again conversation in a crowded room. Beyond the windows in the darkness, the rustling hissed and ticked on the deck. Inside it was warm and quiet, a soft light shining against the black beyond the windows.

Today was a day of contrasts. The sun cast a bright golden glow over everything and lit the blue sky above to searing brilliance. I slept late because I went to bed late, sitting in my favorite chair in the darkness while the moon silvered and blued everything outside.

Today was a day of thoughts and memories and hopes and wishes while dandelion and spices tingled on my tongue and warmed me inside. The subtle scent of sage still hung in the air from last night, sweet grass a clean under note that tickled my nose and teased the edges of my mind.

Today was a day of solitude and silence and it didn't hurt so much.

Today was a day of revelation and news.

My mother called several times to firm up plans for their arrival on Friday, asking about rental cars and what I wanted them to bring, and complaining Dad had gone to church and left her at home because she is supposed to be at bed rest. Dad told her she was going to stay in bed because he didn't want her ruining their trip out here. Strong words from my father who has spent most of his life traveling the path of least resistance. Made me feel good to know he's excited and happy about coming to visit.

Now, what I'll do with my parents for seven days is still a mystery, but it should be interesting. I do know we're going to take the Royal Gorge train tour from Silverton next Saturday and I have tempted Mom with a stop in Colorado Springs to go on the chocolate factory tour or at least to Russell Stover's for her favorite treat -- CHOCOLATE. Mom had mentioned she wanted to drive up to Wyoming and maybe into Montana, which would be a nice diversion for me and will mean me being gone from my cabin and my computer for several days. It would also mean you all get a break from me. I know you're cheering already.

But today was a day of no work and no thoughts of work, except the ones that flitted at super sonic speed thru the corridors of my mind. I'll get back to it tomorrow and get two weeks' work done in the next five days to make time for a little vacation of my own.

Today was a day of peace and calm, a day for understanding and a tiny glimmer of happiness and hope.

All in all, the Sunday rains dampened the ground and the outside world and provided a refreshing relief for my heart.

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