Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The power of the people...and the BLOG

If you want a look at what blogging has become and where it just might go in the future check out the Free Republic reporting of a Time magazine article about the phenomenon of blogging and what it has done to Dan Rather's news career.

However, in one quote in the article, ham radio has been relegated, spuriously, to an "...embarrassing hobby...", which it most certainly is not and has never been.

Most of you know that I have been studying to pass the exams for my ham radio operator's license. In the course of that study I have learned more about electronics and history and people than I ever thought possible, opening a whole new vista for me of ideas and science that was denied me because I'm a girl. My family had strange and archaic ideas about what a girl should and shouldn't be interested in and I have never been mainstream or typical of that mind set. I'm still not.

For instance, how about a quick look at one ham operator's point of view or a closer look at an Indian ham operator's point of view at the heart of the tsunami devastation. And don't forget, the ham operator in question is a housewife.

Talk about your "...embarrassing hobb[ies]..."

That is all. Disperse

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