Friday, February 18, 2005

Getting kicked... no fun, especially when you have to pick yourself up without help, and I've been kicked a lot lately, which is pretty apparent in some of my recent posts. However, this time I'm picking myself up, dusting myself off, and focusing on a different horizon for a change, and it is out there.

The sun is bright and the clouds are a brilliant soaring blue with mare's tails whipping across the sky, whisking away snow, and pain, and sadness.

I am going to the Springs this weekend and will be gone for about a week. I also have to go to New Mexico for a story and interviews next weekend, but in the interim between trips I will be staying with my good and dear friend, elementalmuse, and her kids, both of whom I adore. I may sneak a chance or two to update while I'm there, but most of the time will be devoted to getting back all the energy I have expended on so many other things and people. I plan to see a few sights in the Springs, walk a few trails, and commune with nature in the Garden of the Gods. I need to get back to the source. I will also share energy with a very wonderful group of people who belong to Shadow Myst and meet some new faces while we mingle energies and stories for a little while. Then it's off to New Jersey for some training, a lot of reading, and maybe a stroll or two along unfamiliar pathways.

When I get back next week, just before I journey to the source of ancient powers and beauties and share a meal with the indomitable Mentalfuse just to shake up his world with a little intensity and a lot of shared laughter and smiles, I'll reconnect with some beloved energy.

I have been upset and hurt and in a lot of pain lately because of someone dear to me who is dealing with his own pain. Instead of being a good friend and a loving support I have focused on the wrong horizons. Time to change the view, take off the blinders, and see the horizon anew.

So to my beloved friend I offer bright blessings and love in this time of confusion, doubt, and fear. May my insights light your path and show you that ignoring your problems and not taking care of yourself, punishing yourself for things you cannot change and should let go, will only drag you deeper into despair. When you're ready to lift your head, take a deep breath of the fresh air of hope, and step back into the light I will be waiting to walk beside you on the path.

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