Saturday, February 12, 2005

One of those days...

...a beautiful day, actually, with lots of things for me to do and see.

A quick shower and combing out my hair showed me that the hair is growing back in and I have arrested the falling out process. But I had lots of other things to think about, mostly errands and getting out of the house for a while. The trip to the post office was uneventful, but at the post office I found lots of good news, a little money, and even more good news, which propelled me on my way in to Fraser to the library, but I was early so a trip to Starbucks to use my free drink coupon was in order.

Chantico is the word of the day. It is a decadently rich and smooth and nearly orgasmic silken libation of chocolate that I can still taste. Utterly and completely delicious. I wish I had more. The cup is really small but the taste is lingeringly, unbelievably large. Mmmmmm, chocolate.

Off to the library to finish my chocolate power drink until they open and then a quick, short walk to the door to pace and wait for them to open -- it was past 10:00 by my watch anyway.

Then into the hallowed halls where soft murmurs of sound wrapped me in camaraderie and common cause. A small fine to pay, books and movies to reserve, and a measured, hawk-eyed scrutiny of the shelves to pick up books, check available magazines, and sit at a computer not my own to peruse, search, and otherwise track down books, subjects, and information for use in writing and reading, and other nefarious purposes.

The library here in Fraser is small and vastly incomplete, but it is worth the trip just to enjoy the feeling of delving into dusty archives and playing hide and seek with books and words along the sun dappled aisles between the stacks.

And now off to look up more books and reserve more reading material. It is a very good day and it's not even noon yet.

That is all. Disperse.

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