Sunday, February 20, 2005

You just can't trust anyone any more...

...especially friends like Bev who can't admit that my car is faster and I'm a quicker driver, which is pretty amazing since I had not been in that part of town before, but in the penis equals car and speed contest, I am better and I won.

We did have a good day and a lot of fun. We ate at Fargo's, and the pizza was pretty good, but the carrot cake was better. Of course the muse will say that I forced the chocolate cake on her but you can tell by the teeth marks on my nails and fingers that she nearly took my hand off reaching for the cake. Do not ever let your hands get too near the muse when chocolate is involved, better to put the plate down from a safe distance and push it toward her with an electrified cattle prod to preserve your digits and anatomy.

It is also best to make sure you are wearing your seat belt when she is driving and hang onto something stable because she drives like a demon. Best to wear a blindfold so you don't know how close to death you have come.

Of course I had a little fun with the kids when we got back from our afternoon jaunt. I banged on the door and yelled (in my best penal code voice), "Open up. This is the police." Jon opened the door and read us the riot act for upsetting him in that way. I still want to know what he was doing while we were gone that he was worried about police knocking on the door. The muse did mention that it was not a good idea in this neighborhood, but I figure it's like turning on the lights to see if the roaches are going to run for the baseboards and shadows. Unfortunately, no one else came out of their doors with their hands up.

We still have two days before I get on a plane for the first time in over 20 years and fly across the country so I am sure we can find some trouble -- or fun, depending on your point of view -- to get into. And there will be rituals performed, incense burned, and incantations incanted tomorrow and Monday. I still haven't decided if I'm going to lead the full moon ritual, but you never know. Might do me some good to bleed off a little energy and pass it around the coven circle since I don't get to do that very often and most of my energy ends up swirling around the pine trees and wilds back up in the mountains where they're probably still pinging off the rocks, animals, trees, and mountaintops.

Well, this is two posts for me today and I don't want to wear out your friends page or run out of material, although I seriously doubt that will be a problem here in the land of the muse with all the laughter, talk, and magick to be shared, not to mention the writerly talk, which tonight ended in the muse saying that an idea I ran past her needs a book and is too big for a short story. She may be right, but I haven't worked out all the logistics or plot yet. There is still a big hole near the end I haven't filled and there is another novel I promised Rick I would finish and give him to read. I suppose that means I should finish the novel before I start on another one with a hole in the plot, even though it does come at the end and I might come up with it once I begin the writing process. You just never know. Then again the muse might be tempting me to walk the grassy path knowing there is quicksand a few feet away so she will be able to say as I sink out of sight that her car/penis is bigger than mine.

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