Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I doesn't pay to trust a friend...

Especially when said friend leads you down the primrose path and then drops you over a cliff into a chasm.

Okay, the Evil One hooked me on BSG and he sent me the season finale -- a two parter. I got it today and since I had nothing else to do (except for work) I decided to watch both parts. We talked about this last week and he told me I would love and hate the finale. Well, I love and HATE him right now. We talked about this. There I was going on and on about Adama being crucial to the show and since Lorne Greene, who played Adama in the original series lasted quite a long while, didn't die I didn't expect THIS Adama to bite the dust or to be killed by one of his own. I wasn't prepared. I should have listened to my instincts when he gave me that Texas Side-Step bit about waiting to see the show. I even promised not to go to to look up the episode guide, even though it didn't cross my mind until he mentioned it AND I got the latest issue of the newsletter inviting me to check it out. I kept my word and didn't go there, didn't read the episode guide, and got blind-sided. That's what I get for trusting a friend.

And the raven quoth, "Nevermore."

See if I trust HIM again. And this is the guy I'm supposed to trust my life to while hiking this summer after I move. Well, just for that HE can take point.

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