Sunday, April 24, 2005

Past, Present and Always.

A call from Dr. Jeff to post pictures to share and compare sent me to old files I have kept over the years. During that search I found something someone had written for me over three years ago and thought I'd share it here.

Love's Intoxication

Sex is a highly overrated and empty experience that leaves behind a feeling of loss and loneliness afterwards. Lovemaking, however, is an almost spiritual experience, where the fears of acceptance, performance, vulnerability, and other such worldly things are replaced with love, trust, and the joining of two souls in a place where time ceases to exist as the world fades away.

I can remember a time of playful lovemaking, touching, exploring, caressing and melting into each other with warmth and love, with subdued excitement, lost in the seconds and minutes, time standing still, the world disappearing, captivated in the blissful moments as passions slowly rise to new heights, hearts racing, sweat from our bodies wonderfully mixing, suddenly stirring into a rhythmical pulsating frenzy, ending in an explosion of senses that leaves us both giggling like little kids and finds our bodies trembling with delight, unleashing feelings one could only imagine being found in fairy tales.

Nothing on this earth is greater than the love of a woman, providing the ability to witness the world through wonderfully different eyes. Discovering the capacity to become an extension of someone else as you behold them becoming an extension of you. Together, the world ceases to be a threat and the serenity that follows is incredible. Every day is filled with bright and beautifully colored gifts just waiting to be acknowledged and accepted. You suddenly long to be the best that you can possibly be, so focused that the ability to hate or to judge is lost, finding, instead, the astonishing vision of the extraordinary diversity of all God's creations.

Ray Buck
December 14, 2001

Thank you again, Ray, for reminding me that along my journey thru life I have been blessed with such friends.

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