Monday, April 18, 2005

The Results of Out Sourcing

From a "Cockroach Room" purchased for 48 cents at a junk store in Chinatown's Waverly Place, San Francisco.


1. Tear and go anel glue layers of dyke that pay glue the paper.
2. Tear little glue take out cockroach wrap up and put glue one beg by information by one.
3. Accord and pursue to point out and convert cockroach's room leftly.
4. It set free romm splace needing to be haunteds ckitchen lavatory comer Unless under desks (hairs, wardrobes whose under the capboardice it under sampans name is dark places) prevent the sunshine from shining directly.
5. Can als put different places in the room on alot of cockroaches rooms at the same in order to reach the best resalt.
6. If does not catch cockroaches yet three four days later in cockroach's room do not express and pat the place like the ideal Batmove it to the other places.
7. If the cockroach abounds with the cockroach in the room should change it as soom as possible the new cockroach glues the board And can use it many times.

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