Sunday, June 26, 2005

Can you tell time?

Friday I was expecting my LJ friends, Lynn and her husband Chuck, at 2 PM my time. I finished work a little before noon and was getting ready to douse the roots in color to get rid of that Pepe Le Pew look that was beginning and wash the body in something lavender and subtle when I get a phone call. I thought it was an update. It was THEM downstairs in front of my gate waving gaily up at me while I looked down at them with the phone plastered to my ear, keeping my naked bits below eye level behind my monitors in abject and utter horror. THEY WERE EARLY. I threw on some clothes, put on my shoes, scared the top layer of my hair with a brush and went downstairs to open the door on the grinning pair roosting on my doorstep.

And thus the weekend's adventure began...

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