Saturday, June 18, 2005

One of the best things about being a writer... when your writing touches other people's lives and changes them or their situation.

Since I have mostly settled into my new apartment, I resumed working on the writing biography of Andre Norton. My ad in Gila Queen Guide to the Markets came out last week and people are bellying up to the virtual bar to share their stories and their correspondence with Andre. Reading such glowing tributes from writers who have gone on to publish their own books and stories, writers who owe their success and the belief in their writing to Andre is a wonderful way to spend any day. I knew her personally. Many of these people never met her in person, but she was the strong stalwart support standing behind them with her hand on their shoulders, someone who was as real to them as she was to me.

If there is any epitaph I would like to leave, that would be it: She made a difference.

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