Sunday, December 04, 2005


I've been down with the flu, as anyone who has talked to me over the past few days can tell, but I have not been alone. Friends, neighbors, the landlady, and new acquaintances have stopped by with food, reading material to make me smile (and sweat), herbal concoctions to help me heal, and one generous soul has even sent healing energy my way. That one generous soul has also kept me company on the phone despite a trip to the emergency room for an accident that could have taken his eye...

...and he sent me this to warm my heart.

As the sun cast down its rays of light and warmth upon the frozen mountain top, slowly turning the ice into water which flows down the mighty slopes, filling in all the deep crevices that time has created, it makes its way to the valleys below where it will give the life force to make all things come back from a long solitude of sleep. The grass will grow. The flowers will bloom. The trees will sprout new leaves. The valleys will once
again shimmer with life.

It is as the same when the heat of passion casts its rays upon a frozen heart. Love will once again flow, filling in all the hurt and pain time has created, making its way through the depths of the soul, nd bringing the life force needed to awaken the heart from its long solitude of sleep. With this all is well and life is good.

Gus wrote that for me last night.

This morning after we got off the phone, he wrote and sent this:

When the light of day meets the dark of night, it is here where all the questions and all the answers of the universe can be found by those who look deep enough with a clear and empty mind!!

Needless to say, Gus and I have a date when he comes back to Colorado Springs.

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