Friday, May 26, 2006


I spent most of last evening after I finished work putting together the PPRAA newsletter. It's like an intricate double-sided jigsaw with some stationary pieces I cannot move, around which I have to slot interesting (hopefully) articles and news bytes. The deadline for submissions was yesterday at 5 PM, but I was hit with a flurry of articles and news items long before that. I still have some backlog from last month I need to publish this issue (must make a note about that) and the usual miscellany. I am limited to twelve pages because of postage costs, which makes my job that much more difficult. I know. I signed up for this abuse. Now I will spend five more evenings editing and rewriting and shifting text and pictures and playing with fonts to make sure everything gets in and isn't impossible for older hams with less than perfect eyesight to see. Fun, fun, as the Evil One always says. All my life is not as much fun as this. Sometimes it's boring... grocery shopping (which reminds me there is now pineapple sherbet in the freezer for those meltdown moments) and painting the rest of the woodwork ONE MORE TIME to cover the baby poop yellow-tan-brown-ick and cleaning the kitchen and putting away the mountain of books I got from the library two days ago that is now spread all over my new sofa and moving the printer out of the living room and into the bedroom where I spend most of my time because there's more sunshine and light and comfort (my bed is a great place to work on my laptop and softer when I faint from exhaustion) and the laundry (I have plenty of underwear but I've run out of towels) and planting flowers and seeds to grow flowers and herbs and...

Well, you get the idea.

Add to that getting back on track with the PIC-EL course and project so I can have some ham radio run and my plate and life are very full.

Did I forget to mention that I will also spend this holiday weekend typing operative reports and discharge summaries and cutting down my wardrobe of pants because they're getting too big and baggy? Yes, the wardrobe cutting -- and sewing -- will be done by hand since my sewing machine is in OHIO!

Not to self: Must go back to Ohio and get paintings, books, bakeware and sewing machine. Must rent truck and find someone to help me drive scare aging parents to death by towing car behind truck. That will be my good deed for the day.

At least the deck and stairs to Nel's apartment turned out beautifully. It's sturdy, functional and very lovely. Nel told me I can bring my laptop and lounge on the deck when she's at work. Aah, the prospect of sunshine and fresh air and shorts and no shoes and ... utter and complete bliss. Life is good.

MJ is calling tonight from Florida after his last show and I need to make my breakfast (coconut milk, strawberries, chocolate soy protein and banana. I should probably take a shower with the one remaining towel, wash my hair and put on some clothes that I will be desperate to tear off when those meltdown moments hit, but I think I'll stay right here in bed with my laptop, a book and the fan chilling my exposed and unclothed flesh before I face the day. I deserve it.

That is all. Disperse.

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