Friday, May 05, 2006


There are some days when nothing surprises me and some days when every moment brings something new and exciting. The past two days have been like that.

The weather cannot make up its mind, swinging from warmth and sunshine to the giant shaking up the snow globe until the mountains and every vista outside my own little corner of the neighborhood was veiled in fog and mist. The mountains were a memory and the ground was covered with tiny green tinged yellow disks like drifts of snow that didn't melt. The roof tops and streets were dark with recent rain and the sun a hint of light behind the dirty gray cotton batting sky not warm enough to call the moisture back into the clouds. The winds whistled and moaned around the window frames, chilling everything within reach, including my plans for a friend's birthday.

Just as I gave up and went back to work after talking with my sister, the phone rang again. The news was good and there were plans to be made and checked. The original date for the celebration wasn't going to work. Alternates dates were suggested. After a few more phone calls everything was set and would work out better than I originally planned. The party was back on track.

When I checked my email this morning another piece fell into place. I had the recipe for the best cheesecake in the world. It's a bit unorthodox but the birthday cake is a cheesecake, a scrumptious dream that just melts in the mouth and leaves behind sighs of delight -- and groans of sadness when it is all gone. It is the same cheesecake that greeted me when I moved here nearly a year ago and the birthday boy's favorite.

I received another call this morning from the main attraction and we ended up talking for about an hour. We talked about religion (he's a recovering Catholic), quantum physics (they do have a lot in common) and music. He agreed to a special gift I have planned for the party and we will have lunch the day after the party and I'm bringing the Evil One along. In fact, if I have anything to do with it (and the weather cooperates), the three of us will meet in the park and share a picnic lunch. I might even have a little cheesecake left to share. If not, I'll make another one.

So much to do but I do have some time to maneuver. I'm so looking forward to this celebration. I've even decided to invite a surprise guest or three. I love planning parties like this: a little unorthodox and hopefully memorable. It also looks like I've made a new friend, which I hadn't expected. After all, he's a medium sized fish in a large pond and I'm a small fish in a rain puddle. Still, he has a brain, a sense of humor and he's creative, the basis of a very good friendship.

I guess what I need to remember is that when something is meant to be, even when I think it can't be done, when I step back and let go everything will fall into place.

Just like the past two days.

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