Sunday, May 28, 2006

Googling again

The fastest way for me to remember links to my work online is to Google myself. It's fast, efficient and oh, so surprising.

For nearly three years I have been a reviewer for Author Link. They send me books that I read and review, and then they pay me. The byline is mine but the work belongs to Author Link, which is why I didn't know that the publisher of one book I reviewed placed a blurb of my review and my byline on the back cover. The author is Australian and writes paranormal/mystery/adventure/romance and she is good. I gave her 9/10. I seldom give 10s, not even to authors like Arthur Miller. I like to leave a little room because nothing is perfect. One of my quirks.

While I was listing URLs and listing some of my credits I also noticed that an old friend from Ohio is still present of the OBFAA (Ohio Burglar and Fire Alarm Association). Darrel is a sweetheart and he, his wife and his brother Tom (retired neurosurgeon/plastic surgeon) used to have a lot of fun together. Jane was a pagan, Darrel and Tom Episcopalians and then there was me. Other people came and went in the group but the four of us were very close. I also worked with Darrel since I did PR and writing for the OBFAA.

As Darrel and I talked, I realized that he was the perfect person to streamline one of my writing projects -- a syndicated consumer column on security. Darrel has been in the business more than 30 years and is always up-to-date on the latest technology. He can provide the experience and expertise, especially with his finger on the security pulse, and I'll write the columns. We split the proceeds and I give him a byline credit since he is the expert witness, so to speak. He wanted to think about it and I gave him two weeks. He'll say yes. Darrel has never said no to me, although I said no to him a lot. That's a whole other story.

I also realized how much I miss Darrel and some of my other friends in Ohio. Darrel also gave me a tip on another of our friends who asked about a web site. Darrel isn't happy with the guy doing his web site and says it is way out of date. I may pick up Darrel's website and the other friend's as well. Darrel also told me about needing to change the music and voice menu on his phone systems. Looks like I'll be recording a CD for his phone system and I'll also be the voice of Summit Diversified Systems in the field -- at least the demo version. I'll finally get to make a record -- sort of. I just won't be singing.

In my travels I have left many friends behind me, some to whom I still talk. I do miss some of them and wish they lived closer, but that's not always possible. I often cross bridges but I seldom burn them behind me, which is probably why I would find it difficult becoming someone else. I like my history and the road I've traveled to become who I am. Good, bad or indifferent, the road has always been interesting and a real adventure.

I have lived in interesting times. I still do.

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