Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hung over

Since Philip, the guy who is rebuilding the deck and stairs to Nel's apartment, has been unable to muffle or silence his circular saw, I decided to go to the movies yesterday to see the long awaited The Da Vinci Code and I was not disappointed. The movie is definitely better than Dan Brown's book by miles. Brown's book was good, but simplistic and a bit short on characterization. That's where Ron Howard's direction and actors like Tom Hanks and Ian McKellan, not to mention Paul Betanny and Audrey Tautou, make the whole thing come alive. The best part of Howard's contribution to the movie is in the history that illustrates the story, like revenants through which the characters walk almost as if caught in the tides of time. Howard's innovative concept makes the movie shine and really come alive.

Don't get me wrong. I liked Brown's book, but it is an uncomplicated quick read in spite of the puzzles and clues like bread crumbs along the trail (most of which are far too easy to pick up). There is so much more I could say to praise the movie but the proof is definitely in the pudding. Go see this visual banquet for yourself. I cannot wait until it is out on DVD. I want to own this one.

On the way home I stopped at Mountain Mama's to stock up on organic frozen fruit, peanut butter, shampoo and a tuna, smoked cheddar and veggie wrap. Okay, so I gave in and got a piece of coconut pie and two pieces of pecan spice cake (one of which I used to bribe Philip to keep the noise down so I can work -- you have no idea how difficult it is to hear doctors dictating even with the windows closed when the saw screams as it chews up the wood). I also got some bananas and they're calling to me now to cut one up, add some frozen black cherries and soy powder and water to make my breakfast, so I'll wrap this up quickly.

Once home I ate my dinner/supper, chatted with Nel for a minute and then put another coat of paint on the woodwork. I am so excited with how the painting turned out. The woodwork is the color of a dinner mint (the soft pillow kind that melt when they touch your tongue) with just that hint of green that picks up the color of the walls in a shimmer of white and sunlight, brightening the whole living room. I can't wait until it's done and I can enjoy the finished product. I will, however, have to get out the rosemary paint and touch up around the edges of the woodwork. Whoever plastered these walls was obviously drunk or high because there isn't a single plumb surface anywhere and no straight lines. In some places there is a half inch of wood above the plastered surface, some places nearly an inch, in others barely a sliver of wood, and some places (I don't know how they did it) the wood is rounded and so is the plaster where wood and plaster meet.

Sometimes I wish I hadn't started this project but all the work and frustration is worth the finished result, something that is becoming more and more obvious as I paint. I wish I had more time, but I can only manage an hour or two a night since I still have so much work to do with writing, dictation, editing, books to review, etc. I'm not complaining, just sayin'.

Okay, I've written enough for now. I need to get my fruit, soy powder and water mixed so I can have breakfast, take a shower and head for the optometrist's office to be fitted for daily wear lenses. Good thing I have another check coming next week or I wouldn't be able to get through until next payday. At least next payday will be enough money to pay off the microwave and living room tables so all I'll have left is the soft, chaise and laptop to pay off. That will considerably lessen the financial burden and give me a little breathing room for a while. One more check and then a week's vacation in Estes Park with hams and good friends, with a short stopover in Golden to pick up my new painting. I can hardly wait.

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