Saturday, May 20, 2006

My head is exploding...

...with heat and fire. I pray I am having a soy toxicity problem and not going through menopause, although the latter seems more likely. I don't like this feeling at all and I certainly don't want to end up crazy or turning into a screaming, raving, moody *itch like my mother did when she went through this. She made our lives hell for YEARS.

On top of all this the lower half of my body swishes when I walk because it's swollen to Hindenburg proportions with fluid retention and now that it's draining I'm going to the bathroom every 30-60 minutes. Hard to do anything or even watch a movie or write or work or paint or anything when I have to keep stopping for another drain break.

I feel like Archie Bunker when he told Edith, "If you're gonna have a change of life, you gotta do it right now. I'm gonna give you just 30 seconds!" At least I wouldn't feel like my head was exploding from sudden surges of heat and turning red and pulsing to my heartbeat. That's it, just 30 seconds, then CHANGE!

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