Thursday, May 11, 2006

Says who?

I was reading literalgirl's journal when I came across this It never occurred to me that the Boy Scout Law would not encompass Wiccans in their reverence for God. Wiccans believe in the God and the Goddess and nowhere could I find mention that God strictly meant the Christian God. I guess that lets out the followers of Islam or any other ethnic group that worships and reverences a different God.

I found no specific listing for Jehovah, Yahweh, or any of the other names by which the Hebrew/Christian god was listed, and certainly no mention of Jesus.

The boys have joined the Spiral Scouts, a Wiccan-based scouting program.

I have always known that the commandment to Love Thy Neighbor as you love yourself is about as reverently followed as any of the other commandments in "God's" law. Allowing scouts of differing faiths into the Boy Scouts isn't going to change or harm the organization, but it will promote tolerance and teach young boys, and girls (Girl Scouts), that reverence is not exclusive to the Christian God. Maybe we will finally be able to raise a tolerant generation not so bent on hate and exclusion.

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