Friday, June 23, 2006

Field Day

Few of you probably know what Field Day is but it's a chance annually to show off our ham radio expertise and get people who haven't been on the air for a while or have never operated on the air. It also gives people a chance to try it out and get involved and maybe start planning to get their ham radio operator's license.

I have been a licensed amateur radio operator (ham) for over a year now and this is my first Field Day. I'm looking forward to operating on lots of frequencies in lots of modes and helping to set up antennas, which will come in very handy in setting up my own antenna since I have had lots of promises to help me get it up and no follow-through so far. Besides, it's time I learned to do it myself, something I have had lots of practice with in other areas.

At any rate, at 0800 hours tomorrow I will be taking three bags of potato chips and my eagerness over to a local ham's house and helping with three antenna installations and then racking up some QSOs and hopefully some QSLs coming my way.

If you don't know, then it's time to fine out what I'm talking about. We can use more operators on the air and it will give me another way to contact people I have met on LJ. Find out where they're holding Field Day in your area and you could even talk to the International Space Station when it passes over your area.

That is all. Disperse -- and find your own local Field Day adventure.

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