Friday, June 23, 2006

I really just need to get up

Well, up is relative. I've been up since 4:19 AM and I didn't go back to sleep. Instead I decided to check email, answer email and play on LJ for a while. It's nearly time for me to make my breakfast, throw on something to keep me covered and work, but I'm still playing here on LJ -- and flirting with my favorite kind of guy -- willing who wears a uniform. Baby!

Yesterday, I went to the eye doctor's office (for the second time this week) to be checked out for LASIK. It seems my eyes are healthy and there is sufficient corneal tissue for the procedure. Good. It also seems I have about five months' worth too many daily use contacts. Not good. I need to a) bite the bullet and take the loss on 150+ contacts or b) wait until I use all 150+ contacts or c) get my money back on 90 contacts, use up what I have and schedule my surgery accordingly. Whatever I do, there is a cost involved and I don't think the refund on 90 contacts is going to be enough to offset the $1850 (could be $1990) cost of LASIK surgery. I will also need to save the money to pay for the procedure, which would take a very long time to recoup in terms of cost of contacts. I'm wiling to wait to balance on that one if it means better eye sight and no more corrective lenses of any kind. So, okay.

Last night, just before I headed for my book and bed, I checked to see who had called while I was at the movies seeing X-Men: The Last Stand and my landlady had called. It was too late to call Beanie or Lynn but not too late for the landlady, so I called her. She wanted to know how I was doing and to thank me again for lending her A Promising Man by Elizabeth Young. She was doing the same thing I did with the book, laughing out loud and hating to put the book down. She was sitting on the front porch with a glass of wine and anxious to get back to the book so our conversation was short.

The landlady told me she was at her daughter's beauty shop getting her hair cut when she burst out laughing while reading the book. I did the same thing on Saturday while sitting outside the laundry room while new neighbor Mike (who now owns the house of the tree hating orc wench who was killed by sunlight and hauled away) worked in the yard. I am certain he thought I suffered from Tourette syndrome, but without the profanity, or some form of barking seal disorder, but I didn't care. Young's books are that good. I still have a few more to get through, now that I've found her and want to plumb the very depths of her abilities, but there aren't many more because she died in 2001 of hepatitis C. More's the pity because she cranked out laugh out loud romances. Too bad the depths are so shallow. *sigh*

Anyway, I had some time before the movie yesterday and stopped in at Office Max to pick up some more legal size tablets for keeping track of how many pages I transcribe and broke down and picked up a sketch pad and box of drawing pencils (sans pencil sharpener which means I must return and get a new box with pencil sharpener) because I've decided to break out the rusty drawing skills and kick off the rust. I'm considering writing a couple of children's books while I'm working on the current projects and thought I'd try my hand at illustrating the books. I'm only planning two books but I think I can adequately capture what I want, of only to give a real artist a good idea of what goes where and how it should look. I'll also need to buy a camera and take a trek back up to my old stomping grounds to take pictures, and to buy some water colors or pastels or acrylics to paint pictures. Or I might just do them in charcoal and/or pencil. That would be effective if a little dark for a positive story. Maybe a mix of the two. Don't know. Still in the in-my-head-planning stages. However, I do miss drawing and painting and a sketch book and pencils, eraser and sharpener don't take up that much space or weight in a backpack when I go for a stroll during the day. Gives me a good reason to unshoulder my pack and sit down for a few minutes, and to hide the real reason I'm sitting down (wheezing, gasping and sucking wind).

There is also an old love back in my life, one I have long missed but will miss no more. I got a healthy dose yesterday but I crave more -- and more -- and more. Need to carve out a little time for him, too. A couple hours a day ought to stave off the worst of the craving -- for now.

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