Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ooh, goodies

I have been going through all the goodies I brought back from my vacation a couple weeks ago (how could it have been that long ago?) and took them over to Nel's to share the joy. She opened my Encyclopedia of 5000 spells and came up spells for domination. I don't believe in coincidences. Neither does Nel. Now, who can I dominate? Should be interesting and the spells seem very old and pretty straight forward. Should be fun.

So, if you suddenly feel like you are a marionette and someone is pulling on your strings...bwahahahahaha.

I changed my lasek assessment from Tuesday to what I thought was today and was late for the appointment because I'm not familiar with the route or that side of town. I wasn't late. I was early -- 24 hours early. But I asked some questions, got some paperwork to fill out (don't you always with a new medical provider) and a neat portfolio of info on lasek surgery. I can have my own optometrist provide the pre- and postoperative care but what am I going to do with 120 days worth of contacts? It's not like I can give them away as party favors or to the Salvation Army or ARC, but maybe I can get my money back on at least one of the boxes and postpone my surgery until about September when I can throw away solutions and contacts for a very long time. The money would be nice, too.

The one time I plan ahead I discover I was thinking too far in advance. Oh, well. *sigh*

Last night I tossed and turned and couldn't get comfortable or cool or sleep more than an hour all night. All I did was think about rain coming over my mountains and down toward my little section of town to cool things off and freshen everything. Today it started raining at 10 AM and kept raining on and off all day. It's still raining on and off and the air is fresh and cool and clean and I think I will be able to sleep, not just because I am knackered from not sleeping last night but because it's cool and breezy and wet, perfect sleeping weather. Perfect for something else, too, bit I'll have to wait for that.

It's definitely summer, and not just because today is the solstice, but because there is a band playing in the park two blocks away and the music is drifting this way just like last year. What a perfectly wonderful day.

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