Sunday, June 11, 2006


I got home almost an hour ago and I'm sitting here with my laptop connected to wireless. That makes me happy. I had a load of mail waiting for me, two of which are books, one I'll have to review, and some good news for a change -- money coming in the mail. I can hardly wait because I can certainly use the money. I have bills and people to pay.

The week has been a bit of a blur but one thing I know more certainly than ever before, good friends are hard to find. Spending nearly a week with my friends gave me a glimpse of married life I haven't seen in a very long time and how three so very different people can actually get along without murder or harsh words. My friends are the most generous and wonderful people I know and without their hospitality and tolerance I wouldn't have been able to go anywhere for vacation nearly as nice or as much fun. I did get a bit tired last night from all the activity yesterday and conked out early, and then was up and down all night long going to the bathroom (good sign - voiding fluid from my tissues). They left early this morning and I left not much later. This is the second time we three have spent time together and the first time we lived in the same space and I'm looking forward to visiting them later this year to meet their family and friends and get to know their furred children.

Now, if I can only talk them into going to Alaska or India with me we would have a jolly old time.

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