Thursday, June 15, 2006

Surprise, surprise, sur-klunk

For months I have been planning a private concert for the Evil One as a birthday gift. Tonight was the concert. The Evil One knew about the concert; he didn't know it was for him. It was a surprise. I am the one who was surprised. The Evil One didn't show up -- at all.

He had some kind of emergency but he couldn't call and tell me because I don't have a cell phone. One of our friends called him. He was at home. We got the number from information. He was at home. He thought it was just a concert. The surprise was on me tonight.

I feel bad because when I talked to him all he said was he couldn't make it and would explain later. Dead silence on the phone. Then I called him an idiot. After that I let him have the surprise with both barrels, that it was a private concert, that it was for him, that I had planned this for months, that I... That's why I feel bad. It wasn't supposed to be about me; it was supposed to be about him.

He missed a very good time. The audience was small and intimate and MJ was wonderful. I made cheesecake, the Evil One's favorite and another key lime cheesecake, and everyone had a very good time. The other part of the surprise was MJ singing a duet -- with me. That was a surprise for me because I didn't lose it, miss any notes, sing off key or forget the lines. MJ and I practiced the song twice before I did it on the mike during the sound check. I was pleased with the result and the audience clapped for a long time after I finished.

Yes, he missed a really good time. Next time I plan a surprise, I think I'll keep it to something that doesn't take so much planning because inevitably the Evil One picks up on what I'm giving him and tells me he's about to get it for himself so that I have to forbid him to buy anything until after Xmas or his birthday or whenever.

Right now, I'm off to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow and a lot of work to do. I've emailed my apology and now all I can do is wash my face, brush my hair, get undressed and get into bed. Tomorrow is another day.

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