Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mercury days

Mercury is in retrograde again (moving backward through space) and the communication and relationship garbling I've seen over the past few days has been proof Mercury is definitely muddying signals. If you believe in the effect of the planets, stars and cosmic bodies on people, you're in for lots of communication issues until the 28th. So, if someone acts out of character or pushes your buttons, stop before you lash them with your words. You'll leave nothing but scorched earth that will be difficult to clear. Take a few seconds (count to ten if you must) and say nothing and walk away or simply give in. You can sort it all out later on.

Think of relationships like martial arts. When someone attacks you, by using their energy and strength, you can divert or direct their energy in such a way they end up on the ground instead of you, sometimes by stepping out of the way and letting their movement carry them past you or by guiding their energy away along their chosen path. Okay, so it's a lot of words but it does work. When people are angry and bent on lashing out at those around them you can engage them and get hurt, thus hurting them and your relationship, or you can let them rage on. It's like that child throwing a tantrum. The more energy you put into making them stop the more you fuel the tantrum and their need for attention. Best to ignore them until they figure out it's not working. Yes, I've said all this before.

For instance: I have come under attack in the ham radio club because the newsletter was not getting out in as timely a fashion as some people would like. The vice president of the group was the one complaining because I was too close to the edge on deadlines. The members had their issues in time for the meeting so they could vote on the board and club minutes, but it wasn't soon enough to suit the VP. I moved up the submission deadline and made sure the newsletter was emailed to the printer by the 1st of each month so it would be printed and put together in enough time for the VP to pick them up and mail them. Last week, because of the weekend and the July 4th holiday, the issue wasn't ready until the 5th. I called the VP on Monday, the 3rd, to let him know he could pick it up on Wednesday. My work schedule and other concerns got in the way and I didn't call until yesterday to make sure the issue had been mailed on time because the club meeting is tomorrow. I received and email telling me it went out on Friday, the 7th. I emailed back and asked if the newsletter had been picked up on the 5th or not, thinking somewhere along the line there was a problem. I didn't get a response back and I was getting angry.

I called the printer and he said it was picked up on Wednesday, so why didn't it get out until Friday? I didn't get an answer from the VP or his wife and I was getting angrier and angrier because of how they had griped at me behind my back in board meetings about deadlines. I wanted to lash out at the VP but not behind his back. I was going to go to the board meeting and do it to his face. How dare he!? I emailed Les to see when he got the labels and postage to the VP in case that's where the chain broke. They had the labels and postage on Monday, the 3rd. Boy, was I going to hand him his head on a plate. That's when I finally received an answer to my question. The VP wrote that between kids and other commitments the newsletter didn't get out until Friday. I had him now. Personal commitments or excuses didn't cut it for me, so they were definitely not going to cut it for him. He was going to be toast at the board meeting.

Then I stopped and thought about what I was doing. I was angry and I wanted to lash out at someone who had lashed out at me (rather they sniped and did quite a bit of back biting). What would it serve for me to pay him in kind? The newsletter got out in enough time for the members to read the issue and the minutes and be ready to vote on them tomorrow. That's all that matters. Next time I need to keep a closer eye on things and if I get my way the club will no longer use a printer but buy a tabloid printer and supplies and I will put the newsletter together here and get it in the mail without having to rely on anyone else. I might not get my wish, but I have learned something -- stuff happens. As long as the job is done and done right, it shouldn't matter if it's a little close to the deadline.

Sometimes close is a little too close. A friend of mine was in a car accident and that has occupied my mind and some of my time. Luckily, they are going to be all right but their car is going to need to be fixed. Now there are insurance issues and fault issues and transportation issues and all kinds of issues needing attention, which means more anger brewing if things don't work right or quickly enough.

Yes, folks, it's going to be a bumpy night -- probably a few bumpy nights before the 28th. Keep the A/C turned up and pointed in your direction.

That is all. Disperse.

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