Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hands up

Hands are more than just useful or pretty. Hands with their opposable thumbs are what gave us the ability to pick up tools, but it was the brain guiding the action and where creativity was born and took us from the trees to the skies. In Thailand hands are considered beneath the head and patting the child on the head is taboo. The hands are for work and the head is the seat of divinity. Hands are under rated.

Hands are erotic and exotic and magical. The story in the hula isn't in the swing of the hips or placing the feet just so but in the sinuous and expressive movements of the hands. Hands are full of nerve endings and textures. Hands are seductive.

The way hands hold a glass or slip along the moistened rim or trace the trail of condensation down the side stirs thoughts of delicate and lingering touches. "Hand to hand is holy Palmer's kiss," and is the first kiss Romeo and Juliet share. A touch can ignite a small spark that warms or starts a fire. The soft caress of a woman's fingers against the slight roughness of a man's fingers as they brush by accident, slipping slowly along each other and then pulling back quickly, burned by the unexpected contact. Fingers creating friction, tickling the senses, teasing thoughts and emotions to the surface. There is comfort in holding hands, a thumb stroking and caressing little circles on the sensitive skin between thumb and forefinger.

So many textures and surfaces and differences between a man's hands and a woman's hands, worlds waiting to be explored, memorized, known and enjoyed. Intimate, memorable and erotic thoughts spring to mind from the sight of a shapely hands and graceful movements. Memories of fleeting caresses, long languid trails of cool skin warming with contact. Soft, searching, lingering, desiring, hungering for closeness, intimacy and so much more.

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