Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pictorial lunch

The boys called me and asked me to join them at Poor Richard's and I decided to go -- for a little while. I gathered up my laptop, digital camera and bag and drove over, passing Monument Valley Park. Every time I pass it's hard to drive on because the spot is such an idyllic space with weeping willows trailing their branches in the water and a cool breeze from the fountain in the center of the little lake. There's a little ornamental garden but I didn't get pictures. I will next time.

While waiting in line to order at Poor Richard's Bill came up to ask for the avocado missing on his sandwich and waited to walk back to the cafe with me. Bear was already enjoying his lunch and I plugged in my laptop only to find I couldn't get a clear Wi-Fi signal; there was something affecting the strength of the signal. I put away the laptop and finished lunch and then we walked over to find our regular booth near the bar was free. Bill plugged in my laptop and we settled in. Bill and Bear decided on cappuccino and coffee, respectively, while I settled for more water and lots of lemon. I showed Bear my ideas for inexpensive business cards for his housekeeping business from Vista Print and talked about some other marketing items that will keep his name and his business in front of clients and prospective clients. I came up with a tag line that pleased Bear, "We're all about the details," but I may have another idea or two.

We also talked about my plans for redecorating my home and talked about next week's spate of house cleaning. Bear even left me with Bill for a while to go out for a smoke, but he eventually returned and began mugging for the camera.

About this time, Jude Law look-a-like Chris mused about why his latest girlfriend decided they should see other people. It seems she thought him a very nice guy. The waitress and I told him that was the kiss of death. But if any of you girls between 20 and 30 are interested in a very intelligent, good looking and available young man who likes to clean but needs someone to teach him how to cook, head down to Rico's cafe and ask for Chris. Rico's cafe is part of the Poor Richard's group of bookstore, cafe, restaurant and toy store on Tejon and Boulder here in Colorado Springs. I'd ask him out if he was twenty years older, but he's younger than my own sons and so not old enough for me. I'll leave him to some smart young lady who knows how to win a good looking young man with a little home cooking. I'm sure he'd even be willing to provide the wine. Rico's has a very extensive wine list and boasts quite a few good vintages.

The boys bought a pizza and we shared dinner together and then it was time for me to walk over to the public parking garage on Cascade and go home, but before I left the boys were kind enough to tone it down just a little and show their normal faces. I had to take one last parting shot of Rico's Internet cafe where the band was setting up to play. I didn't get much work done, but I did have a very pleasant afternoon with good friends and I really didn't want to sleep tonight anyway. Work is better for me.

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