Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Playing around

My maid arrived today and began the monumental task of cleaning my cluttered and box filled apartment. He did a wonderful job, but there is still so much to do. He only had a few hours and didn't want to move in to finish. While he worked (yes, I decided on a male maid) I worked. I also took a little time off to play with a new toy and catch some impromptu shots of the views out the sunroom windows where I work every day. They aren't quite what I wanted but the tree out the side window is almost visible that overlooks Lon Chaney's one time house. Because of the angle you can't quite see the squirrel porn tree, but I got a great night time shot of the relationship corner in the living room and the new paint job. Here's a close-up of the corner.

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I am psychic. I can see the future. Right now I see a future playing around with the new digital camera and catching better shots that will require me to take the screens out of the windows and wander around the neighborhood so I can show off what I've been writing about for so long. The camera was a necessary expense that I will be paid for over a little bit of time but will come in handy when I go up to St. George, the most haunted spot in Colorado, to take pictures of the Hayman fire, now four years past, for an article with a major magazine. I get extra for pictures so I have to do a lot of practicing. Hope you're all up for a very boring time while I play.

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