Thursday, September 14, 2006

A little bit

A few minutes ago the sky was full of lightning slashing across the gray clouded skies. Now the sky is blue with a herd of fluffy clouds meandering overhead. Raindrops cling to leaves and shimmer like diamonds until a little bit of sun catches them just right and turns them to jeweled fire. Golden leave are crowding out the green in the front yard while the green hangs on outside the sunroom windows. Just a little bit of sun and a little bit of rain and the right angle as the sun moves a little bit and clear water becomes a blaze of fire, glimmering jewels, flashing diamonds.

A little bit of time last night checking my caller ID and I found strange phone numbers. I called a couple of them back. One of them wanted Mae, the lady who had the phone number before me, and I explained she lived in a nursing home and no longer had the number. She said she knew Mae was in a nursing home but thought my number was the nursing home's number. I asked if she would mind letting me know when she found out Mae's number and call me with the information so I can pass the information along. A little time later and she called back with the number.

The other number I called in Atlanta, Georgia was a strange one. Turns out the caller on the other end was a young man who calls women in the middle of the night. I explained I was not in the market for a teenage boyfriend and the lady laughed. A little bit later and the boy called and asked for Leisha. I explained I was not Leisha and did not give him my phone number. He evidently didn't understand what I said because a little bit later he called again. I told him I didn't know Leisha, had never met Leisha and did not give him my number. Leisha evidently gave him a wrong number or he wrote it down incorrectly. He hung up without saying goodbye. I waited a little bit longer and he didn't call back. I guess he got the message at last.

In a little bit I will take my cayenne pepper laced lemonade and go back to work with the hope there will be work to do. I've been up since 5 AM and took a nap when the work petered out but my body didn't stop working. I woke with a shock and a need to get quickly to the bathroom. A little bit of pure raw maple syrup (grade B of course), a little bit of cayenne and a little bit of lemon juice in water and I am good to go and go and go and go and...

Senna softens the debris and a quart of water, two teaspoons of Celtic sea salt in the morning and 30 minutes later debris was evacuated in a rush. One thing to remember is that even a little bit of Celtic sea salt needs warmer water to dissolve properly. It's a bit difficult to chug the whole quart, but that's what I must do and that is what I shall do, enduring the little bit of discomfort it causes for the results it brings.

I have more lemonade to drink and more work to do and a little bit of time before I turn off the movie I'm watching and go back to work. Amazing what a little bit of anything can do.

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