Sunday, September 24, 2006

"Night time sharpens...

...heightens each sensation..." to borrow a line from A. L. Webber. It's sharp and cold outside but at least my sense of impending danger is not heightened, not in this neighborhood. One of the facts of life in taking care of the landlady's dog, Pastor, is that I have to go up and down the stairs several times during the day to let him out to do his business, to walk him, to feed him and to bed him down for the night. This afternoon I even had to yell at him for barking, something he doesn't often do when the landlady is home, or at least when he does bark it doesn't last long when she yells. He did have a good reason to bark. A fox was speeding down the sidewalk past the house obviously on the trail of fast food -- squirrel on the paw.

The other day the landlady and I noticed there were fewer squirrels this year than last year and it was drier and warmer. This year there are lots more foxes. It seems the cooler, wetter weather and the longer hold winter had on us this year kept the foxes denned and procreating, hence more mouths to feed and fewer squirrels to see. I didn't have my camera handy when I saw the fox and I was reminded of something Wes KØHBZ (another ham operator) mentioned. He said he was told when he became a photo journalist to keep his camera handy at all times, even when he went to the bathroom. The only problem with the digital is that it shuts off if it isn't used for 5-10 minutes, so I still would not have been able to catch the rushing fox anyway. I'll keep an eye out in the morning, which is when I traditionally see them.

Another perk of taking care of Pastor while the landlady, newly divorced as of last Friday, is getting laid in New Mexico celebrating her single status with an old friend I have free run of the downstairs apartment and did my laundry yesterday. I washed the sheets, unpacked the brand new pillows I bought and put cases on them, made the bed and washed all the laundry. Since I did the laundry two weeks ago, it was a much quicker task than usual since I only had two loads instead of four.

Pastor is a demanding dog at times and I have had to ask him to go lie down a few times when I was working earlier today, but other than being an attention hog, he is a pleasure to look after for a few days. I don't even mind grinding up his numerous medications to mix in with his food twice a day when the pay off is doggy hugs and reciprocal attention. Of course I know I couldn't have a dog full time because they need a lot of attention and have to be walked twice a day for a couple hours at a time and that would cut into work and writing time. I'd get exercise but I also wouldn't make enough money to keep us both, so it's a trade-off and watching Pastor for a few days allows him to stay home where he's comfortable and forces me to move around more. There are worse ways to spend a weekend. I know. I've spent many an awful weekend. This hasn't been one of them.

I also wrote a story this morning and had take a quick look before I sent it off to Chicken Soup and Cup of Comfort, one of which might actually buy it. She caught a couple of missed words in sentences that I missed, but I did cut the story down from 2100 words to 1000, so I'm not complaining. I'm glad she has such sharp eyes.

I've also been going over some books on my review list, making notes and getting ready to write my reviews, although I still need to fold and put away the clothes I washed, some of which I am wearing today instead of my usual weekend attire of long T-shirt and socks (panties optional) when it's cold. Otherwise, it's just a big T-shirt and nothing else. I've found the neighbors are less shocked when I take Pastor outside and I'm wearing clothes, even in the wee hours of the morning when the neighbors' eyes aren't quite open and they might think they're still dreaming. It's best not to chance it. I also broke the seal on a brand new Victoria's Secret lace bra. I forgot how it feels to have new silk, satin and lace against my skin that hasn't been washed a few hundred times over the years, especially when it's in a little smaller size than the last time and fits quite comfortably. Not that anyone notices these things, but I managed to get the new bras on sale in my favorite style -- front close. Like I said, it has been a good weekend.

That is all. Disperse.

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