Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No snoring here

First the famine and now the feast.

Things go in cycles and now the cycle has turned from no guys interested in me to two guys interested in me. The catch is that they don't live in Colorado. I would enjoy a visit to the UK and Ghana is certainly an interesting proposition, but Arkansas? There are a couple of local guys who seem interesting and yet... Maybe I'm getting cynical in my old age. The guy in Ghana is only there for another four or five months. He's the right age (a little younger) and financially independent and SINGLE. He is the directorial manager of an NGO (non-governmental organization) that works with placing third world orphans. He's nice looking and interesting and he lives in Arkansas when he isn't traveling in Africa. Could be the perfect relationship: separate houses in separate states, financially independent and conjugal visits in exotic locales.

I do not think the UK guy is going to work out. He wastes no chance to remind me he works for the LORD, so I countered with the fact that I am a pagan with Wiccan leanings. I left out the witch part. I know they don't burn witches in the UK any more but I'm not taking any chances, especially since I left the cross on the wood pile back up at the cabin.

I am about to take a shower and wash my hair, get dressed, brush my hair and teeth and go to the grocery store. I plan to load up on all the junk food I have avoided for so long because I'm starting the Master Cleanse diet on Friday and will get nothing but cayenne-flavored lemonade for three weeks. By the end of that time, I expect to have cleaned out my GI tract, dropped a few pounds and be ready to sink my teeth into the first available food source -- living or dead and barbecued. So, tonight it will be sushi, Godiva chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream and a box of lemon poppy seed muffins. Okay, so not so big a junk food fest but I could always work in two pints of ice cream and a bag of Cheetos or dill pickle Lay's potato chips. I have options and money, always a great combination. Then again, I should get the motor for the wiper blade that doesn't work any more and install it. It's inexpensive and it might snow or rain or be otherwise inclement when I drive up to Winslow Pass this weekend and come back through the golden aspens near Cripple Creek. Yes, I'm getting out of town for a few hours and take my camera. I will have pictures.

It has paid to call around for prices on fixing the windshield wiper motor. The guy who answered the phone at one auto repair place was interesting and I couldn't figure out how an ex-English teacher ended up working for an auto repair shop. His brother owns the shop. He "escaped from the Denver school systems" and he is articulate and interesting and has a sense of humor. He's also single and we have a date for coffee (mine will be water, juice or herbal tea) and talk. He's also asked for help with setting up a web site since he is a tutor for ACT, SAT and AP (advanced placement) exams. He's a little older than I am and he's single, articulate and single.

Oh, he also lives about five blocks from here. Finally, a local guy. Definitely feast. The famine is over.

That is all. Disperse.

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