Saturday, October 21, 2006

Working weekend

I just finished two reviews for Author Link and am editing my article for Byline magazine and that takes care of the rest of my writing obligations this week. If all goes well, by the end of next week I should have two sizable checks in hand and that ain't bad, especially with the way things have been going with work--or rather the lack of work. Doctors are lazy and don't keep up with their dictations until the hospital threatens their income. Once I fill my writing obligations I will take a shower, throw in a load of clothes and strap myself to my desk chair and type dictations all weekend long, only occasionally coming up for air, water, food and trips up and down the stairs doing laundry. Good thing I went to the store earlier this week. Bad thing is that I forgot to get comfort food--popcorn to pop. I don't know why but making popcorn on the stove and eating it fresh and hot with the fruity taste of good olive oil makes just about anything bearable--even transcribing medical dictations. I'll have to forego the Godiva chocolate raspberry truffle lest I lapse into a pleasure coma and am unable (and unwilling because of the endorphin rush) to get back into harness.

Next weekend will be similarly filled with writing since I have a book to finish, galleys to edit and a newsletter to put together so it's ready to send to the printer Sunday night. I would rather crawl into bed with Stephen King or 50 great short stories but I need to work and fill the pipe line so I can keep the money coming.

Since I was unable to get through to my parents on Thursday night I called again yesterday. Dad was at work and Mom was heaving up her intestines. I cannot stand the sight or sound of vomiting without going into dry heaves that threaten to bring up my intestines. I told Mom I'd talk to her later. I did find out (between retching bouts) that Dad's surgery is scheduled for November 1st. I don't know how he is doing, other than working, but that's pretty much a given since Mom didn't shoot him in the leg or hide his keys good enough. Parents! Can't live near them or shoot them from this distance.

The weather this week couldn't make up its mind, one day snowy and cold and the next Indian summer warm. The leaves are almost all down on the ground and the mountain is clearly visible without its leafy frame. a few bushes and trees are still green and hanging onto their leaves but they are gold and brown at the edges and the wind is yanking hard at them. They won't long decorate the snoozing branches and twigs as the trees go dormant for the winter. I'm not certain I want to venture out to be buffeted by the wild winds. It's warmer and less breezy inside so work doesn't seem like such a bad idea. I do need to fit a little tidying up in somewhere, probably when I'm so antsy I can't sit in my seat and listen to another mumbling or foreign doctor fumble his way through an operation at light speed.

I got fed up with clicking the program every 10 seconds to find out there was no work available so I came into the living room and watched Saw. At first I thought it was Saw II because of the flashbacks but after talking with Beanie I found out it was the first one. What an intricate and fascinating movie. In some ways it was very much like The Cube but it was so much more. I thought it was going to be the usual bloody slasher fare but I was wrong. I'm going to have to watch it again because I wasn't paying close attention to everything and I missed a few bits here and there. Like Seven in some ways with the serial killer's unique methods of justice, Saw was much more unique. The movie is definitely a keeper. Beanie told me Ants has both movies on DVD and he didn't know that Saw III came out yesterday. He was at the Circleville Pumpkin Show when I talked to Beanie but I'm sure he and his girlfriend will catch the movie tonight or maybe the matinée today. I definitely would rather see it here in the comfort of my well lighted home or at a matinée so it won't be dark when I leave the theater. The movie is at once frightening and fascinating and not at all derivative.

Well, the microwave beeped to tell me my lunch is ready to eat and I hate cold mushroom chicken, so for now...

That is all. Disperse.

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