Thursday, November 09, 2006

Odds and ends

The past week has been a blur of activity and more than just the view outside my window keeps changing.

I went to Woodland Park on Saturday for VE exams. We had eight candidates and seven of them passed, one with nearly perfect scores on all four tests. He took the last test because he was there and missed on 3 out of 50. Not bad for not having studied. He lives near me, too, just down the road from here and we talked about getting together again soon. We also talked about antennas and radios and such and all kinds of things, but mostly over coffee (hot chocolate for me) at Java the Hut across from the library where we host the exams. Wes forgot to sign the sign-in sheet although he never forgets to comb that thinning alfalfa patch on his head. He could wear a hat like Dean does so no one knows he's bald(-ing) but he'd rather keep coming the fronds in hopes more of them will grow back instead of end up in his comb. It's funny watching him sometimes.

The rest of the week after the weekend was nothing but work, work and more work but I did manage to sneak in a couple hours of free time to watch Heroes and catch up with the first season, Dexter of course, and the very Nathan Fillion-licious Lost from last night this afternoon after I came back from an impromptu lunch. There's a little Mexican restaurant, El Rodeo, just down the way from Mountain Mama's where Abigail used to work that I've wanted to try ever since it opened last summer. Today I gave in and decided to eat before I shopped for my groceries (always a good idea) and was the only patron in the restaurant, which was just fine with me.

Jorge is from Venezuela originally and has been here in Colorado for five years, by way of Houston and Florida. His ex-wife (he's single) holds dual citizenship (Venezuela and America) and met Jorge in Venezuela but talked him into moving north to Houston. Things didn't work out for them but there's always hope for other single females in need of brushing up their Spanish. We talked a lot while I was there and got to know each other a little, but Jorge doesn't work there all the time. He works at a Mexican restaurant in Woodland Park and invited me to have dinner with him there next weekend and every weekend I'm up there for VE sessions.

One thing I've found is when you wish upon a full moon in November (any month will do) it starts raining men. Make sure it isn't a full sun just coming out from the clouds; only a full moon will do.

That is all. Disperse.

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