Sunday, December 24, 2006


It has been a while since I wrote or posted poetry. Today is the day.


Rosy band expanding
above deep purple points
reaching into white islands
in the sapphire sea

* * *

Winter Storm

Blank canvas sky
goose down and sugar slanting,
frosting everything in sight.

* * *

And a blast from the past in honor of the season.


Midwinter cave
where night rules the day
God born of virgin,
the promise of prosperity and light.

Earth turn 'round
and day moves over night.
The first balance struck,
the god grows stronger.

In fertile fields,
the seed is planted
in the Mother's womb,
nurtured beneath the warming sun.

Mid year, first harvest,
day rules the night.
The god in his glory,
strengthens the fecund ground.

Celebrate the lord of earth,
keeper of the forest,
who, with the Mother,
keeps the promise of the light.

Earth turn 'round,
day balances night.
Final harvest draws near,
year cycle ends as destiny rises.

Hail the sacrifice of blood,
payment for a fruitful year.
The bull is slain;
the god lies still.

Midwinter feast
in the darkness of night.
Harvest the seed planted
three quarters before.

The god reborn.

That is all. Disperse.

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