Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Physics and dreams

I had my head stuck in books on Chicago politics and stem cell debates and only came up for air to sleep and to venture our during territory days. I enjoyed the fireworks but I must remember to get out before the farmer's market closes up. I forgot it opened last weekend. I'm ready for them next weekend with brand new canvas bags that should last at least as long as the old ones lasted, and that's a long time, nearly 20 years.

Sometimes I can't believe how fast time warps by, not just in terms of days but years. It's almost like dreams where events covering days, or even weeks, happen in an hour or two, about the length of time it takes for my bladder to fill and the physical urge to make its way into my dreams, using in terms of finding toilets, sitting on them and having nothing happen while I feel like a dam about to burst. I get up and go to the bathroom, which is usually crowded and without stalls, in the middle of momentous events, like curing cancer or telling someone off in a particularly inventive manner. It's also a bit of a problem when I have to stop kissing someone, or doing other salacious and X-rated things to them, to go sit in that public and increasingly crowded bathroom. There's nothing more troubling than being in the midst of solving a gruesome murder and being whisked onto the seat of the oh so public toilet again and again. At about that time, the message gets through to my brain that it's time to put away the mental toys and go to the bathroom before an embarrassing moment spreads warm and wet beneath me, through the 800-thread count cocoa-colored sheets and to soak into the pillow top of my fairly new and very well maintained mattress, guaranteed to haunt me on breathless August nights when I toss and turn in a heated flush. Definitely not fun.

As I write about this now, I wonder if the land of fairy isn't the land of dreams. The time difference is similar, but in reverse. A few minutes in fairyland is the same as months or even years in earth time. It's like dreams and fairyland are opposites, opposing poles that could be equally charged and thus repel like magnets set end to end. That would put the waking world in the middle, pushed and pulled by the forces of dreams and the power of faery.

I've been working on a faery story with physics as the basis of fairyland set at the event horizon of a black hole where the time dilation effect is a mathematical certainty, or at least so physicists theorize, but a dwindling black hole ravaged by time and its own weight so that it's gravitational effect would be diminished and growing weaker, much like the belief in faeries and the like. If faeries live near black holes then what would be the opposite of a black hole where the time dilation is also opposite? If I can figure that out, I may be able to come up with a story that encompasses the physics of faeries and dreams and where humans are affected by both. Too bad I have to work because this requires some research and I don't have the time this morning. I have lots to do and I don't want to be up until midnight or past again this week. I need my sleep and I've been sleeping so good lately with the window in the bedroom open wrapped in a soft and comfy sheet while the plastic on the garage roof next door crackles and snaps in the wind. Now, if I could only figure out what that pulsing electronic beep is, I could go to sleep sooner and wander along dream paths that will carry me to the answer to my literary questions.

That is all. Disperse.

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