Monday, June 16, 2008

In the lows

The sky has been filled with pewter clouds and the rain drizzling all day, which is good for the plants and makes sure the ground is saturated and the rain doesn't just race off down the storm sewers to flood the drains. I went out early this morning to get something for breakfast and returned with strawberries, kiwis, mangoes, pineapple and blueberries that went very well with the warm croissants and began to dig into work. I stopped for a quick Greek salad for lunch and returned to my desk to find my monitor wasn't on. I turned it off, turned it on and it faded after a second over and over until I got the message. There is either a short in the monitor or it was doing a Camille. I had just downloaded five jobs and had to call the office after checking every connection and run through my check list to make sure the monitor was DOA. It was. The day ended abruptly and is going to cost me tomorrow when I pick up another flat panel monitor, just when I had funds earmarked to replace some of my cooking utensils and buy enough food to stock the cabinets and freezer. Oh, well, I didn't really want to eat this week. I can wait until I get paid for the next few reviews at the end of the week and at least I was able to dig into the next review book and take a nap with a glorious rain-laden breeze blowing through the windows.

I had a hard time sleeping last night since someone or something tied weights to my sinuses, a sure sign that a big storm was coming. Breathless and having trouble breathing, in addition to getting up all night to go to the bathroom and get more water to drink, in a foggy haze of semi-consciousness was no fun. The nap this afternoon helped, but I must get back to Gary Braunbeck's latest so I can finish in time to add this review to the others for this week. I've had worse days and at least this day was brightened by a brand new cookbook arriving in the mail and time to read without watching the clock or worrying about staying up too late since I have to work in the morning, and the weights have been lifted from my face and sinuses now that the low pressure has finally broken and the rains descended for the next two or three days. I can live very happily with that since it revives the honeysuckle that perfumes the moist winds and helps to clear my foggy brain.

That is all. Disperse.

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